Far Cry Absolution: Chapter 3

Will and Mary May are in quite the pickle eh? Phil and Kevin drive through the deepest chapter in Urban Waite’s Far Cry Absolution.

Automated Transcript

Hey there, everybody. Welcome back to pixelate, my name is Kevin with me as always is Phil Hello. And today we are going to dive into chapter three, Far Cry absolution. And things are getting tense

Phil  0:20
Indeed, indeed, chapter three also known as 75% of the book, it feels chapter three

Kevin Erhard  0:27
is is just the book is basically the book and the rest are just dressing.

Phil  0:33
It's huge and everything happens in it is the original and the sequel rolled into one it's massive. So

Kevin Erhard  0:42
I just I just I just question why they he really pushed for the the approach this approach with the chapters? Yeah, because is it four chapters? Like is it like the gospel or something like that?

Phil  0:58
Maybe Yeah, Luke and john, I don't know, like they, they've got a whole who knows with the way people format these things, you know, there's so

Kevin Erhard  1:07
many scene changes that this book could have been like 30 chapters,

Phil  1:12
right. And the way that the chapters seem to be broken up is the way that you may have seen in other books where it's like broken up by books or broken up by parts, you know, part one, part two, right? It's it's a big, you know, just chunk of let me actually see, this one is the longest one by a country mile. But let's see to be exact here, what we're looking at. That's one. So we're looking at, oh, we're almost almost 100 pages is. So actually literally, Chapter Three is a third of the book because it's about a 300 page book.

Kevin Erhard  1:52
That is a beefy chap, it's a big chapter. Yeah, that that chapter is is like a burger that has it as an egg fried on top of it. Yeah. And perhaps bacon like slices of avocado, onion straws. It's Yeah, onion straws. It's actually unwieldy. It's you know, those burgers that you get where it's like there's no way that this is going to remain in one piece.

Phil  2:19
Yeah, you know, it's like you can't you can't wrap your mouth around it. Unless you unhinge your jaw like a goddamn boa constrictor, and they bring it served with the steak knife already through it as if you know, it's like Look, I know I'm gonna need the knife. But you have to mock me. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  2:37
Can you just put the knife on the table? And like Sir, we understand. Yeah, yeah, we understand if you're weak, you're weak. And you cannot get this into your mouth.

Phil  2:48
Yeah, you see my little boys a bitches and you take the steak knife and you hold it to that fucking waiters throat and you say I seen things. Your burger doesn't scare me. And he doesn't flinch.

Kevin Erhard  3:01
Because this is every night for this waiter. This is this waiters every night. Absolutely. This waiters life.

Phil  3:07
He's not afraid of you.

Unknown Speaker  3:08
He's not afraid of you. He sends you

Phil  3:12
all your little squabbles. Yeah, that one time that a guy kicked your ass in a public bathroom. Like he sees that every afternoon like that's your story that you tell about being a man and he deals with that on a daily basis. And it's absolutely ridiculous. And what does he get? 750 an hour plus tips. That's what he gets. Yeah. I'm also sick of Red Robin. Their fucking waitstaff this fight club bullshit. Unless they want to sponsor us in which case I can I can come around real fast

Kevin Erhard  3:51
Fight Club

Phil  4:00
so yeah, it's a big chapters what we're saying.

Kevin Erhard  4:02
It's a big it's a big Red Robin burger have a chapter you will

Phil  4:06
big old big old Red Robin burger chapter and

Kevin Erhard  4:08
it starts with will and Holly having like an awkward conversation about his underwear, which she says that underwear are the windows to the soul. And

Phil  4:20
life to You got to fit.

Kevin Erhard  4:22
She's got some, you know, it's what's the what's the that Indiana Jones line? It's a it's not the it's not the miles it's the whatever.

Phil  4:36
I remember that line. It's I know I

Kevin Erhard  4:40
don't remember what it is. Like. It's

Phil  4:44
just the mileage something like it's not

Kevin Erhard  4:46
the age it's the mileage. Yeah, I was hoping as I said it, I would remember it and then I got to saying it to you. Yeah, it would come to me.

Phil  4:53
I am I have absolutely been that guy. And I gotta tell you, if I could have told you it never works out that way. It never works out. And I only know because I've been there so many times

Kevin Erhard  5:03
my brain won't let me down and your brains like you share about

Phil  5:07
totally gonna let you down I'm totally have we already forgot about algebra to like it I'm not totally letting you down yeah they have a they have like a I swear to god it's it if it were a very different book this would have been the 80s make over walking on sunshine playing in the background. He hops into the closet hops back out she frowns and shakes her head at his outfit. He does it a couple more times. And finally, he looks like the belle of the ball and she's laughing and they're laughing and they walk out of Macy's with a bunch of bags in their hands and everything and the music slowly falls. Yeah, then you start shooting people.

Kevin Erhard  5:49
Then he starts shooting people. Yeah, yeah. There are some really creepy things she has some. So Holly was one of those characters where I was like, oh, Holly is more like Holly is more like well then than any of the other characters. Yeah. And then she becomes increasingly less like will during the course of this scene somehow.

Phil  6:11
It's kind of like she I think you're right. She is more like will. But that still puts her great distance away from him. You know? Yeah, for a second he sees her as this kind of like handhold that he can the

Kevin Erhard  6:27
kindred spirit Ryan's right. We've been in this church for a while and things. You know, it's weird, but we it's our church.

Phil  6:35
Yes, exactly. And she's like, he finds out that she basically tells him this is he thinks this is the only Eden's gate location, basically. Yeah, this is it. Yeah. And she's like, absolutely not. They are all over the place. And you are far from the only one that's keeping everybody fed, which is a really foreboding thing to say. Because, you know, you figure, he's bought himself a lot of time and that sort of thing from being the guy who traps food and brings it to them, therefore, they must be really grateful. And she's like, Oh, no, you're not the only one. Who does that. Yeah, it's just like, I see

Kevin Erhard  7:13
a bunch people that that that make fruit for us. And he goes, because he's noticed that the children are just missing. Yeah, there are no children around. And they live on a farm out to the east. And Holly responds, and I think it was maybe the way the narrator because I was listening to the the audio book reads this line. It just kind of creeped me out where she said, Yes, everyone is safe. Everyone has their purpose. You'll see one day, and I just don't like that line. The the you'll see one day. It's it's has a threatening aura.

