Halo: The Flood Part 2


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I don't know. I don't know if I have it. Have I got time for that? I don't know.

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Yeah, I don't know. I'm not sure if like if the time is worth it, but you know what time is always worth it? What's that? Hey there everybody. Welcome back to pixelate. My name is Kevin. Alongside as always is Phil. Hello. I think I see a kitty in the background.

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there's Ripley Oh Ripley. And today we're doing Episode Two on Halo. The flood by New York Times bestselling author, William C. Dietz,

Phil  0:36
William Dietz, Willie. He's got the deeds seal, you're looking for the, you're looking to understand this, he's got the deets.

Kevin Erhard  0:42
And when we last left off, we were on chapter three, which is like the midpoint of part one of the book. And this is this is a book that is, as we talked about last time, it's a lot of action sequences. But it's also a book of long chapters.

Phil  1:02
Long, fairly long chapters, I think. I think you pointed out earlier that chapter four and five, between the two of them were like 100 pages. Yeah. And this is a what let me let me check real quick this is a this is not even a 400 page book. So Jesus right there and

Kevin Erhard  1:23
it's a lot of it's a lot of action. There's even less Yeah, that's that's the thing about the upcoming chapters is that I think there's even less character moments up through chapter five which is where we're going to go today than there were in the first couple of chapters it's it's a lot of heavy running and gunning

Phil  1:45
even even more so than that was something we talked about with the fall of reach where there were they had lots of moments packed into it that were just action sequences stuff this is this is even more than fall for each this is this is a very this is a very clearly based on a video game kind of thing. And not just in the sense that you get it for those of you who listened to our Mega Man two novelization episodes from a couple of weeks ago you'll know you'll remember that we talked a lot about in that book it felt like the author was just sitting there watching someone play a game this is not that bad. I want to get up right up front get writing

Kevin Erhard  2:33
Mega Man to This is Not mega mega man two tier if absolutely it's not far

Phil  2:41
far better, but there's definitely an element of that and and but the difference is I will say I think the difference is is that deeds. Unlike a our our author for Megaman two I forget her name already is Elaine.

Kevin Erhard  2:57
I forget something like that. Yeah, yeah, something like that. Outline,

Phil  3:02
effects nines Mega Man two, if you will, yeah. Instead of just leaving it as it is, and just doing beat to beat moment to moment. William Dietz recognizes a lot of things like for example, maybe we don't want the entire book to be from Master Chief's point of view. And we're already we've already started to see things like that, where we're getting stuff from the position of the hell jumpers, we're getting stuff from the position of the covenant, and it fleshes it out a little bit and it makes it more than just a retelling. Right of the first Halo Combat Evolved. So and we're gonna get into all that but yeah, right up front. We're dealing with a lot of just action sequences here.

Kevin Erhard  3:49
Yeah, yeah, right up front. So the beginning of chapter three is basically masterchief has has teamed up he runs into a couple of other Marines and they're they're kind of fighting their way through and I believe they have their own he's an award hog for part of

Phil  4:12
the deploy word on for it starts to feel like we need to get the toys out there we get a word dog in there we just like like it's we get a lot a little more you know we get information we get the the weapons porn, you know we got the whole Yeah, the all terrain vehicles mounted with a standard M 41. Like anti aircraft gun or LA ag or lag, I guess. The weapon fired 500 rounds of 12.7 by 99 millimeter armor piercing rounds per minute, and it was effective on both ground and airborne targets. Oh, do you need a minute to clean off all the ejaculate from your hands after that level of weapon pornography I don't blame you like it's it we get a lot of that. We just a nice little robot.

Kevin Erhard  5:05
Yeah. Yeah, so fo hammer Yeah, fo hammer drops off the word hog. And it's like one word hog deployed saddle up and give them hell. And some of the lines of dialogue feel like the barks that you get in a game like Halo. And it's not a criticism, it's more of like a neutral observation. It's where it's just like, oh, yeah, so and so said, Hey, masterchief so and so said, you can use a gunner and like, you know, little, little things like that, where Yeah, it feels like, I feel like I heard that line.

Phil  5:41
There are definitely some lines in this that are taken directly from the game and we'll get to one in particular, that always stuck out in my head. But we do have I think this is not the kind of franchise that you expect to have a lot of winks to the audience. Because it takes itself very seriously. The but we do have one at a certain point in this chapter, where they get on the word hog and Cortana says I put a nav indicator on your HUD. Just follow the arrow figures, the Spartan said a hint of amusement in his level voice you're always a backseat driver. It's it's it's the actual HDD from the game like you, you have a map and an arrow pointing like it's it's breadcrumbs. Like yes, it's an actual

Kevin Erhard  6:28
game. They also mayor mentioned that his his, his HUD, his helmet read out, identifies the Marines as they're approaching so that he sees like a little name tag above. Right. Which is like, basically how you can see whenever you see see the other Marines in the game, it's they're identified with a little with a little name tag.

Phil  6:52
So right, yeah, yeah, that's I think that's the only the only real example of something like that we see. But it's fun.

Kevin Erhard  6:59
It's actually this actually might be one of my favorite moments in the book so far. Coming up next. Oh, yeah. This is a good bonus isn't like Daring moment. So keys and his command crew are basically trudging through the desert, or it's not a desert. But, you know, metaphorically, they're trudging through the

Phil  7:19

Kevin Erhard  7:21
40 days, 40 days and 40 nights to try to get get away from the covenant. And basically, one of the one of his ensigns starts giving him a little

Phil  7:34
attitude. Yeah, give him some lip.

Kevin Erhard  7:38
And I believe it was an ensign Tao ski, Ensign Tao ski. Yeah. And I believe at Ensign danske. He says she,

Phil  7:52
yeah, she's, she's, she's basically like arguing they know where

Kevin Erhard  7:56
we are. And keys is like, they know where we are, sir. And it's like, demanding the protocol.

Phil  8:04
Right? Right. Which is great. And she's basically saying, like, we're all gonna die. Yeah, let's just allow ourselves. Game over. Oh, that's exactly where she's at. She is just like, you stole that shit Hudson, like she is she is just not interested. She wants to give up right? And, and they and they point out to her, motherfucker. The Covenant doesn't take prisoners they never have Right? Like, what do you and she's really insistent and says, you know, no, this is going to be different than we, you know, I I don't know if they don't remember if they give her like a reason for thinking that they'll be special. Like, I think she might just not believe like, she just thinks that the idea that the combat doesn't take prisoners is just a rule.

Kevin Erhard  8:47
Yeah, she just thinks that she's that. Like, if if there'll be nice to us, if we give up easily. What they end up doing is they. They, they basically tire up the they take her they take her gun, they tire up and they put they put some battle dressing in her mouth, and just leave her there. And kids.

Phil  9:12
Yeah, yeah. It's like, if you want to be captured so bad. It's kind of hilarious. Because she's horrified. She's like, you're just gonna leave me alone. It's like, Well, hey, you're the one who wanted to give up. So we're gonna let you do that. But you're not going to give away our position for a little while at very least. So yeah, they they move on. And that and you know, and you are led to believe that this is a wrap on Toski. But

Kevin Erhard  9:39
no, it is not. We're back briefly with the covenant. Yes, where basically one of the elites, one of the elites finds the life raft and finds no solace body. And as is basically why would why would the Asuna risk his life and starts putting together that, oh, this is the only reason that the Asuna would have would have risked his life is because there was somebody really important. Right? And then they, they find Tao ski, who had just managed to wrestle free of her bindings, and then the covenant like shows up

Phil  10:22
just surrounds

Kevin Erhard  10:26
Yeah, and then so and then they pause for we're gonna pause on them for a little bit because we're back with some with some action sequences with the hell jumpers again.

