Far Cry Absolution: Chapter 2

Things get more intense with Will, Mary May, Lonny, and Eden’s Gate! It’s intense! Also Phil’s mic was messed up for this episode, but it’s audible so whatever.

Automated Transcript

Hey there everybody. Before we get started on today's episode, I just want to mention that we had a little oopsie doodle on Phil's recording settings. So he's going to sound like he's a little bit tinny or what have you. That just happened for this episode. The following episode. It'll be a okay. So don't you worry. We caught it. We fixed it. And moving on. I hope you enjoy today's episode. Thanks so much for listening to the pixel podcast. Hey there everybody. Welcome back to pixel lens. My name is Kevin longside. Phil, and today, we're continuing down the path Far Cry absolution and deeper into the majesty of Montana.

Phil  0:49
Just thrilling, beautiful VISTAs where people can go just to get away from it all and kill people just kill people and there are no consequences in Montana.

Kevin Erhard  1:02
There are no consequences. Yes, the state looks like

Phil  1:05
it's either the state motto or the tourism boards motto. There are no consequences in my

Kevin Erhard  1:11
head. Do you think Harrison Ford gets away with crashing his planes constantly?

Phil  1:15
He doesn't he doesn't anywhere else but Montana.

Kevin Erhard  1:20
Come to Montana. crash your planes just just

Phil  1:23
just just to crash your ship just crash it man.

Kevin Erhard  1:30
When he got to Montana, he turned to chewy who was not there and said we're home

Phil  1:40
and Ally McBeal was like honey it's it's it's not there's no nevermind just have another

Kevin Erhard  1:48
Ally McBeal

Phil  1:51
choose also fictional character but she's also real. So

Kevin Erhard  1:56
just a blank card.

Phil  1:59
Thank you.

Kevin Erhard  1:59
Yeah, she's she's not actually there. It's Ally McBeal. Well Ally McBeal is not there and either it's just Harrison Ford is imagining Chewbacca and Ally McBeal as

Phil  2:11
he's, he's he's he never a you know, the whole point of Mary er was that he was obsessed with Ally McBeal. And so he was like you can't you know, No, I will not. I will not address you was Calista from now on. This is our

Kevin Erhard  2:26
I don't know Calista I don't know. Good. Ally McBeal

Phil  2:34
she's like Harrison

Kevin Erhard  2:42
Oh boy, Harrison Ford We love you.

Phil  2:45
We do please get on the show like yours to be against me like co host Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  2:52
yeah, you'll be you'll be co hosts that failing that Mark Hamill could we have you on just doing your Harrison Ford impression

Phil  3:01
that would be very very nice. I would I would I would we would have just an entire episode of just dedicated asking him to say the same Harrison Ford lines over and over and I do other things to your we know man we know we're just as keep guns. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the

Kevin Erhard  3:23
Joker whatever.

Phil  3:25
Joker Scorpion this is this is what year for? Yeah, yeah.

Kevin Erhard  3:32
Dance Luke Skywalker Dan.

Phil  3:35
We paid you 50 hold dollars and also told me that you were like, a hospitalized 12 year old who had like six weeks to live like in my art. I am.

Kevin Erhard  3:48
I'm always wanting to make my wish.

Phil  3:52
My wish is that you're going to dance like Skywalker bag get. Oh my God. Jesus Christ.

Kevin Erhard  3:59
Light light.

Phil  4:00
Skywalker. Holy shit. I Oh my god. I'm

Kevin Erhard  4:04
like Skywalker of the Dark Side trilogy.

Phil  4:08
Can you tell I got a little sun this weekend.

Kevin Erhard  4:10
I got a little too much sun. A little too

Phil  4:13
much, son. Um, this is Kevin and I'm sunstroke and Phil. This is this is pixel. It's the only novel where we talk about gaming podcasts.

Kevin Erhard  4:30
Yeah, that's the podcast is just talking about other gaming podcasts.

Phil  4:35
It's just direct responses to gaming podcasts who don't know who we are, but we feel like we've been wronged

Kevin Erhard  4:42
like, Listen, listen, you sort of a bitch. Yeah. You know what video game apocalypse. Fuck you.

Phil  4:51
Just, this is. You're never you'll never be half the man that we were in the 80s there was a different time than the boys. Remember. The men were drunk.

Kevin Erhard  5:01
Oops Oh monsters are calling you out.

Phil  5:04
I'm on him. When are you going? When are you going to accept my pitch? The Jimmy Carter is the real monster that you need to be focused on. Where Dubois Was that too much for your for your Southern Southern Western Virginian sensibilities

Kevin Erhard  5:24
it's his West Virginia considered the South I mean it is but it isn't like it's it's kind of I look at I listen to West Virginians, and I'm like it's a little bit of a it's kind of its own thing right?

Phil  5:37
It's very much its own thing and also not as much as Montana but definitely another place where there are no consequences so no

Kevin Erhard  5:45
consequences whatsoever whatsoever you you want to blow up a mountain and get to the rich coal inside Go right ahead.

Phil  5:52
How are you gonna explain moth man and the coal mining industry in one state?

Kevin Erhard  5:58
West Virginia, West Virginia.

Phil  6:00
My God people don't realize that that was meant to be more of an exclamation in the negative West Virginia they just went with

Kevin Erhard  6:14
Virginia it was it's funny because West Virginia and looks is is gorgeous, and it's just been been just absolutely run over by capitalism. It's like, it's like if Montana had let Mr. moneybags from monopoly in it would be it would probably be a lot have a lot of the issues that West Virginia has had with with coal mining and all that stuff.

Phil  6:37
West Virginia is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and terrifying places I have ever spent extended amounts of time and and I've just because I I'm all about the spooky mountains and spooky hills and spooky woods. Even while I'm pissing myself in it, I told my fiance so we're gonna want to go camping we camp a lot and I said I really would like to go camping up in West Virginia at some point and she went have fun

Kevin Erhard  7:06
like you can do that by yourself.

Phil  7:08
Yeah, you enjoy I went up there and I was passing through on the way to Pittsburgh for a show. And, and I saw the sign on the side of the road for the flatwoods monster museum. And for those of you don't know the Yeah, the flatwoods monster is like this cryptids slash alien thing. That happens I think in the 60s or the 50s or something, and it is a minor blip on the cryptid radar. Yeah, I had to all the way back and it was on my radar at that point. I was like on the way back going and stuff. And I did and that town is startlingly desolate they had they had this oldest this old his movie theater that you were convinced was going to was just the last movie it had played was like the tangler or some damn thing but it said it chapter two and at the time it chapter two was a new movie. So I'm like people go fucking Jesus Christ. It was it was just a spooky quiet town and when I walked into the museum, there was nobody in there and I just kind of rummaged around and looked at stuff until this woman who had been in the back for a while came out and just kind of waved at me and just let me continue on my business anyway flatwoods Museum flatwoods monster museum confusingly in southern West Virginia not fly what's listed union go check it out was a lot of fun.

