Dead Space: Martyr - Part 3

We heard you all LOUD AND CLEAR. More Dead Space Martyr. Please stop sending us emails about it. We will finish the book, I promise. In no way was this episode already scheduled before the first one went out. Capiche?

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			<p>Kevin Erhard  0:00<br />

Hey there everybody welcome back to pixel lit my name is Kevin with me as always is Phil hello and today we are descending further into the doldrums of deadspace martyr and yes because of boring doldrums

Phil  0:20
oh it's just yeah deeper into this book than exists for some reason

Kevin Erhard  0:29
it's it is a cash grab of a book

Phil  0:32
that is absolutely that is absolutely

Kevin Erhard  0:36
what actors are just taking a paycheck and clearly just taking a paycheck in a movie this is that for an author

Phil  0:44
pretty much pretty much it this was this was you know, his version of like well I guess I need a third Island and therefore I'll be in the six Pirates of the Caribbean movie

Kevin Erhard  0:58

Phil  1:00
Now I call it Pirates of the Caribbean I don't think I've ever done that before it just popped out this time that was a weird I didn't expect that to change me I'm changed I'm different you're

Kevin Erhard  1:12
changed deep inside deep down inside like a neck row morph is gotten into your suit is doing stuff

Phil  1:21
well that you see that doesn't actually have anything to do with with what we're talking about today because that sounds exciting and scary

Kevin Erhard  1:29
though yeah God forbid we have neck remorse in the neck remorse book condo right?

Phil  1:33
in the flesh, as opposed to like in random extreme sequences,

Kevin Erhard  1:40
which is how part four starts as a random act stream. Just like throw it in here in the first couple of pages.

Phil  1:49
Notice in the first page here on this the Was there anything that jumped out at you in particular with the first page of this dream sequence?

Kevin Erhard  2:01
Well, I think it was the specific description of the saw blade gun nailed it. Nailed it. From the game

Phil  2:11
they you know what the they describe the saw blade gun whenever the Ripper or whenever it's Yeah, the Ripper? Yeah, Ripper, they describe it. And add gonna tell you, Kevin, after all this time, you would think that from all of my complaining about about how little This seems to have to do with the Dead Space Bridge is that I would be thrilled to see that. I it was quite the opposite. He was like How dare you? How dare you after all this time? Oh, Gary Lee, come in and put this in place. Because it tells me you could have done this all along. You could have done this 175 pages ago.

Kevin Erhard  2:53
How dare you touch something so pure, like the Dead Space game? The Dead Space martyr novelization?

Phil  3:02
Yes. It was infuriating. It was just I was like, no, no. How dare you. But yes, we get it, we get a dream sequence of someone being chased around and and it goes further, by the way into the game where it actually, you know, one of the things that sets dead spaces gameplay apart is that they're their zombie like creatures, but instead of going for the head, you want to cut off their limbs. That's the whole thing. And it makes a point of saying that he's cutting its legs off and it keeps coming despite all that cutting off its arms. All that and it's kind of like, I don't know, it felt almost like they were like, throwing the dog a bone.

Kevin Erhard  3:47
Like Yeah, yeah,

Phil  3:48
it's like we said, we haven't forgotten you fans. We're still here.

Kevin Erhard  3:55
We're gonna get to you guys next.

Phil  3:59
Full 10 pages eventually.

Kevin Erhard  4:01
Who wants more bureaucracy? Right.

Phil  4:07
But first, a 50 page chapter on how to get a grant.

Kevin Erhard  4:15
Oh, jeez. Yeah. And it's basically you know what they're having. This is the second dream sequence in the book that has been a dream about. It's basically somebody dreaming about playing dead space. They're not dreaming about being in the book anymore. They're dreaming about playing the video game themselves,

Phil  4:34
something that I would rather be doing as well. Well, I got to the point, this is how bad it was. As I pointed out, in the beginning of us reading this dead space was one of those franchises that I'd never got into but I always wanted to. Yeah, and you know, and projects like these are the glorious perfect opportunities to pick up on those those backlog games and I have now we are, let's see, at this point, we are less than halfway through the book, I have completed the game. And not just because the game is more fun. There's something about this book that as we read it, it gives me just enough to think about with the game that I find myself like, I'll finish up a chapter and go, I should really get back to that game. See how much purposes that'd be really important for me to finish this game before I finished the book. And now we're less than halfway through it. And I have no more dead space one to play. So well, installing dead space.