Phil  10:38
Absolutely, absolutely. They're, they're moving their way up to take the position on the beaut. Still, I think one of the standout moments that I really enjoy here as we get more well honestly commentary says please returns away point two, five for another load of troopers. And if you're going to insist on poetry because the pilot says, We are green, clean and extremely mean. If you insist on poetry, try some Kipling. You might find some of it rather instructive. Over and out and get Peterson grinned, directing a one fingered salute to the general direction of Talib HQ, which yeah, I've absolutely heard that expression. Before. You're raised around enlisted guys. You've heard of the one fingered salute. Exactly.

Kevin Erhard  11:25
And then, and then, meanwhile, there's where we get a point of view from Lieutenant Melissa McKay, who is really shaping up to be one of the main characters of the book, it seems very

Phil  11:40
much so yeah. Surprised me. Yeah. More fighting. But yeah. More fighting. Yeah, we make we're making our way up. And let me see.

Kevin Erhard  11:53
This is when they find the, the, the, they find something underneath the grounds. It's like a lift, basically.

Phil  12:01
Yes, a graph live graph left. Yeah. And it's like, and it's and then pointing out that this is just that this isn't the end. That's, yeah, all the stuff that's set up is not covenant. It's too old. Yeah. It's that kind of, I'm gonna, and for those of you who are keeping score at home, it's a little like Warhammer 40,000

Kevin Erhard  12:24
You know, what, it's been a few bucks. It's been a little bit BioShock really did not lend itself to Warhammer 40k

Phil  12:32
No, it could have could have, if I could, if I Oh, it absolutely could have if I could have seen through the red curtain of rage. That iron RAM tends to put me in. I get way less clever. You know, it's like, other times I can be pithy and clever. That got me thinking with that. I was like, fuck that shit. Yeah. So yeah, with with gate with, you know, 440 K. The idea is that some of the greatest technology is actually ancient technology. It isn't like, modern day where the best stuff is present day and you're constantly thinking of future tech and all that stuff. The idea is that we have gone through some sort of dark age at some point. And there's like an Atlantean style. Yeah, technology.

Kevin Erhard  13:23
Yeah, exactly. Ancient Astronaut Theory, all that type of stuff. Right. Right.

Phil  13:29
But But, but way less racist than

Kevin Erhard  13:32
racist. Well, it's our board. 40k I mean, I'm sure it could work that in there.

Phil  13:40
We have time for race. We don't have time to hate races in 40k We hate everybody you got more than two legs? You're a dead man my friend. So yeah, so they're they make their way into what they call alphabakes. They take it and they set up shop. So they've got they have an established view. Yes,

Kevin Erhard  14:10
yes. Now with a major Silva, congratulates McKay and major Silva is he's a he's gonna be an interesting character coming up because he seems very I don't know bristly. He's, he's up the hill

Phil  14:28
jumper. The Hill jumper sections are steadily becoming my favorite. And not necessarily because I like these people.

Kevin Erhard  14:36
A lot of them seem like they seem seem like dicks, but they're they're total. They're very interesting.

Phil  14:42
But they're exactly. Total dicks, but they're interesting. So yeah, so we've got a gigantic tunnel. That masterchief is making his way through in the ward halls fighting his way out of the game. Yep. You're constantly going going in and out of tunnels and that kind of thing. He's

Kevin Erhard  15:03
He's encountering covenant forces. And he finds as they go through, they find a light bridge, he activates a light bridge and Cortana is like, how did you do that? And he's like, I don't know.

Phil  15:17
I love the light bridge. I love that because because I remember because it you know, if you've got, I got a bad thing with heights, I'm not great with heights. But when, and even in a game, like a last last generation game, like Halo, I get nervous in levels where you can roll off a cliff or off the edge of something if I have an every week, at least one nightmare of falling off a cliff or driving my car off a bridge. Like I know it messes me up. And they actually address that in this section of the book. So they find this LifeBridge it takes them a minute to realize this is something that's going to hold us up. Yep. And he leads these Marines across the light bridge and basically you get a lot of great commentary from these people going fuck this Fuck this. making their way across and basically just look straight ahead. Look straight ahead. Don't look down. Yeah, it's freaking hilarious. And it's really really good. I love it. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  16:29
they get they get a they get across and now they're they're back outside they're back in in the in the the worlds and they are basically being picked up. Basically they're picked up being picked up by fo hammer and she's gonna she's gonna take them to Alpha base, the newly established Alpha base

Phil  16:54
newly established

Kevin Erhard  16:55
meanwhile, meanwhile Mr. Keys Captain keys is is is this such a shame? And you know what's funny as I actually was like, oh, when we lost a bunch of his command crew because they were we such that well developed characters in fall of reach. And then you get to you get to this part of chapter three. And they get summarily executed in like the blink of an eye.

Phil  17:27
I actually I found that very frustrating. Yeah, I thought that was like, yeah, so your keys basically, they are they're trying to make their way up the canyon. It's box canyon, which means without some serious equipment, you ain't you ain't climbing that cliff face. So that kind of stuck and and Tao ski shows up with the covenant into looking very smug. Yeah. And basically saying See, they told you so I told you so they kept kept me prisoner so and then basically the covenant through a translator they clearly have been talking to her and she has said that I'm working for this important Captain Yeah. And they say which one she kisses him on the cheek know that but you know she she she points out keys and the moment she points out keys covenant goes great thanks babe and shoots everybody else everybody else goes down in a matter of light paragraph

Kevin Erhard  18:34
yes and the matter of paragraphs Kalwa attempts to attack Toski and immediately gets shot in the head

Phil  18:41
goes don't give give her a posthumous Purple Heart light goes down trying to kill dusky like a badass good for yeah that's that's great. And then dusky has a final moment of like wait what did they just get shot? What you

Kevin Erhard  18:56
told me they would just take them prisoner and then Tao ski is her head her head explodes

Phil  19:05
funny that they just they just killed our ski and we that's in

Kevin Erhard  19:13
the elite kills her using like It's like keys his pistol or something like that right picks up the gun shoots down scheme the head and it's like is like admiring the pistol after

Phil  19:28
right right points out primitive it is compared to

Kevin Erhard  19:31
gun and it's so tiny. They

Phil  19:32
don't use slug throwers they use they use they use beam weapons and that sort of thing. So the fact that it's a projectile kind of gun is primitive to them very broad and very primitive. And now Keyes is officially capture

Kevin Erhard  19:48
captures something is is something that happens off off screen and yes in the game. Yes, this

Phil  19:56
is all and this is a perfect example of like moments. swear. Yeah, it isn't something you know, we could have just gone through it like the game and you find out later, but that's not enough for deeds as it as as. Yeah, exactly. And deeds gave it some flavor gave us a little drum I think yeah, even even if it only is contained in the one shot I

Kevin Erhard  20:18
think it's anytime you can add stuff besides masterchief it's a win because I was listening to the super beer bros. And there they were playing through. They were playing through the first Halo game. And Brett Bayonne was talking about how like masterchief really isn't a character. He's He's like, he's an avatar for the player. He's not right, he doesn't really have you know, he doesn't have enough behind him to be a real character. He doesn't necessarily he's not necessarily growing and changing now and later games he might be. I don't I'm I'm not the biggest in Halo lore, but especially in this first game. He is he's just masterchief Oh,

