ICO: Castle in the Mist Part 1

New series! ICO was a game made by ICO team in the early 2000s. The game released after it, Shadow of the Colossus is must more well known but a lot of the "quiet world" design elements were first shown off in ICO. This book which was released a few years later, was written by Miyuki Mizabe and translated into English by Alexander O. Smith.

So far we have been having a great time with the book! In this episode we cover the first chapter and a little bit of the second which adds a bunch of story and context to the game.


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Show Notes

0:49 - Background on the game ICO.

3:38 - Bio of Miyuki Mizabe and Alexander O. Smith

11:10 - Beginning of book discusssion.

1:01:17 - Whaddya playin? (Games disussed: Sex Chess, God of War: Ragnarok)

Video Version