Phil  7:53
It's got kind of a pod people sort of feel to it, you know? Yeah. It is good. And it is fine. Everyone has a purpose. And it will Yeah. And they start out talking about his clothes. It's actually kind of funny because yeah, they are talking about his clothes. He's got he's just his clothes or bust and worn out. And so she says, Let's go get you some new clothes. And they've just got piles upon piles of clothes on the site there. That is that is theoretically from the people that they've offed. Yeah, like she makes it sound like they're goodwill and people are donating shit. And that's actually what brings him to is their kids clothes and that sort of thing. And it's the dunsany kids and that's got deeply unsettling vibes.

Kevin Erhard  8:39
Yeah, he is like, this is weird. This is weird. I don't like this.

Phil  8:43
Yeah, yeah. And he gets the hell out of there. And she's like, hurrying behind him trying to get him to stay. Like she's pushing really hard. Like she knows she knows that he is not feeling it lately. And she Yeah, I guess for his own sake trying to push him to stay and he is just not having it. He's

Kevin Erhard  9:01
like, you gotta you gotta be come back more often. At least you get to hear the father sermons. And he's like, Yes, sure. I've I've missed too many.

Phil  9:11
In the same way that anybody who approaches one of us for example, that we used to maybe know from church years and years and years and years ago, and they're like, you should come and you should come and hang out for

Kevin Erhard  9:25
sure. Yeah, definitely should know Yeah,

Phil  9:29
Mm hmm. It's been a minute Ah, is Is he still given those really long 45 minutes sermons cuz Boy, oh, boy, that was that was helping me stay

Kevin Erhard  9:40
up then.

Phil  9:41
Hmm. So he ends up starting out, and he starts investigating what appears to be this empty bar. And then but then he starts to hear voices inside and and it's there's people in there who used to work at the bar, right?

Kevin Erhard  10:02
Yes. It's It's It's Mary Mays employees. Well, hypothetically, Mary Mays employees is the now that she has inherited the bar.

Phil  10:14
Right? They wouldn't always if everything wasn't gone to shit basic. It's

Kevin Erhard  10:19
the cook who will actually knew from high school. He was a few years behind him. And I believe a waitress?

Phil  10:29
Yes, yes. One of the waiters waitress. Wait, yeah.

Kevin Erhard  10:32
And the waitstaff

Phil  10:34
Yeah, and they get to give him the lowdown on Mary's parents and this kind of shocked me because I guess we'd been hearing so much about her parents being dead and everything like that from her part of the story because basically you know, pops between her and will the fact that he surprised that he didn't know that her parents were dead it's kind of jarring especially when you realize how close he was to them. Right?

Kevin Erhard  11:01
Yeah, it's it's it's it's a little weird that he's actually just kind of starting to put things together he he didn't I don't like I think he was assuming a bunch of things about Mary Mays presence up at the up at the church and he didn't know that the parents were gone so I it was kind of an interesting it was an interesting scene it's a really brief scene with Casey kind of breaking thing everything down and it transitions right over to will at the cemetery looking looking at the gravestones, which I just realized the the gravestones wouldn't be there yet.

Phil  11:51
No, no.

Kevin Erhard  11:53
This has been two weeks

Phil  11:55
this has been and on top of that it's been in a world gone to shit where The Undertaker's probably probably out in the river drowning people.

Kevin Erhard  12:06
I mean it's it's like my third time looking at this passage as like no there's it takes like months to gravestones.

Phil  12:16
Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. It is something they needed something and sometimes sometimes details slipped through and this is one of them that that Mr. Waite absolutely missed out on

Kevin Erhard  12:32
but uh, were introduced to the the pastor of the of the real church, not the fake church yet. Yes, a member of Jerome

Phil  12:43
pastor Jerome. Finally we've got like, now I know we see some of these characters.

Kevin Erhard  12:49
We see some of these these characters and Mary Mae is a pretty big NPC in the game but roster Jerome is also a major NPC in in the game and he's

Phil  13:01
and he's my favorite of them. I love that he's, he's like literally like when you meet him. He is like, hosing down fucking cultists with a pump action shotgun while wearing a priest scholar in his church. It's just a you're like okay, now that my friend is an introduction. He's great. He's great. He's

Kevin Erhard  13:26
amazing. And he doesn't give two shits. He is is he goes when we'll ask them how are you? and drummer responds tired mostly tired all the time now? Mostly sick and tired of the shit that goes yeah, Jerome is has at it.

Phil  13:47
Jerome is a really funny character in that sense, too, because I got a quote from him as well. Where he says he says the Father has many answers for those who seek a shelter but I do not have the answers. I am not the Prophet the father wants us to believe he is I am a follower of GOD. I'm a reader of the Bible. I do not change the words to suit my own delusion and this is by the way a mere pages before it's locking load time and look I'm good with you bringing up a gun and defending yourself from from cultists that I've gotten you will hear no issue from me on that stretch but it's literally talking about like hey man, I don't I don't change the Bible suit my needs is like well right so we're not gonna we're not gonna go with the turn the other cheek bullshit here like you

Kevin Erhard  14:39
know it's so he doesn't change the Bible to suit his own delusion ignores it.

Phil  14:49
And that's, and that's a pretty sure I can get behind because at least that preacher is like, yeah, I'm full of shit. You're like Greg cool. We can hang out.

Kevin Erhard  14:57
drones. Yeah, he's he has a body count by the end Far Cry five any and

Phil  15:03
frankly, he probably has a body count before all this goes down because you find out as he and we'll get into a discussion they're both veterans.

Kevin Erhard  15:11
Oh yeah yeah he's a gunnery surgeon I believe and they start

Phil  15:15
having they start talking about war and how it feels and if you're ready for it if you're ready for the war that's coming basically and it becomes very clear that will is is ready for it now like he's done by the end of this part

Kevin Erhard  15:31
by the end of this part Yeah. Jerome basically breaks down a here's what's going on. They're forcing people out of homes and they're buying the property for cheap. Like it's as as all good villainy comes down to it's a Lex Luthor land grab scam. Exactly.

Phil  15:47
It's exactly what it is. And and, yeah, by the end of it any any level of misgiving that will has had for the vast majority of this book so far. is gone. He is ready to fight. He is sick of it. Dammit. He's sick of it.

Kevin Erhard  16:07
He says you can call me stupid for saying this. But it's probably time we queued the Shakespeare. And that's referencing earlier in the chapter when he says cry havoc, and let slip the dogs for to turn.

Phil  16:21
Yeah, yeah. It I couldn't help but wonder if this writer hadn't had the same teacher, or indeed been this teacher because I have had this teacher and have been this teacher, where in an English class, you give your students a list of quotes, and some of them are from the Bible, and some of them are from Shakespeare, and you try to see who can guess which is which is always very telling. Which ones are which because that's side by side. You don't always know and administered the test. I didn't always know so

Unknown Speaker  16:58
I guess this Shakespeare.