Phil  21:06
yeah. masterchief develops a little bit over time, from what I can what I've seen. But it isn't much more than what we have gotten in these books. So far. We are not going to at least so far. The point of view when it is masterchief. I think I pointed this out last time. It isn't too deep masterchief isn't doing a ton of introspection and masterchief very kind of handily settles into that like badass avatar kind of character. And we do get moments here and there. And we're actually going to get a little bit coming out here but but for the most part masterchief isn't. We've we've backed off a little bit of from MasterChef, like with with the last book, there was a lot of Captain America esque like, you know, John, Val, John, who am I? Yeah. And

Kevin Erhard  22:04
one more day, really? One day? Yeah,

Phil  22:06
exactly. We're not. We're not going into that all that much here. And I'm not sure yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  22:14
I mean, I'm sure we're probably going to continue reading Halo books over the life of this podcast. And well, I'm sure we'll find out more. And honestly, I'm sure there's I wouldn't be surprised if there's Halo books that are not, that just don't have masterchief in them at all. And I would I

Phil  22:31
mean, there's a Halo game that doesn't have That's true. That's true. Why not? Yeah, exactly. And I think it's gonna vary from author to author. Yeah, frankly. So that's Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  22:41
I think deets is is on a few of these. And then what's his name? The guy we liked. From the first one, Eric Nylund. Yeah, it is in actually, it only looks like looks like deeds from this copy. It only looks like deeds wrote this one. Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Anyway. So where was did I? Where's the page? Oh, here we go. Yes. masterchief is at alpha bass. He's out of his he's out of his armor at the moment. Because they like taking him out of his armor for some reason.

Phil  23:24
I think they wanted to make him feel vulnerable.

Kevin Erhard  23:27
Yeah. Especially in this scene. Yeah. He's He's called

Phil  23:31
by major Silva to come and see him. And they make a point of saying, leave your armor. Oh, yeah. And he was just cleaned up basically. Right, right. He said, get a shower. He's, you know, he's getting cleaned up. And as things progress with silver, I think we kind of start to see why they wanted him to have his armor off. Because Silva just dresses him the fuck,

Kevin Erhard  23:56
he thinks match chief is just a freak, and just a remnant from a failed project. And he's like, basically, and it's true. So far in the book, he's like, You see everything that's happened here so far. This was done by the Marines. This was done by Marines. This was not done. You didn't do any of this. We established Alpha base, we fought off the covenant. And like, he's literally right. And in this moment is matched. He hasn't really done a whole lot yet.

Phil  24:30
Right? And he says, When whoever wins this arm, whatever wins when we win this war, it will be won by the marine Yes. And not by some pet project. And that's a pretty good message. It's a shame it doesn't turn out to be true. At least based on the games, but but it like by itself. I think it's I think it's a good message in terms of like, all of these people are Coming out here to risked their lives and fight and die. You know that those people are the you know this this whole bullshit One Man Army kind of thing is such a romantic notion that all the wrong people fall in love with and, and so it's kind of hilarious that a you know Marine is the one dressing him down tell him that well it's not hilarious it makes sense because Marines know about working in exactly they know about being running off and being a hero is going to get your shot, right. It's going to get you killed. It's just like when we were in Savannah. And and I was I was I was at the bar most nights. And you may recall, there was a nearby base where they trained Rangers. Yep. And, and we got Rangers in my bar all the time. And there were two different kinds of rangers. There were the Rangers that hadn't been overseas yet. And, and they were pricks and they were like, really, really in love with the idea of Omma fuck and Ray Yeah. And they started fights and they harassed. You know, our waitresses, and they were decoy. Yeah. And then there were the rangers who had been overseas, and they were the nicest guys in the fucking world. They'd help you clean, they always tipped well, like, I remember, like, we were putting on this bar I worked at, I was putting up chairs and tables and stuff. And this young man is like, just like picking helping me out and helping stack chairs and stuff. And I went, who are you? Just a ranger. And he just he just saw some of the handles like, Dude, you're really sweet. We're closing you have and that's that's the difference. You know, it's like so so it you know, I started to say it was funny, but it actually makes perfect sense. You know, and it's a good message and to to Master Chief's credit outside of the whole Euro freak thing. Yeah. He takes it pretty well.

Kevin Erhard  27:05
Yes. And he he doesn't like let silver see him bristle too much. And he just says Yes, sir. You know, he's he's respects the chain of command. He respects Yes. All that stuff, which is all he's ever been trained to do. And at the end of the scene, it's confirmed that Captain keys has been taken prisoner. That the ends we we get a nice, we get a scene change. Zagami Zim? Yes. Zahm. Me is zombie. Yeah. zuka Zam, Zam me. And with his good buddy. Yeah, yeah.

Phil  27:47
His new system? Yeah, yep. Lives.

Kevin Erhard  27:52
Basically, he's, he's going in front of the council that is on the ship to be like, Hey, I would like to take a very specific mission to go kill masterchief. And at this point, the council is like, No, thank you. Like, you're better. Shut up. It's, it's, it's, it's longer than that. It's a lot of like, back and forth. But basically, long story short, they're like, you're, they shut them down. And one of Zam homies was rolling me who I think outranks me comes out and is like, Oh, see? Sorry. They said You're far too valuable exam me he's like, it's like thinking rolling me added the far too valuable.

Phil  28:44
Right. It's kind of hilarious because you realize that like this covenant army is just as couched in bureaucracy and shit, and glad handing and all that shit. They are not above any. They just they just happen to have an upper hand for the time. Yeah, that's all. So yeah, they're not interested. And they don't they don't. They just don't see this. He tells him there's this guy. And, and here's where I think he went wrong. He says the guy's wearing armor that's superior to our own. And the the upper echelon Council bullshit. Oh, shit, that doesn't exist. That's no one has armor. That's that's not a thing. You're dismissed. And so so they leave and the app is so relieved. Yeah, yep. It's like Oh, thank god. Yeah. You know, because he was sitting there worried that he was gonna, you know, have to follow this guy on his bullshit. Vengeance quest against this unkillable God. And yeah, yep. It's just like, He is literally the opposite of that he has just has no interest in that. And while they're leaving, they run into Kenya.

Kevin Erhard  29:57
They see he's being dragged away. into into the interrogation chambers. And so zombie decides to take part briefly. It's basically just shouting at keys. Where can I find? Where can I find the human who wears the special armor? And keys responds, I don't have the foggiest idea. But the next time you run into him, you might want to consider ducking.

Phil  30:27
Yeah. So he pulls a gun on keys and keys just just cold blooded stabs him in the face. That's yeah, do it. Come on, come on. I want you to do it. I want you to

Kevin Erhard  30:40
just yeah, he says you want to get nuts? Come on.

Phil  30:43
Yeah, let's get he gets his Michael Keaton on. And they just yeah, that just so that and that. And that ends chapter three.

Kevin Erhard  30:53
That ends chapter three that as a as a solid 40 pages of chunk of stuff.

Phil  31:00
It was it was,

Kevin Erhard  31:01
it's a lot. Yeah. Check. So chapter four,

Phil  31:06
we ended up. Yeah. And we were talking about, by the way, so they're talking about a covenant vessel, a prominent covenant vessel that's in the atmosphere. And it's called The Truth and Reconciliation,

Kevin Erhard  31:19
which sounds super Warhammer 40k. Right, as

Phil  31:23
it does, but it also like, based on who the government is, it's like, reconciliation is not the word that I expand, right. You know, like, like, they they're the witch hammer, like, right, this is, you know, they're a bunch of religious fanatics. And so reconciliation, there's, there's a certain level of irony with that name it it'll, every time they bring it up it always correct. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  31:48
So masterchief is, is taking a moment and he is thinking about what Silva said in this chapter. And he's these like, well, maybe maybe Silver's right, you know, maybe this certain program was mistake and it should end with him. You know, that's, that's, I think that that could be the that might not be a bad thing. But meanwhile, he's thinking about this while they are in motion on a plan to get into the Truth and Reconciliation via the gravity lift. That is directly below it. And masterchief and a bunch of Marines and snipers they they engage it's

Phil  32:35
it's time for a sniper mission time for

Kevin Erhard  32:38
snake This is a sneaking mission. Right?