Kevin Erhard  8:34
Go check it out.

Phil  8:35
You know this you go please bear with us we're getting like 150 bucks from the West Virginia tourism Council for this

Kevin Erhard  8:44
it's just really a long ad spot for you guys can

Phil  8:47
really just give us a minute. Food is not

Kevin Erhard  8:54
and that john Denver song era and remember when the internet was okay, we'll get back. We're good. Alright. Then Okay, yeah, we really, really went into the negative there. We overdrew the account on that one. All right. So chapter two of Far Cry absolution. A lot of stuff happens in this chapter. And basically it opens up with will and I guess Oh, okay. It's willing. JOHN.

Phil  9:38
And company. It's the

Kevin Erhard  9:40
company. Lonnie. Lonnie is there too. Yeah. Well and and Lonnie are eventually going to be the ones that kind of split off to go look for from Mary Mae. Which is how the which sound the audio book guy says They're going off to so just a real brief scene where they're they're talking about hunting down Mary Mae and how we'll has it like, not a real pass, but we'll knew her as a kid. And he knew and he knew her daddy, who has recently passed away.

Phil  10:19
Then they find the wrecked car that she wrecked in the in the very beginning of the first prologue moment there. So we're kind of brought full circle basically at that point, but she's nowhere to be seen in that one.

Kevin Erhard  10:33
She's She's managed to, to get away. And then we we cut over to Mary Mae sheets. She's basically I think, later in the chapter or in that they talk. They mentioned her being basically like a mountain goat. On the hill, as soon as she got out of the car, just like getting out of the getting out of there.

Phil  11:01
JOHN, wait,

Kevin Erhard  11:02
she gets way ahead of them. She had lost them for they, they haven't seen her in about five hours. She's lost them about five hours ago. And she is just trying to make her way. Make her way around. She starts like inspecting her injuries where she had she has a bruise that goes from her her thigh all the way up the side of her body from hitting the car door. Yeah, it is. She's not she's kind of in rough shape. But she's still managing to, to get ahead of this hunting party.

Phil  11:42
Yeah, not not bad, though. For a person who like slipped a car. I have to say, still, yeah, ruse. I'm sure that hurts like hell, but

Kevin Erhard  11:51
not bad. Not bad at all. And meanwhile, john is just basically calling out. Like, just just shouting out to her. She's hidden, basically. And he's just, you know, saying, hey, well, we'll come we'll take you to see your brother, we'll take you to, we can all be friends, we can be a big happy family, you your brother, me and everyone else.

Phil  12:18
Meanwhile, their whole team is like acting ak 47. Come to you click click, you know, just really very convincing to be completely honest. But yeah, she's, she's hiding out from them. And no matter how, and it's funny, because this happens several times in the first part of the chapter when she's running from them. Should I get this huge head start on them? And they'll just manage to just suddenly be creeping up right behind her? Yeah, it's it's a testament to either, how shitty of a scraper she is. tracker will is she's just bad at escaping things, I guess. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  13:01
I think and there's probably the thing is, I would imagine that there's only so many, despite it being a really large and why and like open area, there's probably only so many places for a person to be able to go, right? I imagine it's, it's like, it's like, Alright, well, it's not as even though it's this huge area, it's actually not that big, because, you know, she can't, for example, climb up that sheer rock face or whatever. So we don't have to do that.

Phil  13:30
And it is a lot of wide open plane spaces and that sort of thing. So that's true. Like there's only so much dark wilderness for hide within.

Kevin Erhard  13:42
Right? Yeah, so so will is it this chapter is interesting, because of the speed at which it bounces between Mary Mae and will, especially at the beginning. We're getting them from we're getting their perspective, a perspective shift relatively quickly. So when we get back to will will is because will has been having thoughts clearly. He's not as, Hey, he's not super excited about eating skate and all that stuff. He's, he's, he's a believer, right? He's a believer, but he's not showing up every Sunday to church you know.

Phil  14:25
He's also he's also you know, this everything that they do is making you know, they're they're talking a big game about the spirituality which he needs, and they go into some detail later in the chapter. We'll get to it, like, why he needed this spirituality, why it's right at him. But the more actions they take, and the more of the strange directions that they all go in, the less you know, sort of faith he has in the whole outfit, which is, I mean, I know a lot of people who have left the church for exactly The same reasons, not necessarily because your pastor asked you to hunt down a young woman with a gun. You know, literally speaking, sometimes metaphorically short. But he's, he's just not at all thrilled at the prospect of them hunting down married because he doesn't really know what they want with her. And any suspicions he has on what they might want with her. Clearly, he's not exactly thrilled about

Kevin Erhard  15:30
right and pretty much the worst person for will to be paired with in this scenario, if you're having a crisis of faith in the institution of this church that you belong to, probably the worst person to be paired with is Lonnie, who at just the worst person

Phil  15:53
he's the fucking wars and yes, these paired with him this whole time. They're working together and Lani is just such a piece of shit. And he basically represents everything that

Kevin Erhard  16:06
we think that's wrong with the church.

Phil  16:09
Right? Well, he's gonna Yeah, he kind of makes me think of people I've known over the years that are everything that's wrong with any church friend, right?

Kevin Erhard  16:16
So yep,

Phil  16:18
he's a he's a he's a real piece of shit. And of course, they're, they're working together. And Lonnie will want to you know, what Ronnie does? He has this tendency to say the quiet part out loud. Yeah, you know, he is not the guy you want on your team. He's like, he's like, they're the cultists, you know, a version of that dumb redneck, you know, white supremacist where they're like, Hey, we're trying to make sure that like we're trying to get it so that people don't realize that we're actually white supremacists. We want them just think, you know, we believe in your being you'll believe in Jesus and being proud of your country. And then later when they're sucked in, boom, we'll hit them with the whole blacks are inferior. Right, right. You know, and he's and he's the one going right, right. Yeah. So they've they're recruiting and they're like, yeah, we we just believe in Jesus in our country is like, yeah, and and it's good, because you don't seem very dark either. Wink, wink nudge.

Kevin Erhard  17:23
Yeah, he is the he is the he is. Yeah, mask off. Just Yeah, saying the quiet part out loud. When really ruining it for, I mean, not ruining it. And because these are people that you want it to be ruined for. I mean, church, this church is not good people. But he is he is on the surface, what everybody else is underneath.