Kevin Erhard  5:44
I have purchased and am stalling dead space.

Phil  5:48
That is an actual fact. It is Yeah. So. So we've got, we've got people dreaming about something they'd rather be doing, which kind of speaks for the reader. Whether the author meant it to or not.

Kevin Erhard  6:03
Yeah, yeah. So yeah. After the dream. Basically. altman wakes up, man, there's there's a guy, there's a guy, a couple guys in his room. And it's it's Craig Markoff, who I assume is the colonel from earlier, the guy who's just being called

Phil  6:27
Sweet. Do we we ultimately decided that that's who they were just going with that? Yeah, that's fine.

Kevin Erhard  6:34
I think we're just saying. So it is written so it's done. Yeah. It's the return of Tim commentary.

Phil  6:43
Oh, we missed them didn't wait. We missed them.

Kevin Erhard  6:45
And my favorite thing that happens is, is this line the twins moved slowly forward because of how nonsensical it is.

Phil  6:55
I I love that. Every time you say there was this part that totally fucked with me, and I'm about to read it and you start reading it and I go, I have also highlighted that part. Yes.

Kevin Erhard  7:07
One of them put his hand on Altman's wrist and squeeze until he dropped the phone. The other punched him once. Softly, almost lovingly in the side. He fell back on the bed gasping

Phil  7:22
I feel I feel like this is the author just trying to see what he could get away with. It's like, is the editor actually reading my chapters?

Kevin Erhard  7:30
Are you this? Yeah. Yeah. It's like It's like in the middle of one sentence. It says is anyone paying attention?

Phil  7:38
Clearly No, because this got through. What does it do I have that highlighted. And under notes I have all I've written is why

Kevin Erhard  7:52
did I did I add any notes to it? I'm checking my notes on the Kindle. No, I didn't I didn't write anything but I think in my head The reason I highlighted was what? How can it be like you he? He specifies that it is soft and lovingly. And yet he's gasping

Phil  8:15
softly, almost lovingly. Is his lips caressed his ear lobe. Like just what the fuck is lifting? caressed

Kevin Erhard  8:25
is your lobe and then his head exploded?

Phil  8:27
And that Yep, exactly. Exactly. He shot him with a BB and his leg fell off like the one of these things is not like the other end, I'm really going to have to insist that we choose a lane. Oh my god.

Kevin Erhard  8:42
So mark off talks to automate about the fact that he filed a grant. Remember that happened? Yeah, that was a thing. They filed a grant and mark of his like, he filed a grant and then says, You're a clever boy said Markoff. Maybe too clever for your own good. The reason I'm here is to find out how much you know and evaluate whether you'd be a valuable member of our team. If you are I'm prepared to allow you to join us in a limited capacity of course, if not, we'll have to figure out something else to do with you. And it's like the stupid bullshit villain talk. I'm tired of dressed villains being the head maybe maybe you join us maybe I'll kill you. Like not everybody is fucking gold finger. Yeah,

Phil  9:31
it's a person's impression of gold finger. Like I was also thinking like, this is like a not even though it's like a bad James Bond villain, but not one that has ever existed. Not even a shitty Bond films. Yeah. Like, at least those guys would like demonstrate their power. Has this guy ever, ever, like shown what he's capable of? Like it did like even in an even in a throwaway. dramatic moments been like well if you don't like what you see well and then he like I don't know breaks a kitten's neck like does anything like

Kevin Erhard  10:09
that Not that I'm aware of he's just always like yeah it's always vague and vague sometimes specific threats and never any follow up it's not like it's yeah that's not like gold finger because gold finger one points like no Mr bone to expect you to die

Phil  10:28
he's actually trying to kill him sticks and stones may break my bones but first you have to throw them actual fuck this guy is just so ineffectual and and it's it's we just we have had so it's almost a template at this point now it is a template at this point is that there is a chapter it's a Markoff chapter he's gonna walk in he's probably going to invade someone's space maybe by kidnapping them and bringing them to him or invading that person's personal private space he's going to threaten him with hyper hyperbolic kind of super villain words and then do nothing about it and stressing how good this way

Kevin Erhard  11:15
yep that's his that's his that's his whole vibe. What follows is basically a recap of a recap of a recap