Phil  32:42
It's it's actually it actually is more of a XCOM Yeah. You start out in in stealth mode kind of thing and the moment you the moment you set off you know the the alarm bells you kill someone in front of someone else everywhere

Kevin Erhard  33:00
you've activated all the pods you know there they all get to move and get into cover before you can even react you know bullshit like that.

Phil  33:10
Yeah, we get a little more weapons we're a little more

Kevin Erhard  33:13
weapons and just a lot of a lot of fighting just constant fighting. There's there's it's several pages pages upon pages of engagement here and if you play the game, you know this mission it's you're literally just fighting through the covenant at the base of the gravity lifts and there's the shades and is at one point it's kind of neat masterchief takes one of the shades which are there those are like there those are like their guns right the place Yeah. Yeah, they're like they're like a circle around a mash chief basically hops in one of them and starts like shooting all of the other gun in place.

Phil  34:01
Yeah, which which, which if you've played the first Halo game is really the only way to do it. It is so satisfying. It's it's a good feeling. And then he runs into his first I think this is his first hunters this the first

Kevin Erhard  34:15
which one are the hunters? i

Phil  34:18
They're big nasties. Big nasties. Big nasties

Kevin Erhard  34:23
and leave. I'm looking at the look at the pictures just so I can know. I think he had already really fought one in the fall of reach.

Phil  34:41
Okay, well I think in the game though. This is this represents the first time

Kevin Erhard  34:44
you fight this is the first time you fight one in the game. Yeah. Yeah,

Phil  34:47
yeah. So you fight one and those guys are just fucking bullet sponges. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  34:51
And there's always two of them. And though the Yeah, yeah,

Phil  34:55
it's always Yeah, always. So

Kevin Erhard  34:59
bullshit. That's

Phil  35:03
so we get we get several pages long you know, battle scene with a lot of details like that and we call for reinforcements right. Say in the end they're doing well by the way they are they are an important note to take from this this fight is they are rocking these peoples yet

Kevin Erhard  35:23
they're they're winning much to two major Silva's point the Marines and Master Chief are winning and and eventually they they are able to they're able to secure the gravity lifts. And yeah, they're gonna they're gonna head up on and

Phil  35:49
go fun keys. See

Kevin Erhard  35:54
there's a there's another chapter with there's a brief section though with McKay before we get into the

Phil  36:04
Yeah, that's what I was looking at here. Yeah, we get we get some really interesting we get a lot of interesting this is

Kevin Erhard  36:12
so we cut to Mackay and they are now planning the to retake the Pillar of Autumn.

Phil  36:18
Yes, because it hasn't been completely demands it

Kevin Erhard  36:22
has it has all the gear that they want to that they want to have that they want to use to really fortify Alpha base. And I'll take a moment to pause right here. And we were talking about this pre show is that a lot of these scenes start to blend together. Yes. And it's yeah, I get I don't know how much is to blame for the author. But it's it's just a lot of Simi. They're on Halo and there's fighting going on rides, somehow they the some of the scenes just end up being like Did this happen in this scene? Or did this happen in this scene? Yeah, yeah.

Phil  37:05
If you're a halo expert, and we mistakenly say that they're on Halo when you know that they're still on the beaut or something like, yeah, just please forgive us. It all, it really does start to blend a little bit. Short of certainty, Charles.

Kevin Erhard  37:22
Yeah. And then we're back with the Marines and masterchief. And they are in the belly of of the, in the belly of the Truth and Reconciliation. And they it seems like it's empty. And then somebody acted accidentally triggers and alarm and incomes. The shit ton of events, and Billy beats us my favorite phrase of all time, chaos reigned. Yeah. Yeah, it was a good choice choice. All I think of is the fox. In

Phil  38:06
its slash faith,

Kevin Erhard  38:11
slash faith. Yeah. Which is, I mean, it's should

Phil  38:14
shout out to friend of the pod.

Kevin Erhard  38:19
Oh, yes. So the, they are now fighting their way through. And this is if you listen to the book, the audio book you get, you get treated to a few more mature learners that you missed. And masterchief just like, fights his way through. That's there's, there's no other way to say just fights his way through, and you find keys and a bunch of other Marines. Which I don't understand why there is other Marines in the jail cells if the cabinet doesn't take prisoners, and the very specifically keys was out of order the ordinary.

Phil  39:02
Right? I wasn't sure about that, either. You know, it's like, I don't know. And you can't even call it a translation problem. Because they can speak English. Like they do it. They do it on they do it more than once. So I'm not sure. But in the game, and in this book, and they don't go into too much detail with it. But there are kind of encampments of Marines all over the place that you're running into from time to time just they got thrown off course when they landed or something like that. So yeah, maybe just five they don't just have experiments. Yeah, maybe

Kevin Erhard  39:47
they're gonna like vivisect them or something like that. Russia's gross, but you know, it seems like something the cabinet would do because they're given a shot. Yeah.

Phil  39:58
So they they They find cabin keys and I actually this is this is tough guy bullshit language but I liked it they there they there they find them there they're going to you know make their way on keys like Do you know how to find your way out this place is like a maze and it shouldn't be too difficult the Master Chief replied all you have to do is fall at the box it's a very it's a very then we will fight in the shade let it let it never be said that I don't have a soft spot in my heart for that kind of bullshit. Yeah, it'll tough

Kevin Erhard  40:33
you just imagine Arnold at his peak would have should have said something like that in one of his movies.

Phil  40:42
Totally, totally.

Kevin Erhard  40:45
We get a little basically they we get a little interlude which I'm not sure I agree with some of this and I get it's it's it's written in a way to make things seem like a lot of things are happening at once. But I we cut away from keys and masterchief to get McKay well we get a brief scene with Lieutenant cookie Peterson

Phil  41:17
right. Oh, cookie. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  41:20
Which you know, he's just he's just he's he was looking at the put the echo 136 down a full click from Pillar of Autumn and was basically just waiting part. Yeah, he's a pilot. And then then we get to Mackay. Basically, there was a it was like a it was like an attack that they were doing the Marines are doing to get the covenant paying less attention to what's happening on the truth and reconciliation. And then

Phil  42:03
into basically

Kevin Erhard  42:05
Oh, yeah, and then they're gonna they're gonna they're basically going to do their attack on the Pillar of Autumn. Yeah, McKay is basically leading the Pillar of Autumn attack.

Phil  42:15
Yeah, she's determined to get back on the pillar. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  42:19
So we have that brief little interlude. And so my point was, I know it's done to make make it seem like a lot of things are happening at the same time. But it felt weird to cut away at that point. The action in the truth and reconciliation to these extra scenes, and then we're back in the Truth and Reconciliation, as, as covenant troops ran hither and yon, we got to hither and yon sighting in the run. And that's kind of I guess, it's kind of my my overall critique of the book so far is part of it is the same Enos but, and I think it's not helped by these little vignettes being cut into, especially when it's like these Marines that, okay, they're their side characters, secondary characters, some are main characters, but you don't, you're not necessarily connected to them in the same way that you're connected to. masterchief.

Phil  43:19
Right. There's this cookie character. For example, if your point is literally it's a two paragraph segment, where basically it's just cookie saying, I'm cookie will be waiting with a pelican to transport Marines back the moment they get off the Truth and Reconciliation. That's basically it. It's basically the author saying, Okay, we've got people who are waiting, we, which we don't, we don't need. It does, it feels like kind of a it's just a weakness of a worthy cause, in the sense that she's, she, uh, William Dietz is trying to break up the masterchief standard video game stuff with more

Kevin Erhard  44:05
Marines to other side and I like, yeah, and I like the marine stuff. But me too. In this instance, it feels a little wonky to kind of jam it in there.