Phil  17:51
Yeah, yeah. And there's a great example of it I felt when their wills trying to figure out why, Lonnie, what are we going to do with marriage? What does Why does it matter? That Mary's gotten away from them? What do we care? And willsez he says that she's not a believer. Her family's always hated the church. And I don't see how bringing her in would change that. And when he says it's better to have her under control than to have her loose out there. It's like Jesus Christ Lani, right?

Kevin Erhard  18:18
Yeah. Because she's saying bad things about the church. So we need to bring her in and talk to her about that

Phil  18:25
with with the biggest quotation marks around the words talk to her that you've ever seen in your life.

Kevin Erhard  18:31
Yeah. Yeah. So that's that's happening with Lonnie and will and we cut back over to Mary Mae and she's come upon a Spanish father and son. Yes, I some some herders, some herders. Yeah, they're, they're tending to some sheep. And obviously, that is the subtext that we have these. We have these these guy, these people looking after sheep. Yeah.

Phil  19:03
She's running from a religious cult. And she comes upon some very kind, humble people watching over their flocks by night, let's just say,

Kevin Erhard  19:13
yeah. And basically, she starts asking them, if what, what do they know? And what, you know, the world they're asking her What? What's she doing? Because she basically she basically needs she needs food and rest and all that stuff. But she kind of digs into what they're doing and they're they're keeping an eye out for for woods, and the father and I thought this was kind of neat. The father only speaks in Spanish and they never translate. They never directly translate what he's saying. No, the sun, the sun will kind of talk, talk about what he's saying, but they never actually directly translate what he's saying. So at one point, he said Es una mala Iglesia which is the it's like that's the bad church or something like that and the son says he says a bad place they have tried several times to talk to their employer so basically the church wants to just take the sheep

Phil  20:19
yeah and they do like they they keep stealing them from them and they're just they're just trying to make a living and it

Kevin Erhard  20:27
comes up at the wolves are not wolves

Phil  20:31
right exactly exactly like we don't have to worry about we have to worry about these this is these cultists stealing our sheep away. And actually this led to one of unintentionally hilarious moment to me and I wonder if you didn't notice it too. Because they're like yeah, these this this church group they're bad people man they they keep stealing our our sheep and we're just trying to make a living and we're losing more and more of them and you know, it's pissing off our boss and all that stuff. And and Mary says, she's like, basically she's she says, like, I know what you mean, because I have a bar and they keep trying to shut down my bar. And the way she it just cracked me up because it's like, You're stealing our sheet. We just want to live we're just trying to get by. And she goes, I know what you mean. They keep shutting down my bar or something. Of course, she's right that that's it is kind of the same thing. It's similar,

Kevin Erhard  21:26
but the scale on the existential scale, it's very different.

Phil  21:32
I know what you mean. All of my shooters and jello shots are gone. None of the slutty girls for slitty girl, like showed up to hand out shots that are in test tubes for $5 a pop? How am I supposed to get by with my lighter Jagermeister neon sign?

Kevin Erhard  22:00
And sheepherders are like yeah, it's the same. It's the

Phil  22:03
same, the same. It's totally the same.

Kevin Erhard  22:08
And the sheep herders are like, you know uh, okay this land belongs to no one it's there they're talking about you know, they're they're over there quoting like marks and angle to her and she's like, but my core is like

Phil  22:29
like if these people really wanted to help the people of the land they would you know, get the the means of production back into the hands of the workers and she's like, I know what you mean. I lost five cases of Brooklyn mints

Yeah. They feeder and they you know, they they they they take care of her edge and you know, and they find her sheep shinza crashing with them. And yeah, yeah, she

Kevin Erhard  23:00
sleeps with she sleeps at their little campsite and actually you can't yourself there Yeah, she sleeps with them

Phil  23:08
weird weird five pages.

Kevin Erhard  23:12
Five page got very very way too descriptive.

Phil  23:16
You know, you think you think that this guy got real creative with describing the dew on the grass in the morning wait until you see how he described the cracks

so yeah, she and she ends up getting a they she's she gets a ride from one Well God there it is again. She gets a ride she rides with one of the young men one of the young men offers her a ride on his disco stick and

Kevin Erhard  23:55
we're gonna move on to well

Phil  23:57
there's no way out of this gently or easily. So yeah, moving on to wealth and but it's it's a another terrific back and forth because we'll in Lani Come on the same group of Mexican herdsmen. Yeah. And and they basically the herdsmen it's kind of hilarious because when she met them, you know they just the father couldn't speak English. That's true. But the son was like willing to be like yeah, yeah,

Kevin Erhard  24:26
son was like yeah, I speak English. Yeah. They show up the sons like,

Phil  24:32
I don't know, English assholes. I got nothing. You know, and and it just and he's his instincts are correct. Because Johnny is the biggest douchebag in the world.

Kevin Erhard  24:47
Bloody his base. I can only picture Lonnie as David Spade from Joe Dirt.

Phil  24:53
Right? Without any level of paint. Those are exactly you know, it. Just He's just, He's the worst and he's and he's like, just tell us he's telling them that they're rude and he's he's demanding

Kevin Erhard  25:09
stuff. It's like stealing their stuff in front of them and the like, you guys are rude as stealing their stuff. Yeah. And

Phil  25:15
so ultimately tries to steal a horse from them and the kid pulls a knife on him. And like, just like beats the shit out of him.

Kevin Erhard  25:22
Just destroys this kid. Yeah, yeah. And goes

Phil  25:25
in to looks like it might be ready to kill the kid. But will stops him? You know, and it's, it's, and it's Yeah, well, because

Kevin Erhard  25:37
wheel stops him by wrapping the wrapping his rifle around his neck and nearly and nearly causing Lani to pass out. Right.

Phil  25:49
Right. And, and it's, it's kind of fascinating because there's this great line in it. where, you know, willsez, you know, he's leave the kid alone. He's just trying to protect his stuff, you know, you're trying to steal his stuff. And Lonnie says what's his. And it's, it's right after the moment where the herdsmen are talking about this land as a blood, anybody belongs to the sheep belongs to all of us, it belongs to, you know, the world. And we were just standing on it for now and taking advantage of it for now. And so they believe in, you know, everyone having access to this place. And presumably, you know, helping people out when you when you find each other along the way, and lonnis a sense of entitlement to what is, you know, what he sees as his you know, what? He says, What's theirs,

Kevin Erhard  26:43
what he thinks everything belongs to him? Yes. And in charge, he believes

Phil  26:47
it belongs to the church, but and through the church, it belongs to him. But right, kind of funny about that as he goes on these tirades, and, you know, they say in the end that he isn't at a certain point later in this chapter, but Kevin D, do you think Lani is a true believer?