Phil  17:01
Okay. They're both pretty good writers just saying Shakespeare and God. Pretty

Kevin Erhard  17:07
good. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mark. Mark had away with the words.

Phil  17:14
He sure did. He was a shed. Paul was a dick weed but good writers. Yeah. With

Kevin Erhard  17:19
his letters. letters to the Corinthians and Dick.

Phil  17:25
Deke. You heard it here, folks. Paul was a dick.

Kevin Erhard  17:29
Fuck you, Paul. Fuck you, Paul. Mary Mae wakes up.

Phil  17:35
I smell another t shirt.

Kevin Erhard  17:42
Mary Mae wakes up and she's, she's blissed out. She is. We got a whole basic like description of she can't focus on anything and and john is just pestering her to confess. And the way I just again, my interpretation of this scene is is colored by the the Narrator The way the narrator read John's lines are so damn creepy.

Phil  18:17
It makes such a difference doesn't it? Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  18:21
Because he because they make a reference in the in in the description, urban weight references, how his words are kind of like clipped or something like that. So the narrator is like,

Unknown Speaker  18:36
do you confess Do you convey Do you confess your sin

Kevin Erhard  18:44
will be forgiven? And it's like it's just this really weird scene with the descriptions of her floating and and and and all that stuff but yeah, basically john is badgering badgering her to confess and she's she's blissed out and they are they're more or less drowning her or waterboarding

Phil  19:11
yeah they're doing their they're torturing her that's for damn sure she's not having a good day. But here's what's funny. I was I'd been playing Far Cry five again just to get in the zone here with this much in the same way you are. And it was at this point I wasn't too far into it and it's been a while since I played the game and it was at this point that I started go oh shit is Mary become faith. Because for those of you who don't know it, she's not mentioned at all in this

Kevin Erhard  19:48
is not mentioned at all.

Phil  19:50
No, but in the book faith is this quote unquote sister and they're very they make a point of making sure those air quotes are good and firmly placed. Yeah, and She's basically the one who runs the bliss operation. She's the writer Druid, you know, hippie, you know, spooky, Fleetwood Mac, you know, which out in the woods with all our flowers and stuff, and

Kevin Erhard  20:16
she's the Stevie Nicks of glass.

Phil  20:19
She's the Stevie Nicks of the group and and there was a part of me that was like, oh shit i wonder if that's like, the origin story because they say if you find notes where they're like, yeah, faith kind of came out of nowhere. And and then I'm playing the game. And I literally got to a point where like, This is Mary made like, oh, okay, well, nevermind.

Kevin Erhard  20:38
Well forget that theory. Mary Mays right there. Right.

Phil  20:42
But that actually led to one of the more hysterical moments of playing the game again, because I know we've talked about this before this book, The tone is a lot grimmer, and a lot more realistic. Yeah, dark than the game. The game has some serious Grand Theft Auto kind of moments where there's just real goofy characters and real weird shit happening and yeah, but the thing that drew me the most out of it because I was playing the game, and thinking about the book, and and we get to Mary Mays bar and Kevin, do you remember what Mary Mays bar is called?

Kevin Erhard  21:22

Phil  21:23
I don't actually is called the spread eagle. So this bar that she like, inherited from her father, the family bar, they are always so solid. Yeah, do you just expect like Toby kanuri playing in the background?

Kevin Erhard  21:40
One of your one of your first missions from her is like, Can you go get my daddy's truck and your daddy's truck? It's like, it's like, it's like painted with purple flames and has like Gatling Guns attached to the front.

Phil  21:55
It's already too little. So it's a very, very sharp, you know, evidence, very sharp evidence of how different the tone of the book is. This guy like I said it before this guy wanted to get his Cormac McCarthy on. He wanted to do a NEO Western thriller, and he's doing a great job. Yeah, by reading this and playing the game at the same time. It's really easy for me to go okay. Someone missed something.

Kevin Erhard  22:29
Yeah, yeah, clearly.

Phil  22:34
Just Yeah, the spread eagle, the family bar, you know, they stole my bar from me. My beloved family bar. Were ready children go without a spread eagle to get their rye whiskey

Kevin Erhard  22:49
spread eagle. Hmm. All right. All right.

Phil  22:52
All right.

Kevin Erhard  22:54
That's good to know.

Phil  22:55
Oh, marry me.

Kevin Erhard  22:57
Marry me. Yeah, and she also it's it's like there's some significant differences in her character between the this book and the game. She's blonde in the game, and she's brunette in the book. And as we find out things happen to her in the book that never referenced in the game. No.

Phil  23:21
It's true. And it's funny because I was recently on my friend Ian show, Ian strong. And we were talking about he was just he was just flabbergasted. He had no idea that so many books based on video games existed. So when he when I explained to him what was going on. He initially thought we were reading fanfiction, right. And I had to clarify, I was like, No, no, this isn't fanfiction. This is actual, you know? What's the word? approved? No.

Kevin Erhard  23:56
Yeah, this is licensed. Yeah,

Phil  23:59
yeah. From stock game designers in many cases. Like I noticed that one is I think that dragon Dragon Age books are actually written by the video games head writer. So

Kevin Erhard  24:12
there Yeah, yes. Like, what is it? Cory ball? Rog. Yeah. R la barlog. Mar Lago I always mess that

Phil  24:22
up. He should not how could you not?

Kevin Erhard  24:24
He should just change his name. I believe it was like his dad wrote the god of war. Yeah. novelization or something like that.

Phil  24:36
There's just yeah, there's such a distinct connection with these. But when you're playing them side by side sometimes like we've talked about that with Halo with Halo there are certain little things that you're like, Okay, there's there's difference there this, this this is not a difference in a smile. This is a whole tone, shift, tone,

Kevin Erhard  24:55
tone shift and the scale of tone shifts at one end there. Resident Evil which was it is what it like this is pretty much the games in terms of tone right it was pretty one for one as far as on the other end is as far as Far Cry which is

Phil  25:13
really really well written and authorize fanfiction that is absolutely what this has to be it's just it's the difference is unreal and it's kind of amazing at the same time to to play the game while you're reading the book and be like oh what fuck is going on here

Kevin Erhard  25:31
yeah so

Phil  25:36
speaking of Mary Mae and she continued sick moments

Kevin Erhard  25:39
yeah so because what happens so after they finish like drowning Mary may roam and we'll arrive at a just down the road from Eden's gate and will does the arm up sequence he takes down a knife and a 308 and he's he's going from war basically drum is the drum is the driver it just leaves drum is the driver and we we come back it's a really brief scene we come back to Mary Mae and she is in a room now seeing all of the the bits of flesh pinned to the wall with the seven deadly sins on it