Phil  44:15
It does. It does get a little clunky sometimes. I think you're right. Because yeah, and especially with what we're about to get into because we just go right back to the truth of reconciliation. No, no time has passed there. And Cortana and keys basically confirmed that the halo is a super weapon of sun right?

Kevin Erhard  44:33
He's overheard them talking. It's it's a weapon. Yeah. Cortana has hacked into their system and they're like, and they're in the covenant is pretty sure that Halo is something that needs to be activated. And

Phil  44:49
right, and, and keys actually says, I've got a new mission for you. You got to find out how to get this weapon and as chief rightfully, I believe, says, Well, sir, why

Kevin Erhard  44:59
don't we why Let's finish this one now.

Phil  45:02
Let's do this one first and then we'll which I thought was

Kevin Erhard  45:07
they managed to they managed to get out and basically fo hammer fo hammer they're talking to fo hammer like that she's ready to go and there's another firefight because basically the where they just killed a bunch of covenant there are still a bunch of covenant like their back you know they filled it

Phil  45:33
we get and full hammer can't make it in right then in that moment because of yeah yeah

Kevin Erhard  45:40
she just like it's the LCS too hot basically. Yeah. They basically carjack covenant ship.

Phil  45:51
They sure they sure do. Which is which is which is a really fun moment in the game. Yeah, they they they steal a covenant ship and clear out they get the hell out of there. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  46:06
And and Master Chief's actions on the truth and reconciliation in this next scene. With with with za Mimi, Za Za Mei Mei whatever.

Phil  46:21
zombie zombie? Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  46:23
And yeah.

Phil  46:27
And connect

Kevin Erhard  46:28
Nikki and Danny sick.

Phil  46:33
Guys from Iran out when we talk about them, just just imagine

Kevin Erhard  46:36
Greece, Greece is the word. Anyway, they're, they're basically the the covenant and, and Danny are examining the damage done. Everything has been reinforced. Now that masterchief is organized to jailbreak. And basically zookas friend, Rola me is like, Hey, by BT Dubs. The thing you asked us about that you want to do, and we told you no. And then he went, and he did all this. We're saying yes, now.

Phil  47:16
Yeah. And they they got a good look at what masterchief is capable of numbers of did for the covenant versus the numbers for

Kevin Erhard  47:26
Yeah, they go through all the numbers. And it's like, that's impossible. That's like, there's like 12 Humans dead and like, scores of covenant soldiers killed.

Phil  47:35
Right? Right. It was just a bloodbath. And it's deeply embarrassing for them. And so yeah, this counsel says, yeah, that thing you asked for it, we changed our mind. And you're actually it's kind of satisfying. You feel satisfied for him? It's, it's, it's like yeah, good for you.

Kevin Erhard  47:53
Yeah. Good for you, man. You You got it.

Phil  47:55
We didn't they wouldn't listen. It's like you were the scientist in a 90s disaster movie. They weren't listening to you.

Kevin Erhard  48:01
Good. Yeah. You know, what's funny, though, is you would think that the covenant would be a little bit more aware of masterchief and the Spartans in general, given the way that they're talked about in the previous book, in the fall of read, yeah, were there our battles were on the ground, maybe they just didn't care so much, because the planets would end up getting glassed anyway

Phil  48:28
you know, yeah, the, and I, yeah, not just the covenant but the human forces. And I guess I didn't think about it, but you know, most of the fights in fall of reach were naval battles. We didn't you know, they didn't have a lot of one on one fights with the covenant. And so there is a point that you're kind of like for example, there's there's a moment where we see a Nibbler for the first time, which for those of you who play the game, or the book is a covenant weapon that fires these like purple crystals and they're devastating blow

Kevin Erhard  49:06
up or something like that once again, and yeah,

Phil  49:08
it's it's it's quick man's Yeah. It's a Yeah, it's a drill bomb. And, and everyone's surprised by this weapon, and, and I found that a little sparse, like, this is the first time you guys okay, so yeah, there there are things like that, that feel like they should be kind of more obvious, but I guess kind of based on the last game it does. Or last game, the last book, I guess, most of their experience with them is navels. So I that's, that's at least that's my take on it. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  49:42
I guess. Yeah. I mean, I'll, I'll go with that. And that starts the that ends chapter four and starts the next section with Chapter Five called eradication. And this so even though I've said a lot of the battles sequences feel a little samey. I really loved this one with McKay and her troops. And the Pillar of Autumn. Because it is, it is such a fun little sniper

Phil  50:17
it's good, it's good writing. It's good. It's good action writing sniper rifle. It's not it's not as you know, it's more nuanced than the usual like grunt versus grew up, you know, Smash Mouth kind of fights that we have been having. Yeah. And so it's it's, it's very, it's fun

Kevin Erhard  50:38
so so McKay and her team are up on a ridge basically overlooking the Pillar of Autumn and all the covenant forces that are just kind of like, are just walking around outside. And she's having this moment where she's wondering about and that gets into the like the the tradition of stand to in the morning at a base. And she's wondering whether if the covenant has something similar, whether these covenant troops are fatigued, or whether they are up and ready to go. And I thought that was a nice touch a nice little moment of like, are they are how similar to to us? Are they in their battle tactics and all that? Yeah,

Phil  51:27
they're actually thinking about stuff like that. And it's good writing. It isn't just, well, they've got different ways from

Kevin Erhard  51:36
different ways.

Phil  51:38
Right? They actually go into the way that a well trained soldier would think about things like this, you know, it's like, have they been up all night? And if they haven't, and if they have been up all night doesn't matter. You know, do they what kind of physiology do they have? It's interesting stuff and it's, it's,

Kevin Erhard  51:55
it's well written and then she's like, Well, either way. Let's snipe their heads off. They proceed a

Phil  52:02
lot, a lot of time to think about that I want

Kevin Erhard  52:08
so they start off. Basically, they start off shooting rocket launchers at the Banshees to blow up the Banshees, and while the Banshees are flaming, flaming wrecks, and everybody is distracted by the fact that their banshees just blew up in the sky. It's I love this line, if the aliens screamed on the way down, McKay wasn't able to hear it, especially with a steady crack, crack crack have multiple s two sniper rifles going off around her. So just imagine this scene. It's like there's this this ridge of the marine snipers, and they're just going

Phil  52:42
I love gentlemen want to make me think of and this is it's good writing you're you're right to point this out. It made me think of when you're playing. Well bring it up again, if you're playing and yeah, and you've got everyone all in the right positions. On Overwatch, you got your snipers, you know, all the Overwatch is set up. And then you get that one shot off. And everyone starts running in different directions. And it's just the the setting off of one shot after another after another. And you're just getting all of these great kills in a just from careful planning and that's exactly what this is. It's it's fantastic.

Kevin Erhard  53:26
It's very it is it is this is totally an XCOM moment. This is an excerpt it's come to I think there's a little bit more with stuff like this with the planning of the old like and positioning and all that and then Chimera squad even more so with the breaches.

Phil  53:45
Yeah, the breaches were I think that was the most interesting thing I Camaro squad, like like, I was like, It's all right. But but that that aspect of that game rewrite was new and cool. Like I loved that. Yeah, we'll ship

Kevin Erhard  54:03
so they they basically they snipe, snipe, snipe, and then they start rushing down towards the Pillar of Autumn and then a drop ship flanks them, and they lose a few persons. There's such a it's a really gory death, where one Marine gets it in the legs with a plasma beam from the drop ship and the legs are just gone. And the top is says the top half the rain flies forward and lands on his own and test.