Kevin Erhard  27:07
In a he is a true believer in the worst possible way? Right? He believes, I think, yeah, he believes that he is owed something for what he does for the church. And I think he does believe in the stuff that the church was saying. But I don't think he's like, He's weird. It's weird, because he doesn't actually do the things that the Church says you need to do. All the time. He's constantly breaking the rules. He's basically just picking and choosing the things he wants to believe that suit Lani. So true believer No, he's a he believes in Lonnie most important.

Phil  27:48
He's just found a convenient set of rules that match up with

Kevin Erhard  27:54
his worst instincts are exacerbated by this church.

Phil  27:59
Right? And it's and it's something I've always felt about the worst part about organized religions, in many cases is that it doesn't challenge people, people just find the verse of the Scripture or the church that won't challenge them on the things that they already want to do. You know, you're you're never going to meet somebody who genuinely, genuinely in their heart of hearts, loves gay people, loves gay culture, loves everything about gay folks and everything like that. They think they're the coolest, and they want them to live happily and everything, but then they go out, you know, but I gotta tell you, it's tough though. Because the Bible does say that you guys are an abomination. And all right, right. Most people not really. Yeah, the Christians I know who are who are pro gay, for example, typically tend to be in the camp of like, Oh, look, the Bible says a lot of things, man.

Kevin Erhard  28:53
Yeah. Yeah, we know. We know, pastor who is who is very much in that boat. But you know, like Professor cheney is is. Yeah, he's, he's, he's very much in that in that because he's ordained these good people, and he's good people. And I think that's the problem ultimately, when you have such a broad document, right? When you have such a broad document, like the Bible, and you can't really speak on anything else, because that's the only thing that I've grew up with and all that you have a broad document like the Bible with that is open to such wild interpretation. So not only is it a massive book, the depth at which it can be interpreted varies from from line to line, oh God. So based on a number of things based on a number of things. translation, is it was it a translation from Hebrew was a translation from Greek was a translation in from this to that So many different things and that's the that's ultimately yeah we're the source of that problem is that it can it can ultimately say whatever you want, you know, 1000 monkeys writing Shakespeare for 1000 years or whatever or writing on a typewriter 4000 years old ventually produce Shakespeare basically it's basically something like that in terms of interpretation like all these people just keep looking at it for the answer that they want it to have

Phil  30:30
if you keep looking you'll find it you'll find it you'll find it you'll find you'll find whatever you want to hear. I think this kind of comes back to the theme we talked about in the last episode it doesn't have this any business being this smart

Kevin Erhard  30:45

Phil  30:47
it so we talked briefly and we're going to get a little bit into this topic but we talked briefly last week about bliss which is a drug that is manufactured by the cult and I complained that it was one of those things that like you know you want to you know that is basically the excuses that these cults churl under this drugs power which is a really weak message compared to no man they they they truly believe yeah right and and and urban weight seems to agree with me because yeah, he's he's he know he's he's got his finger on the dial of this kind of cold and how it works and we're gonna see a lot more of it in this chapter alone than the rest of the book. So moving along let's see Oh, yeah, so they keep they keep hunting and they eventually spot marry in a field Yeah, in the distance. And at the end he's like and we'll kind of two it's kind of hilarious because I called it i was i was so pleased myself about an idiot could have seen it coming for a while away To be fair, he's got his scope on his rifle. And he's you know, it's she's this dot off in the distance and he uses the scoped ID er, and he says, Yeah, that's married. And to prove it to Lonnie, he hands his rifle over to Lani. Just the scope definer goes yeah, that's her and he has the nerve to be surprised when lot of learning tries to take a shot. so worked up the hiccups.

Kevin Erhard  32:31
Oh god the hiccups. At the same time, John's men are attacking the herders with ak 47

Phil  32:41
is no good deed goes unpunished in this book

Kevin Erhard  32:45
The herders which which actually like the guy that the Father flipped and on marry May after the whole scene told he he said in Spanish, he told Well, she's going to the church up there and he points to the ridge where she had she had gone off and so that

Phil  33:10
To be fair, this is largely because they just you know beat the living shit out of his son so he's Yeah, he's a little upset.

Kevin Erhard  33:19
But yeah, John's men, meanwhile, are trying to trying to get the sheep

Phil  33:24
because the sheep are really important when you have a cold you need you need well you need meat you need

Kevin Erhard  33:30
whoa need meat you need all that you need that button. And so it's like there's a lot of things happening simultaneously. There's the there's the gunfire at the at the camp. And then we'll we'll if I like this, it's actually nice, nice little bit of writing because Lani uses the gunfire too. To put push the bolt, the gun and the bullet into place. So says will might not have heard the click of his rifle had they kept on shooting but as close to him and as familiar to him as it was, he turned almost in the same instant Lani pushed the safety forward on the rifle. And so like, so basically, Lani was using it was trying to use the cover of the gunfire to to harm the gun. And then we'll realized what was going on and cuts over to Mary Mae who's basically like running across the field, and then a bullet just, like hits the ground, but like 10 feet away from her.

Phil  34:43
And she realizes just how lucky she is at this point,

Kevin Erhard  34:46
which Lani took a shot but we cut back to see that we'll head we'll basically attack Kalani just as he was taking the shot causing it to miss

Phil  34:53
Right, right. And, and finally, finally, we get what we've been waiting for. like half of this book, Lani and we'll just have a throwdown you know absolute throw down old former drunk versus piece of shit current drunk and the MA yeah they and Lani seems to have the upper hand on him because he's younger you know and he's a

Kevin Erhard  35:18
younger dude and he's really good he's really good at punching people as they've kind of set set up he's he's got a good punch yeah I got a good one too and I think it's really neat to remember this whole thing is taking place on a ridge yes and it's like it's like this really dramatic dramatic fight between the two of them their their their lawn is taking swings the rifle gets dropped we'll thinks that it's like falling off the edge and basically and I'd like because it's not that drawn out it's not a very drawn out scene feels it feels it doesn't go on long which makes sense for where they are basically what ends up happening is the rifle drops we'll looks sees where it is just as he he like kind of ducks down to grab it. Lani takes a swing at will. And this because Lani misses will he throws himself over the edge

Phil  36:23
Yeah. literally

Kevin Erhard  36:26
literally throws himself off a cliff with the momentum of his punch. And it's just so satisfying.