Phil  26:25
yeah yeah and just these tapestries of skin basically this

Kevin Erhard  26:29
yeah it's it's gross and drew is their her brother and and the she's basically arguing with her brother about like you know mama and daddy loved you and he doesn't believe it he actually he that's that's part of the part of the problem that part of the that got them into this whole situation is Drew always he thought he could not be as good as Mary Mae which was his sin is sin was envy the the sin that a tattooed on him but he never thought his parents loved him

Phil  27:10
now he's got some serious monetary issues

Kevin Erhard  27:13
it's not just a it's just his mommy issues or daddy issues it's both and when you get both it's kind of

Phil  27:19
like it's real bad

Kevin Erhard  27:21
that's real bad

Phil  27:22
when you yeah when you can't narrow it down and you're just you got parent issues well it's not great so yeah, he's you really throughout this whole thing you really get a feel for just how screwed up this guy is. And yeah, just just to bring us a little bit back to what we were talking about in the last episode i mean it's it's actually very smartly written and accurate in terms of how cults work you know, they seek that out take

Kevin Erhard  27:57
you at your lowest point and they Yeah, they find your weakness

Phil  28:01
and drew was just at this point, you have to wonder I mean I get it because it's her brother so she's gonna do everything in her power to make sure that he can you know, just see if he can get out of there right but I don't know man like at this point for me the writing's kind of on the wall and

Kevin Erhard  28:22
yeah there's not much just you need to go like yeah there's not a whole lot you can you can do about about this kid.

Phil  28:32
Absolutely not.

Kevin Erhard  28:34
We have a few quick scenes after that with with will making his way closer and closer to the compound and recalling his his baptism with john and the tattoo that he had been tattooed with wrath Yep.

Phil  28:50
Which is the same tattoo that your main character your protagonist of the video in Far

Kevin Erhard  28:56
Cry five ends up getting yeah wrath spoilers honestly I mean yeah it's spoilers but if you are playing the game kind of in the quote unquote intended order it's it happens in the first like third of the game

Phil  29:16
Oh absolutely. Yeah

Kevin Erhard  29:16
because your your john is is intended more or less to be the first boss by the way they kind of funnel you towards him. You don't have to but

Phil  29:26
yeah, theoretically you don't have to but it's just your it's the easiest thing to do. Yeah. And and he's really honestly the one thing I'll say for their for urban weights portrayal of him in this is that it's good, but he is not nearly punchable enough in my opinion. No, in the in the in the video game. He is basically the family televangelists.

Kevin Erhard  29:52
He is a televangelists douchebag he does not have john does not have the charisma in this in the book that he has in the game and right charisma can be good or bad and in this case it's it's like the bad charisma where it's oh you're looking at him all right you're paying attention to what he says oh

Phil  30:13
yeah yeah you totally get it yeah that's the thing it's like you're looking to do like that and you're like Oh I get it I get it.

Kevin Erhard  30:20
I have the of all of them he's the most dressed up like a hipster You know, he has the best Oh my god, he rolled up his sleeves and

Phil  30:28
so punchable Yeah, he's

Kevin Erhard  30:31
a man been

Phil  30:32
the middle they were soldiers. His brothers got the man's brothers. Oh, yeah. But like Christ like it's just he's just he's such a little twerp. Yeah, yes. You know and it's just in this one urban wait portrays him as far more cuz I get the impression we're not really going to see much more of the Father here right? Yeah, john john is is who was our first bed as Kevin said, basically our first big bad in the video game. I think he is the big bad in the book. Just for simplicity's sake and he's just not punchable enough. That's late

Kevin Erhard  31:15
Yeah, I agree. I agree. We have another scene between john and Mary may and I think that's my my one of my complaints is in this chapter which is such a long chapter to begin with. Is that the scenes with Mary Mae the way they're done start to feel a little bit drawn out and repetitive Yeah, because it's just Mary Mae being Mary Mae being drowned and tortured and Mary Mae being tortured and Mary Mae being tattooed.

Phil  31:51
Like thinking about her family and what am I but it does get very repetitive and dads

Kevin Erhard  31:57
feel yeah whereas will is will is actively every time we cut back to him he's doing something like he was locked and loaded man he was locking a load and he's sneaking and we we just have Mary Mae bound up and it's it becomes almost torture porn. And it's not quite it's not it's not Eli Roth, you know it's not hostile

Phil  32:23
right but it does get it does feel a little insulting I feel like if I were a woman reading this my eyes would be rolling in the back of my skull and I don't think the author meant it to me this way cuz Yeah, you know he's it based on what I'm seeing so far. He doesn't he's not aiming to do the damsel in distress thing with her. But man at times, especially in this section that you're talking about. It sure does come off that way sometimes.

Kevin Erhard  32:50
Yeah. And by the end of the the next this next chunk

Unknown Speaker  32:57
they still haven't even

Kevin Erhard  33:00
they still haven't even touched.

Phil  33:04
Sure haven't. Like Yeah, she's just she's just blissed out she's time blissed out

Kevin Erhard  33:08
she's high she's seeing john as her father and all that stuff and then we get back to will and will is in the building he has he has arrived at where they are doing the stuff to Mary Mae and he finds her and and and because because john has left the room. John's left the room to go get his tattooing gear

Phil  33:32
to finally get the fucking tattoo gun. Yeah which I know he's confused me frankly.

Kevin Erhard  33:37
Yeah, why is it Why wasn't it there to begin with?

Phil  33:40
Well why why is he using a tattoo gun at all like it's so many of the image images you see with this on these characters? A lot of them you get the impression they're done with Exacto knives right? You know why do the why why take the time and effort with an actual honest God tattoo gun right just take a tick a box cutter and break open a pan and you've got a prison tattoo gun my friend Yeah, just just do that it's I don't but he does it in the game and and he does it in the book.

Kevin Erhard  34:15
It's Yeah, it's a little weird and inconsistent, especially when you see character art of the father who has like random random box cutters, seen right on his body. I didn't I didn't understand. There's a little bit of a disconnect in in the, I guess the lore and development of of why some of these were tattooed and some of these were right into the skin.

Phil  34:42
And I'm sure I'm sure if you've been given another if they said you know you have an extra two pages now explain that a way he could explain it. I'm sure there's you know, early on before they got a hold of a tattoo gun they would use they would use it. That's what it was, you know, but it does seem like a lot of money. effort

Kevin Erhard  35:00
yeah it seems like effort for for something that you're going to cut off

Phil  35:07
excuse me yeah it's you're just that's the whole point there you're peeling the damn thing up you know now don't get me wrong we can talk all day about you know Buddhist monks pouring sand into the ground to make beautiful Mandela designs and then at the end of the day you just sweep it all up. But it's I don't know it just felt it felt like a lot.