Phil  54:39
It was it's funny because there have been so many little moments. It's like most of this book most of this book. Is that like PG 13 Colorful Yeah, first person shooter sci fi action thing and everything with them. Dietsch just wants to go wars hell and here's why.

Kevin Erhard  54:59
Get some some full on, you know, the opening of the opening of saver priming, right Saving Private Ryan. Yes. You get like, or even it's like it almost reminds me of what is it? The end of Day of the Dead. When when the guy is getting pulled apart, and it's oh my god, that scene is still in my head. He's getting full mass getting pulled apart and he's screaming. And as they're pulling his head off, like the stuff is all still attached. So he's screaming and they're pulling his head off. And the pitch of his scream goes, goes up, because they're stretching out his vocal cord as an it's like, oh, anyway,

Phil  55:49
the detail the detail

Kevin Erhard  55:51
goes into his skills. Yeah, that's what that's what it reminds me of.

Phil  55:56
Yeah. And there are a lot of little moments like that, where it's just viciously gross for and then they go right back to the lasers. And

Kevin Erhard  56:08
it's crazy. Like imagine GI Joe cartoon. And like GI Joe and cobras fighting and they're just shooting lasers at each other. And like a couple Cobra robots blow up. It's no real people are getting hit. And then like, suddenly, you're you're they're firing. They're firing and firing. And suddenly, like, shipwreck is like, Come on, guys. Let's get them and then like a cobra laser hits him at the waist and just like bisects him. He like falls apart. Imagine that.

Phil  56:39
Imagine that. And that's basically what

Kevin Erhard  56:43
you're getting the sudden

Phil  56:45
it's whiplash. And you're like, Wait, what the fuck?

Kevin Erhard  56:49
I don't know why I picked ship wreck is the one that had to die. But

Phil  56:53
well, I mean, no one. So it's understand that's understandable.

Kevin Erhard  56:58
So the there's this drop ship, and it's almost like Deus Ex maki nine out of the drop ship because the snipers turn around fire on the drop ship. And it's like, the off William the rights. Like, fuck, I guess they hit a grenade or something because the grenade blows up inside the drop ship and it hits a line, like a fuel line and the whole ship blows up. And I I know I'm being like, pithy about it, but that's pretty much what fucking happen. Yeah, is like, like, Oh, okay. Anyway, they continue on. Yeah. Moving on. So and then there's this, there's a there's, it's close to a double beat. But not really is this next scene between keys and silver. But it's almost like from the opposite direction. And we actually hear a little bit more about Silva's point of view as to why he doesn't, he specifically doesn't like that strategy.

Phil  58:10
Right in first. And First things first, basically, keys let solver know, we're sending Master Chief and Cortana to go and find this

Kevin Erhard  58:21
command, they're going to go secure Halo, basically, they are

Phil  58:24
going to secure Halo and make sure we can take advantage of that super weapon or at very least stop covenant from being able to use it. So and so he's telling them that and and Silva basically makes the argument of like, is he really the best person for this? Right?

Kevin Erhard  58:40
Shouldn't it be a human?

Phil  58:43
Right, or? Yeah, it's a summary. Basically, it's an it's just like he said, it's an extension of what he, you know, had said to at least it to be fair to masterchief space. It's an extension of the idea that Chief isn't gonna be the one who went on,

Kevin Erhard  59:02
you know, what's funny is and also and this is just a side note, in case anybody else has the confusion that I did. Most likely people maybe people knew. But I was confused as to why so major silver and Captain keys. I was like, well, this isn't a major, a higher rank than a captain. And then it was like, in military in, in in ground forces, the Army Major outranks captain, but in the Navy captain is a higher rank than major is it's a higher equivalent rank. Right? Yeah. Yeah. It's a colonel. It's the equivalent of a colonel in the

Phil  59:42
it'd be like a full Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  59:45
so just in case anyone else was confused for a moment and had to look it up. I know that you probably knew what was going on there, Phil, but I was just like, he's the captain. It still was a major what's going on here? But they go Yeah, it's Navy and he's Marines and it's it's one of these but you

Phil  1:00:02
know, but the thing is, is that it also when you're dealing with two different forces, yeah. In the same situation, that ship depends, too. You know, but whatever the case, clearly keys is he's

Kevin Erhard  1:00:16
the is that yeah and but then keys quickly says you know like I'm gonna need you to do like a lot of this figuring this shit out because you're the grounds guy like I

Phil  1:00:29
write keys isn't gonna come in and tell Silva how to handle them exactly. You know, but but but masterchief is clearly under keys is che Exactly. And silver basically says don't we got a bunch of Marines here we'll be happy to do this. Yeah. And, and, and keys.

Kevin Erhard  1:00:51
I think Johnny Boy over there can handle it. I like the fact though that so Silva basically repeats what he said to masterchief earlier, he says that to keys. And then he goes into additional detail. And that bit of detail is he tells the story from the book fall of reach, where a few yes teas that he knew were baited into a fight with with John and he says his was like 24 years ago, or something like that. And he's like, and John killed two of them. And he's like, it doesn't make them to me, that doesn't make him a hero makes him a murderer. And I was like, Okay, so now I understand. Like Silva was like a second lieutenant at the time. Right probably knew these guys. There's probably a couple, a couple of his buddies. So he's ease and he was very aware of the incident, even though there's there was like the was it ODI, or whatever the intelligence service tried to keep a lid on it, there's no way that they could have kept the super tight lid on it.

Phil  1:02:00
Well, they were I mean, even then it was like the idea is that there were rumors, I remember that.

Kevin Erhard  1:02:05
So suddenly, a lot of things start to fall into place as to why Silva's like, yeah, don't fucking trust this guy.

Phil  1:02:12
There's a very cool use of a scene that I almost Yeah, about from the first book, it was just another example of masterchief like, to be fair, it was an interesting, it was a section because it's the first scene was was chief going, Are these enemies or not, because they're on my side, but they're harassing me and they're trying to kill me. So it was it was an interesting scene for that. But just another scene in the grand scheme of that book, and I think Dietz uses it beautifully expands on it really, really well. Very,

Kevin Erhard  1:02:49
yes, it's, it's a, it's a nice payoff between two books of something really, in the grand scheme of things minor, as you said, so I was a fan of that. And, and basically, this entire the section, there's like a little point of view change, or like a time jump. This just ends with Silva, just saying, here's all my grievances. And that says, Thanks for hearing me out. Like, this is all Yeah, I think this is all bullshit. And thanks. And he's like, he also knew and then changes, keys his point of view, and he's like, Yeah, still was wrong, but like, I understand where he's coming from.

Phil  1:03:36
And he even says, he's like, Look, if all we had was the Marines, I know, you guys could get it done. It's not I'm not saying that you people can't get it done. I'm sure that but chiefs got a bunch of advantages. And basically, he's, you know, he's kind of, I don't know, how much of this is a cop out? Or, or I don't know, how much did this to believe but his his excuses basically, like, look, this is gonna free up the hell jumpers to do some other shit for us. You know, and we I'd rather have all of your guys over here doing this thing. And my one guy doing this. And I mean, it seems sincere enough and smart, you know, strategically smart. But it's, it's interesting. Yeah, yeah.

Kevin Erhard  1:04:20
So keys basically reaffirms, to Silva like is, you know, you can handle other things. My decision stands and self was like, okay, sir, yes, sir. Yeah, we'll support the Chief and Cortana.