Phil  36:36
He dies horribly, horribly it's great

Kevin Erhard  36:41
he falls off the cliff and he hits like every rock on the way down and basically it is it in this in this immediate see Oh yes. One of lonnis arms lay behind them in a strange backwards rapture was face looked upward in his head appears like it had been popped and then stretched away off his body.

Phil  37:04
Yeah, he's he is effectively decapitated.

Kevin Erhard  37:07
Yeah, it's an internal decapitation

Phil  37:11
it is rudl and your world was halfway through the book at this point and and you know so this is a particularly garish death and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy sir Good fucking written slot I I'm you know and there's a part of me as a writer there's a part of me that was kind of like oh man, you know as a writer you kind of want to drag those guys out and get their Just Desserts maybe at the very end the final climax but as a reader I was like good fuck him. I'm ready to move on get a story now.

Kevin Erhard  37:49
Get him a nice satisfying death to basically the books. Obviously not the antagonist of the book. He'll let's see he'll Yeah, he's a henchman and yeah, john john seed is still the big bad for this the purposes of this story, but

Phil  38:09
yeah, but but particularly nasty. He'll Yeah. And, and so will like searches through Lani stuff. And he ends up finding this wolf collar, which is a transmitter, and they've been talking about using transmitters and planting them on people and things to basically know where they are. And this basically explains why wherever they have gone, john seed and his buddies have been sure to follow they've been following a signal.

Kevin Erhard  38:40
Right? Exactly. Because it's like, it's like how to like Lani hasn't been talking to john and so they've just been using a transmitter to follow follow along. Right?

Phil  38:53
Right. Um, so as this is happening, and I thought this is a pretty interesting bit of writing that continues throughout the chapter, and we switch over to Mary and she's watching we'll run it stroll that ship, and she sees will holding a gun and based on where he is and everything like that, she kind of assumes like, Will's the guy who shot at me Sure, you know, and so she she basically gets the hell out of dodge and escapes further into the wilderness with will going after then it goes it goes back and forth a couple of times a short moments of her creeping through the wilderness him going through trying to call her name in a way that wouldn't be threatening him he needs to protect her he feels responsible for her at this point. Now will did take a good shot to the stomach man an actual gun show thing but but like, knocked him over Yeah. punched him. Yeah, just right.

Kevin Erhard  39:54
It kind of it basically it's, it's written in a way where it's like, is it From the lonie beating the shit out of them or is it something else who knows? Moving on

Phil  40:10
something he's been coughing up junk throughout the book and I never thought to bring it up at any point first because gross second because he's an old man and a former alcoholic. Of course he's coughing shit up every morning that's just that's natural that happens Have you not lived with an old man like that's the first five minutes of every morning like that's just that's

Kevin Erhard  40:35
just getting at it getting it all out yeah getting all the stuff that's been sitting in the lungs all night

Phil  40:40
yeah did did you have the air conditioner on the Duke stuffed up that's a fact. But this time around they seem to be implying that something is wrong in his guts and they're not exactly clear on it but probably if you know writers not a good so he keeps following her and Mary's eventually while she's hiding she hears someone calling her name and it seems like a nice voice of voice that she has hasn't been calling her yet

Kevin Erhard  41:13
it's her it's her brother brother

Phil  41:16
and you think of first is going to be well I thought it was well at first you know Yeah, but yeah it's a brother drew she's been looking for this entire

Kevin Erhard  41:23
time that is she drew who is her goal for this for this entire story so far is defined drew drew finds her

Phil  41:33
yes yes.

Kevin Erhard  41:36
So basically because she had been she had kind of she ended up on a by a road and so she sees the headlights and then she hears the name call f four and it's it's true and they have a little they have a little moment it's just a look a little back and forth now like she asked them Have you heard about daddy Have you heard about mama and she's she kind of has this moment she has she finally breaks down a little bit she's crying

Phil  42:09
she's been keeping it together for she's been keeping it

Kevin Erhard  42:11
together for a long time her parents have both died within the within a week of each other and at the at the very end of this scene. She notices that drew is driving one of the church trucks yeah and he just says yep no get in the truck and let me help you. Yeah.

Phil  42:33
And he keeps saying like I'm gonna take you home okay, let's let's get you in the truck. Let's get you home where you can have something eat something to drink. Let's get you home. And I'm just sitting there going come on girl you know he isn't talking about your home

Kevin Erhard  42:46
they are not talking about the same home

Phil  42:48
not the same home Come on, man. We all know we've all met that weird skeezy person at the end of last call in the bar who just yeah come on. You know what's happening but it's your brother so

Kevin Erhard  43:03
that's it brother What's she gonna do? And then we'll shows up basically he sees he shows up just as the scene like wrapping his tail and he's watching them leave Yeah. And then and then john. JOHN rolls up

Phil  43:22
you congratulate him it's like it's like being up you delivered married to us basically.

Kevin Erhard  43:29
Yeah, it's like he did a great job and john and will is like yeah killed Lonnie. And John's like ads fine.

Phil  43:38
That was really interesting because that was what he does. It's like he says, He says why he was a bad See, he was just he was just uh, you know, he was starting to get further and further away you know,

Kevin Erhard  43:52
john, john seed says Lonnie was a bad seed and looks directly into the camera. Thank

Phil  44:00
you for joining us in this my final episode, where I finally took it too far without even realizing it. excommunicate myself from this fine and upstanding society. And podcasting in general, as a Mia culpa, grievous sin. She's

Kevin Erhard  44:25

Phil  44:31
So yeah, he he absorbs is what he does. He says, you know, willsez I killed the guy. I'm responsible for a step and and john forgives him and absolves him of his sin. It's a very religious moment, in a way Yeah. There's a you know, it's very cold data. He says, you know, you did nothing. And then he goes into that. Basically saying, you know, you came to us when you came to us, you need us and we gave you everything you needed. And now At this point you know we'll you you've done so much good for us you know your your you know your your top brass here as far as we're concerned we're going to take care of you now and let's hit on home and let's get you washed up and let's let's treat you like a writer you're yeah exactly yeah and it's weird because I'll tell you what they kind of got me that's that's how I was good enough writing that I was like oh good for will good for

Kevin Erhard  45:31
will wills getting the recognition he deserves from

Phil  45:36
like crazy finally gave him a recognition they gave him better than the usual you know cost of living pay raise every year they did right by him like what the fuck are you talking about?