Kevin Erhard  35:29
Yeah. Yeah, so he tries to rescue Mary Mae and Mary may refuse refuses the rescuing, which is the most agency she is given in this chapter so far.

Phil  35:40
And it's interesting because I thought at first I was like, Oh, right. She talks about her brother. I said, Well, that's the whole thing. She wants to rescue her brother. And this is her last chance base. She probably sees this as like her last opportunity to really save him. Right and but then she goes and she's like, She's like, this is where he is, by the way. Save him, please. Yeah, I was just like, Wait, what? What are you doing here? Right. And the only explanation I can think of is she's

Kevin Erhard  36:09
Hi. Yes, she is high as hell. She is super stone. And they do an urban wait writes several times over the course of the rest of the chapter that wills like, I probably shouldn't have left her.

Phil  36:24
Oh man wills POV from here on out cracks me the fuck up. Because it's like he speaks for a lot of us in the sense that like he goes I shouldn't have done this. Why am I doing this?

Kevin Erhard  36:38
What is going on here? I had I had her I could have just gotten her and left. What am I doing?

Phil  36:43
Yeah, like he's the video game PC and we're controlling I mean, he doesn't have any agency he's like Wait, what? What am I doing this for? Because I want to see explosions. Well, that's stupid. I might die. Well then I'll just respond it's no big deal. Like what what do you try to respond like explain later

Kevin Erhard  37:00
explain later.

Phil  37:01
Hey, probably gonna die now let's go get that submachine gun. Let's go make it

Kevin Erhard  37:05
like get that checkpoint. Let's get the autosave going alright, you see the logo in the corner? Alright, it's obviously that's good. We're good.

Phil  37:11
We're fine. Okay, that logo wasn't there before it was it was it was a worry well it's fine.

Kevin Erhard  37:23

Phil  37:23
yeah, this is the this is just one of many examples where he's like I shouldn't have done that. Yeah, and yeah, so he he but he being a smart man chooses not to argue with a woman on drugs. B does

Kevin Erhard  37:39
not argue with the woman on drugs and he leaves to go find drew and and meanwhile john is back and she's he drugs are up again.

Phil  37:50
But will

Kevin Erhard  37:51
has left her a knife so that Jill has left her knife he's a knife he has left her Chekhov's knife

Phil  38:02
we're gonna get into Chekhov's exploding building here later.

Kevin Erhard  38:06
Which I loved how Chekov II It was

Phil  38:11
super chicken so you get you will get there though you will get there we get there.

Kevin Erhard  38:15
A whole bunch of action will is will is basically he is hunting down drew and there's a whole lot of him thinking about you know he's he's thinking about his past and all that stuff and he catches up with Drew and he basically ends up just beating the shit out of drew

Phil  38:37
fucking which is hilarious because the way they've described him is don't get me wrong. He's a very able bodied dude and we're going to see that he's a mountain man, right? He's a much older guy too. But he just beats the snot out of drew it's hilarious Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  38:54
Drew's a jury is a very slight frame you know he's Yeah, he's a little guy he's a little guy he's like five foot seven 140 pounds and so we'll we'll lays them out ties them up.

Phil  39:07
And this is all after By the way, it was kind of a nice moment. You we've we're learning how close we'll was that our family? Yes,

Kevin Erhard  39:14
he knew them as kids.

Phil  39:16
You know, the most kids he was close friends with their parents, their parents loved him. They make a point of saying that. And and the first thing he says to drew when he sees them is I wish I could have helped I wish I could have been around for you. When all this went down like he's having regrets about the fact that when life got really hard, he distanced himself from it. He went out into the woods and hid away and so he could have been there for the people like drew and Mary when he could have been there sooner and he's he's making up for it. But he could have been there sooner and that clearly weighs on him. Changing the fact that I am going to move into a house in the middle of the woods far, far away from everybody. The moment that I have the money to do so. You would think it would have had an effect none.

Kevin Erhard  40:07
Once you have that downpayment ready you are, you're

Phil  40:11
going out there and I'm hunting bears with beaver carcass is my friend and that is a euphemism.

And we get another moment of wills guts being a problem.

Kevin Erhard  40:25
Yeah, yeah, he's got something broken in there. It's not good.

Phil  40:30
Yeah, and they kind of imply that it's just an ulcer. Like he has up something is bloody and everything and I was like, I don't know, man. That sounds kind of awful. That sounds way worse than an old sir.

Kevin Erhard  40:44
He coughs up is like, it's like he coughs up something that size of a golf ball.

Phil  40:48
Right? Yes, that's exactly what it is. He coughs up like a big goddamn Goblet of something.

Kevin Erhard  40:55
Well, it's also like it's also symbolic right in symbolic of him. He like just getting this getting Eden's gate out of him.

Phil  41:08
Right? Right. Yes, but it's also

Kevin Erhard  41:11
a terrible health problem but it's also see a doctor needs to see a doctor like you should see a doctor goes to the

Phil  41:18
doctor. The doctors like Yes, I'm afraid it's stage three metaphor. Did you did you did the when you cough this up? Were you possibly leaving a role or a family or something like that? Ah, yeah. So yes, yes. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. the only the only cure is heroic. suicide. Yes. So

Kevin Erhard  41:42
so you're gonna die either way.

Phil  41:44
But yeah, yeah. So

Kevin Erhard  41:46
good data, yet we have to pay off that metaphor, or else. The same trite.

Phil  41:52
There will be if we don't pay it. You don't understand, sir. If we don't pay off that metaphor. We are going to receive six or seven annoyed emails. And I just don't I just don't have the strength. So yeah, max damage

Kevin Erhard  42:10
will. I'm a doctor, not an editor.

Phil  42:18
A Gersh agency. Where are you? Yeah, it's it's, it's that it's the Yeah, the Gersh agency is that is that particular world's version of the Mayo Clinic?

Kevin Erhard  42:31
Yeah. My favorite thing that he does is he hits Drew's head against the torch. And

Phil  42:40
that's right. They make a point. If it's like he picks him up, he's not drew out. And he's running through the door and he just kind of like lets the kids head slam into the door jamb. Oops, basically

Kevin Erhard  42:50
is basically the equivalent of Chris shooting the shark.

Phil  42:56
Right? Just for spite just for spite. And then later on, he even says, like, we're talking about regrets and everything, like later on, kind of like, in passing, Will. He's carrying dirt around and he literally just goes, I shouldn't have done this. Like, why am I carrying this axle? Yeah, it's like he totally regrets what he's doing here. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  43:19
And what happens when he goes outside, but Oh, Holly is standing there.