Phil  11:23
yeah remember we told you guys last episode there gonna be a lot of recaps here's another

Kevin Erhard  11:27
more recaps it I'm not even gonna cover it because it literally everything that we've already had and then mark off says that Welcome to the team. So it's like just altman saying everything that he's already said that we have already read. Yeah and Tim Tom and Terry saying oh we didn't kill that one guy. Yeah, and they

Phil  11:48
cover they cover Hammond suicide again. I think that's like the third time that characters in this book word for word told you what happened with that guy? They cover the tail of the devil thing with the mythology that's changing somehow whatever so that's brought up again and then they actually do start to kind of bring up something with with the relic you know with with the with what do you call it? What do they call it a

Kevin Erhard  12:17

Phil  12:18
the Mark Yeah, yeah. So that does kind of that's at least something new but it comes at the tail end of just pages of them going yeah last time on Dead Space yeah last

Kevin Erhard  12:31
time that's exactly

Phil  12:33
what ends up happening and and so they start talking a little bit more about the objects you know in objects sending a pulse signal from the center of a mass crater perhaps buried since the creation of the crater 1000s or hundreds of 1000s even millions of years ago What if it was the crater but the object itself striking the earth like that's they're just they're building up the crater again Okay, the crater craters are

Kevin Erhard  13:01
Hall of friendship. Right.

Phil  13:10
And we can actually it's kind of funny because altman does kind of think he's kind of he's hearing what we're saying in a way because at certain point markups is to open he says, I'll altman What am I going to do with you? And altman says are you threatening me and I was like, actually no for the first time so far he's just being condescending he's threatening everyone else

Kevin Erhard  13:42
he's just yeah threat that threats are just how he communicates pretty much that's really top threats are his love language

Phil  13:52
mine too and we get another weekend a little bit of you know basically a mark off tells Allman after some more recap by the way they go over the the strange lung beasts that they found on the beach that they burned down they they do all that shit and mark off kind of does threaten him at this point saying like you would he says you've guessed enough that maybe I've got to decide whether or not to use you or to kill you. And and then mark off, pulls a gun on him. Yeah, pulls a gun on the guy says goodbye Mr. altman and Outlander. It says open and closed his eyes and gritted his teeth heard the snap of the hammer, but no bullet came, he opened his eyes mark off was watching him intensely focused. all in good fun. He said. I never intended to shoot you. Welcome to the team. Why?

Kevin Erhard  14:55
Why Why? Why does he like I don't understand why he's carrying around if he's like, if he's like a military man,

Phil  15:06

Kevin Erhard  15:07
Well then why is he carrying around an empty gun?

Phil  15:10
Right, right? At this point, now here's the thing. I know a lot of you are saying Didn't you feel Didn't you just complain that this guy has never done anything like as a show of power or anything like that? Doesn't this count? It doesn't because at this point, he's already made up his mind like I'm already he's already done all the rigmarole like he's he's brought the guy on he's part of the team now. There's no question about it. The guy's like, Yeah, sure. I'll work with you. So why do that now? It doesn't make sense you know, it just it feels ass backwards. I don't know.

Kevin Erhard  15:44
Yeah, no, it's it's very ass backwards. And then the in the next chapter. Terry and the twins are hurrying altman along and they talk again about Hammonds. Yes, again, there. There have been more conversations about him and dying than the number of pages that Hammond was actually on.

Phil  16:10
Yeah, literally five or six pages ago, the bay explained, we didn't kill the guy. He killed himself. And then they also then the and then six pages later, we're still talking about we just asked him, we're just trying to ask him a question. He flipped out. I never and here's the thing, if you would just have a moment or is like, hey, kill themselves, it was terrible. And then maybe you write the he explains the gruesome incident to him, right? You know, something like that. But instead, we have an entire paragraph of dialogue, where he goes into dial into great detail of what happened, which we already know. It's just it's so padded, you you mentioned before that this book feels added, it's moments like these, that it's just really, really slapping it on and it doesn't need it. This book doesn't need it. If anything, it needs to be cut down a lot.

Kevin Erhard  17:06
Yeah, that this could have been a novella, novella, whatever. So basically, yeah, they and then they leave they he has his stuff, he leaves and all men is reunited with ADA. And also the a few of his scientist friends that he was researching with except for Ramirez, who they've decided he didn't want him to come. Yeah, why there's no answer of all the things that there's there's answers and repeated answers about including Hammond fuckin Hammond, who over and over again over and over again. This guy Ramirez is is basically the, like the little sister in what was that? What was that show?