Kevin Erhard  45:52
God cut over to Mary Mae and drew and they're having a delightfully awkward scene because what we thought was happening at the end of the previous scene is actually happening where drew is like yep that's where I'm not taking you to your home or mama and Daddy's home taking you to coat land

Phil  46:12
he is brainwashed like is he is

Kevin Erhard  46:17
Drew has their drew is gone

Phil  46:22
near misses torrents he's gay Yeah, at the end he says and he's like trying to be reasonable in the same way that like well I mean, jack nicholson in the shining is trying to be reasonable with Shelly right? It's like he's like, Hey, listen, listen, you know, all we want is to talk you come over and let's all talk and then afterwards we'll let you go and it's like, listening to jack nicholson. I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just gonna bash your brains in my pitch

Kevin Erhard  47:03
Yeah, just open the door and get out of there and he notices that she's holding the gun now. This boy daddy's 38 Magnum.

Phil  47:16
Like that's weird then I started talking about weird shit that suddenly I noticed you were holding a gun Huh?

Kevin Erhard  47:22
Huh probably as it probably doesn't mean anything

Phil  47:25
nothing to do with it anyway let's go and get your brain wash stupid overdue

Kevin Erhard  47:29
it's a look so already guys Hey, is that the gun of Barry Burton

Phil  47:40
and oh and it cuts over will will is getting his his his meeting threes. They took care of him he sees getting fed by his old friend Holly who used to be a neighbor of pits right you know they knew each other before the accident that took his his wife and kid you know, we get some implications on that.

Kevin Erhard  48:05
implication implications

and Holly is going to be the the liaison that you will liaison now that Lonnie has gone Yeah. Because they're that's a that's a official official job is the person who talks to will

Phil  48:25
take care Well, she's a little more pleasant. She She feeds him she feeds him but she starts by telling him confessing to him that the cults getting a little weird. cults getting a little culty getting a little weird. Javon could you believe

Kevin Erhard  48:44
Oh, I would have never I would have never guessed che che it's it's it's beginning what's neat is because you realize will hasn't actually been in the Colts. main area in a long time.

Phil  49:00
Now he lives on the outskirts, he hands over what he what he hunts and everything like that. He just he doesn't like being and you get a little bit further into that in this chapter where he, he wakes up and he's just not comfortable in doors, he needs to be outside. He needs to be out of doors, that kind of thing. And it's less it's more than he's a woodsman at that point. Like there's something very necessary about him being outdoors so yeah, he doesn't he doesn't he's not always in the know into what's going on. Over at Eden's gate, he doesn't know the full story and she explained to them about bliss. This is the first time Is this the first time we have bliss mentions in the book. I believe so. Yeah. Which is this this drug that all the cultists seem to be on and, and it's kind of funny because I was just listening to a podcast. When I was reading this. I was also I had been listening to a podcast about The use of methamphetamines within Nazi Germany oh yeah it was it was like somebody was writing about it and he said that Germany was a methamphetamine the Nazis were methamphetamine government basically everyone was on them because everyone needed them just to get Mike's they wanted if you're a mother you needed to be a baby factory to get those arion babies out there and so they were on meth to stay awake and take everybody

Kevin Erhard  50:29
everybody was awake and doing things right right

Phil  50:33
and and you know soldiers obviously that's that's obvious. You know, the brown shirts were on them everyone was doing math because it kept you up and it kept you active. And it helps you to do violence in large quantities without fear and without pain. And and the way she describes the cultists being on list is basically the same thing she said these young men are going out there they're getting all blissed up and then they can just absolutely crush it they can steal and destroy and they have no conscience and it's just it's it's they're all on it and the parallel is just kind of amazing and and if you're going to have a super drug that's you know all over a cold and it not be the reason that the cold so cold I gotta say this is a pretty damn good explanation I was she doesn't talk about it for too long but in a very short amount of time urban wait does a great job of explaining the

Kevin Erhard  51:33
the way Yes, exactly. And one of the things that I just wanted to mention because we talked briefly about will and why he's here and we had we had kind of I think we we missed it earlier there is a moment where we'll have a dream in this chapter and it's good as time to talk about it as any wheel has a dream earlier in this chapter about his family and that he is unable and it's a very simple dream he is he basically puts his daughter to bed he leaves she starts screaming and then he's unable to get back into the room that she is in the door just won't open and that's that's that's the extent of the dream is is he can't save her and and you saw that that in context with you know you have Holly who who knows Will she knows his his past yeah you can you can start to see the the darkening clouds of wills past life are starting to reappear after years of being stuffed down underneath this basically this this blanket of of the church the there's these little leaks now of like I've never actually dealt with this so yeah, and then we were back with with Mary Mae and where we go and Mary Mae is she's cleaned up she's getting dressed and she's she is talking to drew it's a real brief scene. But drew basically puts her on notice you're a guest here Mary Mae our parents always taught us not to be rude

Phil  53:36
yeah that's another thing that the the fucking Nazis love doing. You know they like to choose you. If you're not willing to listen to them be fucking psychopaths, then you're rude. It's just yeah, nailed it. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  53:56
well, yeah. And then we cut back over to will and he's having a scene with the Father. Joseph seed himself is is on the scene. And you know, the father is giving him some advice and will is starting to remember there's there this is the first reference I believe to the that the tattoos which is one of the more mccobb things it's it's a moment it's a huge moment in the game.

Phil  54:35
Oh yeah. Big time.

Kevin Erhard  54:37
And they make a they make a meal of it urban Wait really made a meal of it in this book. Where we're basically and they they just hint to it in this in this scene, the tattoo the razor the giving of the skin. Yeah. And it will is basically just reaffirming his faith to the Father. Not necessarily

Phil  55:00
Basically to be his hatchet man. Yeah, yes. He says, you know, he heavily implies it says, you know, taking shots, you know punishing like I'm going I'm going to need you to do a lot of the shit that we've been asking you to do. He's he seems to be asking him

Kevin Erhard  55:18
Are you ready? Yeah. Are you ready to do what it takes to find salvation?

Phil  55:22
Yeah. Yeah. And, and that's and that's also where we, you know where he he the father openly sentence mentions his his wife and child being taken away from him he talks about the end of the world you get a really good sermon any apocalyptical kind of sermon from this guy while he also basically tells will I'm going to I'm going to need you to be a real murder hobo for me next few months here so hope hope hope that's good and at first we'll can't really acknowledge the father he can't he finds that he has a harder time looking at him acknowledging what he's saying but in the end clearly, he makes some sort of affirmation because it cuts to Mary also entering

Kevin Erhard  56:14
yeah she's in the same room and basically watching the scene from another angle and will as well as leaving Mary Mary sees his face and will actually says I'm glad to see you Mary May as he's leaving and says the same thing that drew and she starts to remember what happened like will and and his past and then we finally get a good like a little bit more about wills past she remembered the man she had gone with her own family to the funeral of his daughter and his wife a car accident if she remembered right we'll standing there alone as people filed past her own father and mother leaning in reaching to hold him and Mary Mae thinking now how about even then he had smelled of booze and something sweet like salt and sweat and the turning of a body into something other than what it had once been.