Phil  43:24
Hi, Holly. Hi, we're friends and we have a connection, so that's gonna be fine.

Kevin Erhard  43:29
I love the first second he thought to tell her it's it wasn't what it looked like. But he knew exactly it was exactly what it looks like.

Phil  43:37
He was fucking Drew. God, yeah, I love that. It's like this is exactly what it looks like. I'm carrying him around, like,

Kevin Erhard  43:50

Phil  43:53
like, Oh, thank God, I thought you're doing something weird. But yeah, and she just and like he sees she sees him. He sees that she has seen him and he just turns around and runs like he was planning on going back from area he says no,

Kevin Erhard  44:07
not gonna get the bonus for taking out this outpost without being detected. During the day. The alarm is gonna go off. Yeah. And

Phil  44:18
no extra grand for you my friend. Oh my god. Yeah. So we come back to john tattooing. Mary Mae. He's putting envy on her. Yep. And it's funny because he was like, it said that he was on V. or something, or was it and I don't remember. And I thought that he was originally for a split second had been like, Oh, he's tattooing Eden's gate on her. Like, I think it was the end. It was like em. I said, Oh yeah, he's he's tattooing Eden's gate on it. And then he says, Ah, I gotta get the V now. It's like, there's no v bead, and see He Evans gave me my own fantasy here. And then but yeah, you're right. We'll outside unbeknownst to them has lost the bonus. And they hear sirens going on outside and so john leaves to go check out the noise.

Kevin Erhard  45:20
Yep. Yeah. And she he leaves to go check out the noise. She gets out. She is still stoned. She is still shown and john comes back and is I I don't know how she did it. Is she a gymnast? He she jumped and landed on him. Like how high did she jump?

Phil  45:45
I don't know. Yeah, she found the knife like so she's got a knife, but that's not going to give her like high jump abilities.

Kevin Erhard  45:52
Yeah. So she she basically just jumps on him and then dumps the entire vial of bliss on his face. And yeah, and john is now incapacitated. He is blissed out.

Phil  46:06
She Yeah, she is literally blissed out.

Kevin Erhard  46:09
And now we get to Chekhov's Chekov star Ergo I loved this or stern Oh yeah.

Phil  46:20
Stern Oh yeah. So yeah, alright, so will is runaway with Drew he sees Eden's gates coming for him and they find this house and he just like he's by the way he's tied up drew he's gag drew so he can throw him down for a little bit and he's just clearly looking for anything that will buy them some time and they don't know where he is at this moment right don't know where he is not right now. But he knows it's only a matter of time before they get over there and he finds this the oven in the kitchen and basically just wrecks the oven kicks it out of the wall and blows the gas line out and he's found this can of stern Oh in the house and he has this whole moment he has this old bit where he knows there's got to be stern on this and he says something like like these are my people they I understand there might be people that you know they use stern oh and for those of you don't know stern was like it's like a jelly gasoline you use it to like you it's like a it'll just burn and keep things warm.

Kevin Erhard  47:23
It's like when you have a if you have like a cookout and you have like a bunch of aluminum foil trays or whatever like on a on a thing and you put the sterno the lit star know underneath it to keep it warm

Phil  47:37
and it's just a low you know low slow flame Yep. And and people like me for example I know my night I learned this from my dad when you live on the coast I'm sure you have you've got something like this to Kevin like we live on the coast you're always ready for hurricanes or your outages stuff like that. And dad would always have a box of sternhell in the house. And I remember I was working in a hotel and they were getting rid of a bunch of stuff and it was a whole box of sternos perfectly good and that was the beginning of my bug out bag. I have a bug out bag that started with these old cans of sternum and so he it's so it's like so this guy and it can't come come to find out sternos a super popular item for bug out bags yeah because they're super easy to like they last for a good long time they're they're a good source of fire and so he's like I know these people they're my people I know and they got stir and indeed he defined some stern Oh because these are his preppin people and at he lights it and like kind of sits in the bathroom doesn't it? It's like the door of the bath yeah

Kevin Erhard  48:48
something like that.

Phil  48:50
And then basically he's gonna wait for the house to fill with gas and you know in the sternal the flame will do the trick and but of course he has set he's kicked the oven out of the wall right everyone knows we're

Kevin Erhard  49:05
in our he is it was way too loud. Yeah, so

Phil  49:08
he's like he fights a guard he escapes and basically ends up getting a little further away and he's keeping these people at a distance with his rifle right you know he's he's he he hits one of them and the guy's wounded and so everyone's afraid to get close it was actually one of the more realistic fights in the thing yeah does not work this way in the video games you shoot buddies they're just gonna charge you

Kevin Erhard  49:35
yeah yeah they just keep coming at you and then this one he's like, the guy was bleeding out and they're like oh well we got to get back off because he's got a rifle and which is

Phil  49:45
the proper response it's a

Kevin Erhard  49:49

Phil  49:50
using crazy old man with a gun let's let's let's keep our distance meets up

Kevin Erhard  49:54
with Mary Mae and and drugged out Mary Mae and they Basically they get together only to split up.

Phil  50:03
Pretty much. Yeah, she saves his life. Yeah. Yeah. It just like he's getting choked out by some dude and she stabs Babs in the Yeah. With his knife. Yeah. And yeah and then and then yeah she leaves

Kevin Erhard  50:18
first check off pays off.

Phil  50:20
Right? Yeah the Chekhov's knife totally paid off and it did in you know honestly pretty good time.

Kevin Erhard  50:26
Pretty good time. Pretty good time to start out while checkoff start out remains to be seen,

Phil  50:31
still waiting on checkoff. sternal to the point by the way, that after a while here, I started to go it did that have I literally went back like 10 pages at a certain point. Yeah. And it was like did I miss the explosion? I'm like, not off while I was reading like, what the hell? So yeah, and Oh, and there's a little detail right before this section ends where we'll thinks of they were in one of the houses and it was covered in a bunch of different skin pieces, right? of people's tattoos that they've torn off. And it kind of it's evidence basically that Eden's gate is massive like he couldn't believe how many he saw and it's just evidence of how huge and out of control this whole thing has gotten. So I think once again, just like her parents being dead and he just now got the memo. Like he's got he realizes you like oh, I'm not out here fighting like 15 rednecks, right? Like I'm out here with a an army that's gonna be like, choking me out here soon,

Kevin Erhard  51:40
right? Yeah, and yeah, she so she's basically just going she's running through the wilderness she has she has the 38 her daddy's gun? No, no if this was the game, her daddy's gun would probably be like a tommy gun or something like that. I don't know

Phil  52:03
it'd be covered with like a decal of the American flag or something like that

Kevin Erhard  52:08
have like the Punisher skull hanging from

Phil  52:11
exactly blue Lives Matter symbol on the handle like that kind of thing

Kevin Erhard  52:17
that kind of that kind of stuff. And then she's going and so all the and then suddenly, then in an instant all the gunfire and the sound of the bullets digging up the woods completely stopped. And for half a second she thought the world had been sucked up in a way into the vortex of some tornado that had rendered possibly could have happened the light of the explosion hitter first followed closely by the sound and Mary made turn to see the mushroom cloud

Phil  52:50
mushroom cloud you know, as you do when you're when you're when your gas, your gas explosion your house gets out of control in a mushroom cloud happened

Kevin Erhard  53:01
that is one mighty canister. No,

Phil  53:03
that is that is that is Yeah. That is a checkoff brand stern. Oh my friends.