Phil  1:04:35
Yeah, and he makes a point of saying like, Well, look, I'm just because I'm not in the best of moods over this guy doesn't mean that we won't support him. He makes it. He makes it clear that he's not going to be like, Jesus fucking Ensign and turn on him at the wrong moment. Like that's, you know, yeah. At least that's what he says. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  1:04:55
We had a brief scene after that with Danny Zuko. Kenickie hiding out in a control room inside of basically within Halo. Basically they're setting a trap for for Chief. And zuka is basically doing his little finger Tapi thing just kind of like Wait Yeah. This is Mr. Mr. Burns moments, and then we jump back over to McKay and her squad. This is kind of like a moment where like, Okay, well they took the they took the the ship, they took the Pillar of Autumn and they got a lot of good stuff. But yeah, it actually might not necessarily be enough. Because there's Orose Lieutenant Orose is basically saying, Yeah, honestly, a lot of stuff didn't survive the crash. So

Phil  1:05:52
yeah, they got they got a lot of loot, but it might just be, you know, the stuff that they scavenged might, you know, it's still probably not gonna be. It's not. They're not they're not right here.

Kevin Erhard  1:06:02
Yeah. So, fo hammer is dropping off Mischeif and some some Marines to get it done.

Phil  1:06:14
And here's here's the line. Now, here's the thing. We are now on our way to the silent cartographer, which is the site that the covenant basically it pinpoints the location of the control, right Halo. And this is where I hear the music isn't I had, and I see it, because when I first got an Xbox, I think it was a freshman in college. And I got my first Xbox. And there was I would always buy Official Xbox Magazine, because it came always came with a disc full of demos. And the first one I ever got, because I could afford to get an Xbox, but not a game to afford, you know, the eight or nine bucks to buy an Xbox Magazine, which had like, seven amazing demos on it. And one of them was Halo and TimeSplitters. Two and like it was it was exactly what you wanted. Especially for me who is like learning to use two thumb sticks. And like one of them is your head and the other one's your legs. Oh god, I remember learning that and being like, Oh, I might not be able to. I had a genuine moment of panic of like, what did I just say?

Kevin Erhard  1:07:26
Money this. Oh, and the controller is this big? It's right. Oh, the size your head.

Phil  1:07:33
I loved that thing. I loved that thing. Everyone hated that thing. I was a big boy. It was a big heavy boy. And maybe that's why I loved it.

Kevin Erhard  1:07:44
I looked at the Xbox controller and I saw myself in it.

Phil  1:07:48
And I saw myself Yes, absolutely. Parallel you me? Yeah. So. So this is what the end the end the demo for Halo was the silent cartographer mission. And so you're done data and all of a sudden, incomes fo hammer marine said I didn't know you made house calls fo hammer the pilot chuckles you know our motto, we deliver. And that is straight out of the game word for word. beat for beat. I can hear it my head. I've heard it 1000 times. Because I probably played that level of Yeah, because you just

Kevin Erhard  1:08:27
had the Xbox and the demo. And

Phil  1:08:31
that's it. And eventually I found a used copy of Morrowind and failed a couple of

Kevin Erhard  1:08:40
and then time passed.

Phil  1:08:42
In the past. I have no recollection of what really went down.

Kevin Erhard  1:08:48
It reminds me I was that Danny from the Game Grumps talking about how there he lost like a couple years tomorrow.

Phil  1:08:58
Right? That's

Kevin Erhard  1:09:00
just like you're just get high and play Morrowind

Phil  1:09:05
because that game was cruel in like, you had to walk all over the place. And if you wanted to beat that game, there was like this section all these I don't remember all the details. But there were like these villages and you had to go from one village to the other. And there was no fast travel. You didn't have a horse. You didn't have shit. You just had to walk through these dark desert areas until you found the next village you had to be in. And it took for effort. So yeah, that one was a guy that game was so fucking good.

Kevin Erhard  1:09:41
Yeah, I honestly it's been so long since I played Morrowind

Phil  1:09:49
I don't think we can go back tomorrow window after snow.

Kevin Erhard  1:09:51
I don't. Yeah, especially after a you know what have you and I need to I booted up Skyrim The other day and that opening God it takes forever. I need to I need to install the like a fast start mod or something like that. Yeah. Good Lord, it is just a drag.

Phil  1:10:16
Well, I mean, I remember playing it for the first time and it was so exciting and you're like, Holy fucking shit. But then yeah, eight years. Yeah, but I don't think we could go back to Morrowind for the same reason that we can't go back to like old games like System Shock or

Kevin Erhard  1:10:31
yeah can't go back System Shock can't go back to Daggerfall

Phil  1:10:35
No, can't go back to Daggerfall can't go back to tie fighter. Like we are not equipped for that. You mean to tell me that? Even if I use a joypad to play this game? I'm still gonna need the entire keyboard on top of everything else. Are you sure? We are very spoiled with how streamlined video games oh yes days back in those days like you needed to know that the in parentheses button was your

Kevin Erhard  1:11:04
well you have your you had period which match which was match speed for targeted targeted ship and then I'm trying to remember all the shortcuts because there was all the the shields and power and like the energy meters and

Phil  1:11:22
you had to swap them swap back and forth. Hey, take take the head get get off of the shield for a second so you get beat up and and are you Crystal fucking remember this? They were they were cardboard cutouts that would like go over your keyboard. There's no keyboards, basically, I said put

Kevin Erhard  1:11:40
it over your keyboard and it had the shortcuts on it.

Phil  1:11:44
Yeah, had it written out for you. So you could look down and they would say yeah, here's your bomb, you know, or whatever. And like, Oh my God, it was so in depth. It was insane. It was insane.

Kevin Erhard  1:11:57
Well, but you know, to be honest, though, people were asking what games have you spent more than 500 100 hours in? And I have to say X Wing vs TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter and X Wing Alliance. I spent all than 500 hours in

Phil  1:12:17
did you play did you play Star Wars swan?

Kevin Erhard  1:12:19
Haven't yet no. I think I have I think I have it. I think I

Phil  1:12:24
That one looks good. I keep meaning to try the

Kevin Erhard  1:12:30
silent cartographer.

Phil  1:12:33
We get a word hog brought in and and you know the level guys Nash chief hops in leads a bunch of Marines. And we get another big big fight see

Kevin Erhard  1:12:46
big fight sequence. They they basically they go up one direction and they on the ward hug and they they mow down all the covenant shit, all the covenant soldiers, but then the covenant locks the front door so mass chiefs like Alright, we're gonna have to go around the back door and there's a back door. So he basically him the word hog drives around. And the word hog stays and it's just like providing covering fire and masterchief goes in alone, through like this back area. And this is where Danny Zuko has laid a trap for Masterji Yes, yes. And there's a couple of there's a couple hunters there's an grunts down there

Phil  1:13:41
with the perfect

Kevin Erhard  1:13:42
combination it's hilarious though because the the it resolves a lot faster than it does in the game. Because in the game you have to fight the two hunters. But in this one of the hunters is accidentally killed by a girl.

Phil  1:13:59
Oh, I love this. This is so dumb. And good. It is so stupid. Yeah, hold on. I'm gonna find this because this is so dumb. And I love it. Basically, the idea is that all the Grunts are waiting at somebody because the grunts they're so stupid and they're so numerous that they're trained by the covenant that when in doubt shoot. Like that is literally their order. And what is it that makes some ships

Kevin Erhard  1:14:30
that the hunters start fighting masterchief and they're like we don't know what to do so they just start shooting at masterchief but the hunters are in the way

Phil  1:14:39
Yeah, and one of them just gets unlucky fucking shot

Kevin Erhard  1:14:43
right between the armor.