Phil  57:10
No it's a terrific than writing Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  57:14
yeah, we say that a lot but urban weight has really been really bucking just he knows how to turn a sentence into

Phil  57:24
does he does the image is so clear, you know this this widower who is basically preserving himself in alcohol and salt you know, he's just he's up he's mummified himself before this whole world he's turning into something that he wasn't before they are witnessing a strange transformation

Kevin Erhard  57:48
and she doesn't make the connection that he was the guy shooting at her

Phil  57:52
No no, but what she

Kevin Erhard  57:55
wasn't he wasn't but she the the person she assumed was shooting at her was him. But she doesn't connect this guy with that person.

Phil  58:04
Right? Right. But yeah, and then you get the classic you know, the father pulling come my children come by children, you know when they when he sees them, and it's like, dude, just because you're the Messiah isn't too much to say, Hey, come on in. Hey, can you just can eat Can you fucking put the hyperbole back in your goddamn purse and just talk like a human being for five minutes please? I think that's why I couldn't I think I'm called proof because of that. Like the moment someone starts to preach on that level and start insisting that he's a father and I'm his child.

Kevin Erhard  58:45
will now kneel and I will give you the blessing of my hands. Like, like, Oh, come on, dude.

Phil  58:52
No, it's not. If you belong to an organization that requires that you refer to its leaders as father. Get out Get out Unless Unless they want you to call him daddy and you're into it. Otherwise Get the fuck out. It's the you were getting that train never ends at the right station. It is always bad news. She does. We do get an interesting bit of background just a little bit on the father because Mary may remember him.

Kevin Erhard  59:26
Right when he first came up. Yeah, for the before the call.

Phil  59:31
And Kevin, do you remember where he comes from?

Kevin Erhard  59:35
Joseph seed came up with his brothers john and Jacob from Georgia.

Phil  59:47
As a man from Georgia, I can tell you this explains a lot

Kevin Erhard  59:54
of like from, from Georgia

Phil  59:57
from Georgia. Like they things Savannah didn't want them they're like get your hobo s out of here. Go preach somewhere else. And you know it's like oh yeah he had to he had to get far far away you know that no one moves from Georgia to Montana do it out of some

Kevin Erhard  1:00:18
necessities and that he needed to get a distance away from Georgia. Yeah, you're

Phil  1:00:23
gonna die on your tail. Get the fuck out. East Coast just Oh, my God. Yeah, so you get a little bit of background on and that cracks me up. I just just a little tiny bit, just a little nugget. You don't get to talk. People need to talk more about, you know, these these these cult leaders? You know, yeah, because the reason they can become cult leaders is because you don't know about them as a stupid 10 year old who's shed his pants during PE You know, every day. I see every day, every day. And happily, by the way. Yeah, went away and he came back a month later and everything was good. We don't know what happened. But he was fine. But that like that kid's not gonna he can't be a cult leader. People will people never forget. That's just how it works.

Kevin Erhard  1:01:14
It's sort of like that girl from the turning point USA girl. What's her name? The the blonde girl with the machine guns? Yeah, with the big hair sure the big hair? Yeah, she should her pants at a party once. That's that's like every time she It's like she's a Twitter main character or whatever. People bring up the fact that didn't you shit your pants?

Phil  1:01:42
Up kid. Just no career in this no career for you?

Kevin Erhard  1:01:46
Yeah, that right wing? grift. Just Yeah, just let it be just

Phil  1:01:52
a little bit. So that's let's see. And we get a brief moment there at the very end here with will and Holly again. And we'll can't sleep he wakes up like I mentioned before, he just just doesn't do well in enclosed places at sea. Yeah. And he kind of forces himself outside to get a little air. And Holly finds him there. And Holly's been sleeping with john see. cracks me up

Kevin Erhard  1:02:25
a way. The way she says it is. Fucking him.

Phil  1:02:33
called john Sade for nothing at all. Yeah. Oh. And so they just have a little existential conversation about you know, everything in their lives. And she's very clearly a true believer. Yeah, she really believes in this shit. Yeah, you know, and that's that's why I guess her description of all the stuff going down with bliss and everything she just refers to. a little weird. It's the cult version of boys being boys, I

Kevin Erhard  1:03:05
suppose. Yes. So she's a true believer in that she doesn't. She's like she didn't get this bliss stuff back in my day. We just believe the that Doomsday was coming without it.

Phil  1:03:18
We we spoke in tongues through sheer will. Yeah. And so and this is also when we basically have it spelled out for us that Will's wife and daughter died in a car wreck and that he was responsible.

Kevin Erhard  1:03:36
He was responsible in so yeah, he was at the bar. He had bought the drink for the guy who who? Whose car ran into his family's. And basically, his wife and daughter had were driving to the bar because they were afraid that will was going to kill himself drunk, like with drunk driving. And then the irony is that they are the ones that died because a drunk driver hit them.

Phil  1:04:13
Yeah, yeah. He encouraged the guy who got hammered, you know, as far as he as far as he can tell. The the shot that he bought for the dude was the one that pushed him over the edge that made him drunk enough that he ended up killing his family.

Kevin Erhard  1:04:27
Right, which is I mean, that's that's that's a lot of the thought of the guilt. I mean, there's no way to specifically specifically tell Of course, of course, you know, but you know, he's never going to you're never going to convince him otherwise of exactly that.

Phil  1:04:43
Exactly. He was in this bad place, this dark place. This is basically they say that he's been drunk every day since he was 15 at that point, and, and he was in this dark place and it connected to him losing the only things that he gave a damn about or at least it kind of gave a damn about you think if he gave more of a damn, he'd actually be there with them. But that's not how alcoholism works. So right, he's just you, you get a look at the dark cloud that is hanging over this man. And why? And this is and that's how cults work. That's how cults work. They find two people

Kevin Erhard  1:05:25
who need help, that they're down, down and out. Yep, they find you when you're

Phil  1:05:31
most vulnerable. They find people who need something, whether it's a whole new change your life like him, or just the comfort of some sort of spirituality that's different from everyone else's, right? Very simple. It can be very complex, but they find what you need the most. And they found him and they got their hooks into him. And even now when he's doubting and, you know, not happy with the direction things are going. He doesn't say he doesn't. And so yeah, so he's, he's, he's kind of stuck in this place, and we're gonna need to see him redeem himself in the

Kevin Erhard  1:06:12
world. Yeah. Meanwhile, Mary Mae is just not having a good time. She's having

Phil  1:06:16
a lousy night's sleep and I gotta be honest with you.