Kevin Erhard  53:09
That is checkoff brand sterno when you absolutely positively need to fuck up in the third act

Phil  53:17
Yeah, there it is. He did like wills awesome disappearing house magic trick finally took place and everyone's just like everyone who was jslint your again again pretty realistic ipic they like Forget about her for a second ago. The fuck just happened. It's pretty great. One of my favorite little bits that happens in this moment is this feeling of because it's it's so unrealistic at times, like for God's sake, the house just lit off a mushroom cloud right now. But also this thing, you know, house blows up in an action movie, you've got a few people they get killed in the explosion they jump forward and go right and in this it's it as far as we know, knowing gets killed, but it does what would actually happen in real life. It causes everyone to go for like plenty of time to get away like it's it's it's actually gonna be pretty effective in that sense. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  54:18
she just said, She's like, Oh, I'm going to go now.

Phil  54:23
It's kind of hilarious because she herself like stops it goes, What the fuck he even thinks of self. She says, Oh, I better go like I'm also caught up in it. It's

Kevin Erhard  54:32
like, we'll leave and she also thinks for a moment like the wheel and drew just die in that.

Phil  54:38
Right, right. Oh, yeah, that's absolutely true. She's like, Oh, that's kind of where I just saw them isn't it's Yeah. So she she runs like hell and and finds of father Jerome, who, who will basically gave her quick instructions on like, he's coming down here. He's gonna pick you up and pick us up. It gives her super quick instructions and indeed she finds him she finds

Kevin Erhard  55:05
Yeah, yeah. And she's safe caring hands of father Jerome

Phil  55:11
father Jerome and his pump action shotgun yep so yeah so in meantime

Kevin Erhard  55:17
we rewind when grind can't go back to will will and drew just Jesus This is like it it's just I get tired just reading like we'll have to like run with Drew over his back and he's all mining and he's shooting and there's trucks there's so many trucks there's people chasing after him.

Phil  55:42
This is this is a Yeah, this is an extended action scene. And like he basically is playing thermapen leave the home game here. And yeah, this is also the and you mentioned it before, but like that he sees there are trucks full of cultists that are coming in as reinforcements. And this is precisely what happens in the game when you come to an encampment and the alarm goes off and you don't just have to deal with the people in the encampment now you got to deal with all these fuckers coming in from out of nowhere to back everybody up. And it's a pain and he's starting to realize that and he starts getting hunted by a sniper he realizes he's they're getting closed in on and sniper someone who can actually shoot like he goes oh fuck there's somebody out there who actually is a good shooter. And he draws a bead on the guy from a quarter mile away and takes him out yeah pretty cool.

Kevin Erhard  56:40
Yeah, yeah. Now we also got the cultists that have flak jackets and all that stuff showing off those goddamn armored guys

Phil  56:52
biggest friggin pain and and he's spending again he's figuring that out and this is basically the beginning of a standoff that goes on for pages where trucks are coming and he is like shooting people as they come and just taking out truck after truck and he scoops up drew and finally and then explosion that Mary may just experience we get a second check offs house exploding

Kevin Erhard  57:21
yep check on a different angle

Phil  57:24
from a different angle same one different angle and he basically uses it to get himself a better position across the way and keep taking these up like he doesn't bother like remember he's hefting drew across his shoulder yeah doesn't bother like going I'm gonna run now he knows that there's no running at this point right? And I at this point he's taking out truck after truck just a man in his rifle. Yep. And I gotta say, will is not a blowhard. You know, redneck like, I'm a badass, I'm living for my freedom and all that shit like that. He's not that guy. He's He's very humble and he's very he doesn't like what he's doing. We've had many moments where he is fully aware of how many people he's killed

Kevin Erhard  58:14
and he bums them out.

Phil  58:16
But it does blow him out. And but but let's be really super honest with ourselves here. This is just the fantasy of every three percenter and militia larper all over the country like this is what they dream about.

Kevin Erhard  58:32
I love the term militia larper

Phil  58:35
that's what they they got they got all the cool gear they paid good money for it but the army wouldn't take them in 1000 years Yep. And that's what these guys are they like they're they're these these paperbacks of Far Cry up solution I guarantee you there are a handful of them in the hands of some of these people that the pages are stuck together with dried semen it is it is one man and his rifle against the sheep you know? Yeah. And this is the part that like, cuz you mentioned you kind of talked about this a second ago he drops drew into this gully and and he puts down his gun and and he stands up and like kind of cracks himself out like it like it just stretches his bones and everything and this is how old I am. I felt the relief that he's back must have felt yeah you have been carrying this kid forever.

Kevin Erhard  59:36
I just want to track my back right now just

Phil  59:39
I know like you just want to take yourself across the back of the couch and just stretch it's just it's like that was that's how old I am like I don't have the the militia larper fantasy of like I'm gonna kill all these dudes. I have a fantasy of for will at that moment is like I wonder if he there's got this is this is backwards Montana. Someone's got a Jacuzzi. He's deserves it.

Kevin Erhard  1:00:00
He deserves a Jacuzzi. He deserves to stumble upon Harrison Ford's Montana ranch. And just like oh, there's a there's a there's a nice jacuzzi. There's a sauna. Like

Phil  1:00:15
this treat himself. He's earned it man. He's earned it. His wife and daughter aren't coming back. Why is everyone got to be miserable? Yep. So I did love this moment where he he's out of bullets. And so he drew there's and there's another truck coming and he's basically using drew his bait that's why he's thrown him into this gully right and he draws his knife and my brain immediately went to that scene and predator were sunny the badass Cherokee warrior guy like

Kevin Erhard  1:00:45
daddy slicing stuff across the chest.