Phil  18:02

Kevin Erhard  18:04
I have a reference ever reference. With damage. It was gonna be it was it was again one of those instances where I thought it was just going to come to me. Yeah, where? And it did not it did not I crashed and burned on IMDB. Now you're gonna find, I gotta find it. I have to find it and finish the reference. There we go. Like the little sister on family matters just going up the stairs and disappearing from the show.

Phil  18:39
I think that was worth it. I think that was worth it. I think it was pretty good. It was good. Yeah, he just kind of don't bring it up. They just they literally says there's your marriage. And then they didn't have him come. What do they do with him? Huh? That's it. I think the author realized it was like I have written way too many two dimensional characters. I'm gonna have to throw one of them off the plane. Let's just let's just let him eat. So you couldn't come? Yeah, choose. This mom wouldn't let him.

Kevin Erhard  19:13
man he goes, mom wouldn't let him. Yeah, hey, he couldn't go outside today.

Phil  19:18
There's a great moment when he finds ADA, that she's already aboard with everybody else and says ADA was there her face taught drawn. She he sat down next to her and she clung to him. She isn't usually like that he thought she must be terrified. And I just thought of the scene. In airplane guy. The stewardess asks the guy if he wants another cup of coffee and his wife says No, he doesn't. He doesn't want a cup of coffee. It was actually I think it was like a cup of coffee. And the inner monologue of the wife goes, huh? Dave never has second cup of coffee at home. Just because that's weird. inner monologue she isn't like this storm she doesn't normally cling to me She must be terrified. Good job altman you're really just just an empath over here waiting to read

Kevin Erhard  20:12
the situation

Phil  20:15
it's like I don't mean to alarm you but I can't help but notice that you are scared yeah we're being taken away in a government fucking helicopter. Yeah I'm a little scared I'm little I'm a little on edge all then hope that's all right we're breaking up you know what if we're broken up can they drop me off and me and I don't have to deal with your bullshit anymore I'm out boyfriend ever

Kevin Erhard  20:40
worst boyfriend ever so they fly and yeah, I'm I'm like looking back through this chapter because it's a lot of description of them just kind of like walking through this new compound that they are going to be kept on

Phil  21:01
you're kind of given just like the rundown ever so briefly on the ground and you know where they are within it. It's it's kind of silly when you get down to it because they they they get down it's this enormous place

Kevin Erhard  21:17
it's floating it's this floating ship compound thing.

Phil  21:22
Yeah, they're there they're old and as you go like they're getting to know it they're there they get so sorry what's the word quarters everyone gets the you know, they kind of the scientists all live in these bunks together. But oltman since he's got his girlfriend there they get like a storage cabinet. That's been you know, you know, refurbished for the two of them. So they have a honeymoon suite. Sweet. No, absolutely. And he does. They do paint it as a positive leave. It sounds like it sucks. I bet I bet you anything. His girlfriend hates it. And he's like, Hey, sweetie, this is pretty cool. I don't talk to me. Don't talk to me. I don't we're done. We're done. I'm not touch. And it's kind of silly. Because as the chapter goes on, you get you get an impression of the people who are working with them and that kind of thing. And it gets really silly because you start to realize, hey, weren't they really emphasizing the whole thing about how top secret This is? And they want as few people to know about it as possible. In fact, they're like threatening and intimidating people who know about it. And you realize they're like, there's got to be 1000 people, there's like a million scientists it's like they talk about all these different scientists like different kinds of scientists. They even say some of them are like famous some of them had used to have you know, some level of of mainstream popularity out in the world. And now they're here and then you take into account older guards and there's cafeteria workers and staff and it's like everyone knows what I feel like. I feel like this is how they got everybody on board like they are not good at keeping a secret.

Kevin Erhard  23:09
Did you know that there is a full production of little shop a hoarder on board

Phil  23:17
just it's just yeah, that's just I feel like everybody everybody who was involved the only reason they got involved is because these people are terrible at keeping a secret they found out about it and so they had to intimidate them and go well I guess we'll give you a job on board of our of our floating vessel then instead it's like what do you do? I'm a janitor. Great. We need janitors. You find out about this Oh, you don't exactly keep it a secret Shut up.