Kevin Erhard  1:06:20
Yeah. Are there they're basically the her brother had promised to take her back to falls and he didn't do that. And he's not he's not going to, even though he is like he's basically lying to her right now. driving back to town, won't you? Yes, you'll come with me. Yes. He's he's not he's not gonna do that. Because instead he's gonna let john seed kidnapper basically the middle of the night

Phil  1:06:48
Yeah, and I really disturbing bit of like, you know, you need to be cleaned. You need to be you know, just this whole just you need to

Kevin Erhard  1:06:59
express Yeah, and she's scared he says there's no reason to be scared and 100% of the time when somebody tells somebody else there's no reason to be scared. is a good time to be scared totally is

Phil  1:07:11
a reasonable Yeah, absolutely. You've got it Yeah, if someone tells you you I'm never going to plunge a fishing knife into your I just make sure that you've hidden away all the fishing knives.

Kevin Erhard  1:07:26
That's oddly specific. And I don't like that you said that.

Phil  1:07:32
Moving to Montana, and I'm

Kevin Erhard  1:07:34
moving to Montana. This is that's actually the origin story of the sea brothers prequel prequel. The prequel prequel. The so yeah, basically drew is you know what the the cult members like drew are they're basically like the work in Jos from alien isolations exam where it's like, like you're playing Alien Isolation work and Joe is basically choking you out and working chests and stuff like please do not struggle. Please This is for your own good

Phil  1:08:11
if you're stumped if you don't stop struggling to contact HR that's exactly what he is he's just as dead died, you know fucked all of a man with with you know, psychopathic tendencies. As far as the cult is concerned, he doesn't doesn't matter that it's his sister doesn't matter. none of it matters just that. You know, it's good for the Colts. But there's no way he can delude themselves into actually believing that you know, things are going to work out real well for his sister. But clearly there have been issues we get implications and previous sections that, you know, he fought with his family seems to be the black sheep. And there's another moment that you get where a Colts absolutely can take advantage you know, yeah, exactly. And family. Well, we've got a family we live in your family instead. And that seems to be exactly what happened. And either his sister's going to get cleansed and washed in the blood of the Lamb so to speak. Yeah, we're sure she'll, she'll die. And he seems kind of okay with that.

Kevin Erhard  1:09:19
He's okay with either outcome. Right and the that there's the confrontation turns physical, where basically drew Yanks are off the bed that she was laying on. And then she came off the bed with her arms, failing, flailing, reaching for anything that might stop her fall. Nothing can be found except for the bare sheets and she fell two feet from the bed and landed on one elbow then hit her head. The pain was instant and reverberated down through her skin all the way through her body. She had hit hard and fast and she could barely think except to know she was bright being dragged across the carpet. She turned and bent away from him reaching out with her hands, her fingernails dug for purchase became way with only dirt and sand and lint and whatever other thing could be taken underneath her nails. Yeah.

Phil  1:10:09
It's brutal. It's brutal.

Kevin Erhard  1:10:10
And then john seed shows up, and they throw her into the back of a pickup truck. And john says, This is the end, this is what I've always wanted for you. You have been alone, you have lived without the word of the Father, and now you will be alone No more.

Phil  1:10:29
And that's chapter two.

Kevin Erhard  1:10:30
And that's the end of the second chapter.

Phil  1:10:33
talking shit. And the second chapter we are actually literally halfway through the book now. This Yeah. Weirdly paced book, but it

Kevin Erhard  1:10:44
is. Yeah, it is. I mean, Chapter Chapter One was shorter than chapter two, I believe two and three are the meaty ones. The rest of the book, it gets shorter again after that, but yeah, it's, it is an interestingly paced book. And, you know, we'll see, we'll see how long it takes us to get through it. But what are your thoughts so far?

Phil  1:11:12
I mean, man, I it's only getting better as we go. And I gotta be honest, just based on the kind of stuff that I normally read. This is actually overtaking Halo fall of reach as my favorite book we've read on the show so far. Oh, wow. Assuming it doesn't, you know, we're halfway through and assuming it doesn't take a nosedive into shit town, which, you know, totally happen.

Kevin Erhard  1:11:39
It can happen.

Phil  1:11:41
Yeah, assuming we stay on this track. I just I'm, I'm a huge Cormac McCarthy fan. I'm a huge fan of you know, survivalist shit and, and Far Cry in general. And just all of the boxes are being ticked for me just me personally. And I really dig urban weight style writing.

Kevin Erhard  1:12:05
Yeah, it makes me kind of want to check check out his non non video game books. Yeah, he does.

Phil  1:12:12
He does a lot of thrillers big surprise there. Yeah. So yeah, very cool stuff. And by the way before we forget, we did reference a couple of podcasts today and we should you should definitely check them out. The first one is friend of the pod oops, all monsters if you haven't checked that one out. We need you to contact them and tell them they need to get off their West Virginia nases and do a flatwoods monster episode. Yeah, that would make me very happy. And the other one if you're interested in learning a little more about not just the drug addictions of Nazis, but also just generally evil people throughout the history. It's a it's a podcast called behind the bastards which is very popular.

Kevin Erhard  1:12:59
I've seen I've seen that it's been like on the when I scroll through Apple podcasts, it's I've seen it recommended a few times cannot recommend

Phil  1:13:07
it enough. And this last week, they just started in Episode Two super cold I believe the Hitler's drug addiction. And it's about the history of drug use by Hitler and within the Nazi Party. It's fascinating. And the guy's a great writer and the story and that sort of thing. And he covers everything from modern assholes like Steven Seagal, and you know, Dr. Stalin and fucking Hitler and shit like that. It is fan tastic

Kevin Erhard  1:13:41
It's awesome. To check it out. Also check that out. Check

Phil  1:13:44
those both out. You will not be sorry.

Kevin Erhard  1:13:48
Alright, well that'll do it. For today's episode. You can follow us on Twitter at pixel lit pod. And please remember to rate us five stars on Apple podcasts. It really helps us out. Otherwise give us a follow on your favorite podcast platform. Share us with your favorite friends, family member, canine feline, whatever you want to do. Please share it really helps us out. My name is Kevin with me as always as Phil. This has been pixel it Take care everybody

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