Phil  1:00:48
I was just waiting for the wheel took his shirt off and drew the blade across his chest and waited for the predator to come before him Oh like a buddy but he gets up just cutting this drivers throat while they're distracted with Drew like he is this is this is

Kevin Erhard  1:01:07
Rambo Shin This is

Phil  1:01:09
some Rambo shit oh it's absolutely Rambo shit yeah cuz that's the thing we go from predator to straight up Rambo shit. And here oh this is this is this is the passage of ludonarrative dissonance as what I like to call it all he done that day could not be changed and he felt helpless people had died because of him and had his hand and though he knew it had been them or him he couldn't some way still not accept it. He had thought all of this law he thought all of this long behind him and it's it's kind of nice like yes he's actually regretting

Kevin Erhard  1:01:44
regretting it as he's killing people he's like I'm sorry and his he's

Phil  1:01:49
he's murdering people like a video game ban so but

Kevin Erhard  1:01:53
but he's not happy about it and I'm happy when we get the title of the book.

Phil  1:01:59
Oh yes,

Kevin Erhard  1:02:00
he hoped it was enough for absolution bah bah

Phil  1:02:03
bah there it is.

Kevin Erhard  1:02:05
There's the title of the book.

Phil  1:02:07
Yep. And then we get this final moment I will say this for this chapter this very because we're we're here at the end. At this they do not go out of their way. I kept expecting that the next truck rolling up was going to be father Jerome and and Mary Mae. It's never them. It's never them. It's never them like that

Kevin Erhard  1:02:29
waiting for the alarm is still going man. There's just gonna be endless reinforcements until you end that.

Phil  1:02:35
Yeah, and he knows based on all the skin flags, he knows that he's got like hundreds upon hundreds of dudes applying neosporin liberally to their chests and rushing out to kill him. Yeah. And it's like I was waiting for like Jerome to show up and like, save the day like listen next summer, let's vacation at your place. I was waiting for that. But by the time the chapter ends, we still do not know what wills fade is

Kevin Erhard  1:03:08
and we still don't he says he looked at drew again is the final final paragraph in the chapter he looked at drew again, the man's eyes fixed on him a look of disgust across his face. wills had swam and he nearly fainted. Except he knew he couldn't. It was the only sound it was only the sound of car tires that now kept him from passing out then from somewhere down the road here the racing man engine. He took the shotgun from the man who is now dead and will lay there with a stock brace across the man's chest in the barrel pointed down the road. He had little well to move and he waited now to see who would come knowing he would fight if it came down to it that he would use each and every last shell and just

Phil  1:03:49
not only Yeah, so not only is he is he fucked like royally fucked in a big way the guy he's defending hates him Yeah. Like the whole reason he's still out there was to defend this guy he told you know, he knows this kid he's known this kid since he was little and he and his the guy's sister he promises to her he's gonna go and defend him and help him and save him. And it's probably going to get them killed. Right? It's really bleak and it is it is a hell of a way to end the biggest chapter in this book. Yeah, it's crazy.

Kevin Erhard  1:04:23
Yeah. And then I mean obviously and we'll we'll talk about chapter four and then in the next episode but chapter four in the epilogue or it's like the shortest chapter in the book coming up Yeah.

Phil  1:04:36
wrap this thing up that things happen next pretty quickly

Kevin Erhard  1:04:39
from from here on out, to

Phil  1:04:42
say the very least so we'll what do you what do you think so far? Kevin? How's our now we've got most of this book behind us. Yeah, I wasn't coming along for you.

Kevin Erhard  1:04:51
I still I still like it. I still it's still the best book that you know, we've I feel we've read I think the other is

Phil  1:04:58
so you think so too. You think this one Yeah, yeah,

Kevin Erhard  1:05:01
I think okay I think we leave the Cormac McCarthy behind a bit quite a bit in this chapter and it it goes over to a we're in First Blood territory now. Who wrote first blood?

Phil  1:05:17
That's a good question. We just wrote first book.

Kevin Erhard  1:05:19
And that it was based on it wasn't based on a book.

Phil  1:05:23
It was it was oh gosh,

Kevin Erhard  1:05:24
I know Oh, I know that dude's even more leveled morale

Phil  1:05:27
David moral Yep, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah guy was like one of the big you know, pulp. Adventure. novelists like yeah, that's huge. So

Kevin Erhard  1:05:37
we Yeah, we leave we leave that and we're now on first blood with a he goes from you know, just your standard Cormac McCarthy grumpy protagonist to john Rambo.

Phil  1:05:52
Right? to a straight up murder. I'm reluctant one. But God damn. So yeah, I'm, I think and interestingly enough, this is the part in the book that I didn't realize it was based on a video game, there have been a lot of moments where I've been like, starting to feel like video games wouldn't have been a negative or positive, it just would have been a statement of fact. And this one is is an interesting one for that. It's, it's, we're gonna have a lot to talk about when we wrap this thing up. Yes. It's so weird, the tone shift the difference? I really enjoy the book in and of itself. But I'm starting to have misgivings just based on how is it easy to it? Can you honestly recognize it as a good video game novel? If it's not actually all that representative of the video game? It's based on?

Kevin Erhard  1:06:51
That is a good question. That question we'll

Phil  1:06:55
answer next week. bump Bump, probably won't but we'll probably

Kevin Erhard  1:06:59
that I feel like you know, we'll never quite answer that question. It's but

Phil  1:07:04
that's but that's between you and your local literary theorist.

Kevin Erhard  1:07:11
Anyway, yeah, yeah, yeah. That'll do it for today's episode, followers on twitter at pixel at pod and remember to rate us five stars and give us a review on on the apple, the apple podcast now I know the apple cat the apple casts I know about 75% of you are not listening to us on Apple and that is okay but for those of you who are please remember to five stars and leave us a review because it really does help Apple does have some fun funky little algorithm things that that can help us out on that particular platform so feel free to do that feel free to check out our website pixel at pod comm where we post all of our episodes and you can join our discord from there and I think that about wraps it up for today

Phil  1:08:05
just about yet we're actually we are going to be we have a twitch account we have it it is in our grasp it exists it exists we have not yet christened the thing as of this recording anyway by the time it comes out we may

Kevin Erhard  1:08:20
have right back I hope we have by I hope so that a little bit

Phil  1:08:23
but check us out pixel it podcast on Twitch and we'll be playing not just the games that we're talking about or related but honestly Let's face facts we're a couple of old gamers we're probably going to do a lot of point and clicks and

Kevin Erhard  1:08:36
really enjoy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. Because

Phil  1:08:39
if you have any suggestions games you'd like to see anything like that? Let us know

Kevin Erhard  1:08:43
let us know at pixelate pod@gmail.com and that's the first time I've given the real email address out on those podcasts. I think I'm getting saucy. Anyway, have a good night everybody and I

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