Phil  1:14:46
Yeah, just fucking King John's this guy takes him the fuck out. And I'm literally

Kevin Erhard  1:14:52
over there going Oh God, no, jeez.

Phil  1:14:56
Oh, no. Oh no. So yeah,

Kevin Erhard  1:14:59
what are the hi Does it see the hunter was in the line of fire so basically zuka is knocked out because one of the hunters basically hits like his runs past zuka knocks him down to the floor so he's out of the fight and they and

Phil  1:15:20
they and they even say I love this like like then as if the melee weren't confusing enough the second Hunter charged in it sounds like the author this is all the author and it sounds like the author is like telling you like so you're not gonna believe this shit. This the second the hunter charged and bumped into the elite and sent him spinning to the

Kevin Erhard  1:15:41
middle so get listen up guys. You got these grunts you get these fucking grunts they're all up against they're all in the back and they don't know what to do because there's bunch hunters. And this this this hunter who named Ling Lin is just like linguine just just fires he just fires any he he aces one of the hunters just lucky shot racers

Phil  1:16:12
it's hilarious. And and here's the thing. This is great. Because Kevin and I have spent this entire episode talking about how so much of these fight fight scenes. You know, they they start to blend together outside of the occasional moment of just grabbed Yeah, or, um, this is a great example of like, visually seeming

Kevin Erhard  1:16:36
and twisting it into something fun, entertaining and interesting. Rather than just a straight up combat encounter.

Phil  1:16:46
Yeah, it's like, who cares if that's not how it went in the game. What do you want? It was like, he shot him. He shot him some more. He kept shooting him. And then then yeah, I felt

Kevin Erhard  1:16:55
so. So like, and then it basically yeah, because it says masterchief content like fights off the other Hunter. And then it cuts back to Yeah, apps point of view, no doubt stunned by the enormity of his error and terrified regarding the potential consequences. Lenglen was still back backing away when the bulky armor humid raises weapon and fired. Yeah, yep. It's blood spray the side of his face as he

Phil  1:17:24
tripped wrap on gangland.

Kevin Erhard  1:17:27
It's just like that scene from from I O. Sin City where the girl and blood just sprays in her face. And she doesn't

Phil  1:17:39
just stay in Cerner here kind of

Kevin Erhard  1:17:42
like the blood spread. This goes over. Yeah.

Phil  1:17:46
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, it's falling over his feet. And then like and then Zeze Emami Danny Zuko grabs him, basically, I like to imagine grabs him by the scruff of his neck and like, drags him away and says the battle is over. We must live to fight another. And yeah, yep. It's like That sounds

Kevin Erhard  1:18:06
amazing. Is is Azuka and and yeah, have kindly. They've they've basically been turned into. It's like Dr. Claw and his cat.

Phil  1:18:19
That's exactly what they've become. Okay. Gotcha. Next time. Voice Oh, God. God. Wow. That's what we get for trying to be accurate here. Yeah, that's exactly what it is. Like, they just get their asses handed to them and they just has this like it. All it only needs is like to like twist a knob and all of a sudden, like a Zuko. mobiel just pops out of nowhere and they scream all

Kevin Erhard  1:18:55
day. Yeah, he's either he's either a claw or he's, he's a Cobra Commander. I try to do the Cobra Commander voice right now. Because I think he killed me.

Phil  1:19:10
Well, it's just the other side of

it. Ricci So, and we're and we're wrapping this thing up, we the fights over Cortana and masterchief are talking about the next step there they're going to use, they're going to shut down the security systems in the area. And so, so basically, they're still going to find the silent cartographer and get the map to the control room. And and Cortana asks him if he has a plan and he says, yes, when we get there, I'm going to kill every single covenant soldier I can find. So which is not quite as good as the

Kevin Erhard  1:19:55
not quite as good as the just follow the trail bodies line but

Phil  1:19:59
right now that's good. I mean,

Kevin Erhard  1:20:02
yeah, is Halo happened in the 80s. If there was a halo movie in the 80s, it would have been directed by Paul Verhoeven and, and masterchief would have been played by Arnold's.

Phil  1:20:17
Right, right? Exactly. Exactly.

Kevin Erhard  1:20:20
I miss I for one, Miss Paul Verhoeven doing action movies. Cory actually, I mean, God, you know, you got

Phil  1:20:33
I mean, I did every time I'm reading this it at least once every 15 minutes, I think.

Kevin Erhard  1:20:37
Yeah, Starship Troopers Robocop? Yeah, you know, that's because, you know, unfortunately masterchief is a cop that's we're gonna

Phil  1:20:46
he's he is he's he's a key wants to be a good cop. But

Kevin Erhard  1:20:51
he's Yeah, so yeah, we're gonna keep going on on on the flood we have yet to. I mean, we've yet to run into the flood, I assume that's going to be the climax of the book is is the as the form I can't be

Phil  1:21:14
far away. I imagine that the next section

Kevin Erhard  1:21:18
where the level with the flood happen. It's about halfway

Phil  1:21:22
through like the flood is a major obstacle in the game. So I feel like I feel like if this section this section, section three was called section three. Yes. Section three is called the silent cartographer. I think I think section four is going to be the beginning of our flood moments. And I don't mean the epic They Might Be Giants album,

Kevin Erhard  1:21:46
pay now. They Might Be Giants. Seen them live five times. Nice

Phil  1:21:53
five times I'll mess around with my love for the day or so. What do you what do you think it's so fun?

Kevin Erhard  1:21:59
Um, obviously good book. Not I don't I don't like it nearly as much as the fall reach. Kind of kind of hard to their their fall of reaches was very much new material Nylund got to play around a lot with with stuff where as detest to stick within a relatively rigid structure with just adding some stuff. But I wish Dedes did more like the the battle we just talked about. Just spice them up a little bit, make them a little bit more interesting. Don't be afraid to like, that's the thing about Halo is when I would the first time where when I played recently, and I'm playing Halo and I see the grunts right? And they're just like going like it's fucking hilarious. Like there is a humor to Halo. That is yeah, that I feel like could be represented more.

Phil  1:23:03
And he's any definitely remember seeing Yeah, there

Kevin Erhard  1:23:05
is definitely like some some humor. And I know it's like you have to walk a fine line to make sure that you don't make it too funny because it you don't want to do it. Because it's easy to move past it in the game. But I think if the book was 100% farcical as farcical in some of these scenes as the game is there, right, it would have a stronger impact in the book.

Phil  1:23:37
And I think that's why Yeah, yep. is actually a really good character. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  1:23:40
it really does. gives us that grunt.

Phil  1:23:46
Ball She's funny. He's funny, but he's not cracking jokes.

Kevin Erhard  1:23:50
Cracking wise. He's

Phil  1:23:51
not. No, but he's but he's just a silly, cowardly kind of character that is fun to keep track of. And I laugh at a lot so yeah, it's it's an it's very interesting. Yeah, yep. Lips. Love it. Fucking Well,

Kevin Erhard  1:24:13
that'll do it for tonight's episode. If you can go ahead and give us a five star rating on Apple iTunes. So go ahead and give us a five star I know the plurality of you listen to us on Spotify. Spotify now allows for star ratings on podcasts. So go ahead give us five stars on Spotify. We would really appreciate it. Share us on your social media, Twitter, Facebook. Heck, you know go ahead and post this on LinkedIn if you're feeling bold and want to share you know job recruiters from your profile.

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Absolutely. Tell the world that you don't need their

Kevin Erhard  1:24:55
tell the world you don't need their job. You you listen to Two aging geeks talk about books online video games. Read them so you don't have to.

Phil  1:25:12
There it is.

Kevin Erhard  1:25:13
Anyway, that'll that'll do it for tonight's episode and take care everyone bye

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