Kevin Erhard  23:48
The entire town of Chicxulub is is now on the thing because

Phil  23:52
they're all they're all on the paycheck

Kevin Erhard  23:53
Oh yeah. A Markov did the empty gun thing with literally all

Phil  23:59
every one of them he gets off the only way he can get an erection anymore. It's like Oh fucking love that trick. That's the best that's how they get the prostitutes on there. They're like we found out about your like, they it's just they're telling their friends I was like hey, do you need a job? Just send an email to this Markoff guy and tell him you know about a ship don't even be specific about it he'll come they'll threaten you it'll be a little scary but then I mean they do benefits like like yeah I got dental dude like they pay pretty good so yeah just just like tell him you know about his just say fly you know floating ship thing in you got a job man. I guarantee Yeah. It is so stupid.

Kevin Erhard  24:43
That so one of the there's like a little bit of a like tension thing. Because field who is like the who altman just thinks is a big piece of shit. The guy that he shared an office with field for some reason, has access to the room. Where the marker will eventually be kept yeah he's like he is everybody else has no access except for fields and you can tell like it's under aultman skin

Phil  25:11
yeah he doesn't like him and and honestly I mean Did I miss something like I picked up that like he just it was I put what I picked up on him not liking field was more of a like it's my coworker we share a desk he's obnoxious he eats cabbage on Wednesday farts all afternoon I took it as to be no more than that and the way they described it there It sounds like he like he's like I he doesn't trust him like he's incompetent or something like that yeah he's something

Kevin Erhard  25:41
no it's his stated can concerns with field where that field literally just does his job and leaves at like five o'clock

Phil  25:50
right right. Thank you all men foot capitalist swine. Boss gets dollar I get a dime. You know, that's the so I'm gonna work harder.

Kevin Erhard  26:04
That's why I poop on Connie. Honey time.

Phil  26:06
What the fuck? So yeah, they make a big deal out of that. That he doesn't like, field I guess. Yeah, I guess fields guy. We got to watch out for this guy. He's gonna end up being some sort of twisted monster in the end. Who knows?

Kevin Erhard  26:25
Yeah. So he slaps

Phil  26:29
it? Yeah. Oh, it's great.

Kevin Erhard  26:33
Finally, finally,

Phil  26:35
she might be the sanest person in this whole book. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  26:40
Yeah, at the moment. Yeah.

Phil  26:44
I'm not going nuts here.

Kevin Erhard  26:46
Yeah. So the flowering compound he meets he meets a guy named Hendrix. Who is he just becomes friends with Hendrix.

Phil  26:59
And he kind of comes off as like just this. I don't know. Why was it just me? I, the way they described Hendrix, I just imagined him as this just lovely bro dozer of a man. They describe is like he's got a big bushy red beard. And like crumbs are always gathering in it. And like all these things, just, it's just a sweet guy. And he's a he's a pilot. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  27:23
yeah, he's a pilot. It's it's pretty much the only thing he can do is his pilot.

Phil  27:29
And I love him. I just I don't know why I think maybe something in my brain was desperate for a character that actually had some characterization. altman doesn't even have this. They literally just say he's got a red beard. And they describe a meeting and every time he eats, he gets food in his beer and he has to clean out his beard that is more characterization than they gave altman who is our theoretical protagonist so I think there's a part of it was like Oh thank god someone i'd love this man eat someone I love this character.

Kevin Erhard  27:59
Hendrix we love the no will die for Hendrix. We will die for Hendrix, love. So yeah, they talk about piloting and all that stuff. And basically, Hendrick starts teaching them how to run it. And then altman gets Mary Sue altman gets really good at

Phil  28:22
this he he's a he's a great pilot. He's one of the best they've gotten in fact one of

Kevin Erhard  28:27
the best ever for piloting that he could suddenly fucking run a bath escape or whatever it is

Phil  28:37
three classes and he's a pro nail is a pro nailed it to the wall. Good for you all been proud of you.

Kevin Erhard  28:45
Yeah, good for him.

Phil  28:47
Yeah, anyway, that is that is in that is pure marysue bullshit there. And I don't know did we do this? Do we explain it? I don't know if it's if it's a foregone conclusion at this point. But do we explain to our audience what Mary Sue is for Yeah, who doesn't know?

Kevin Erhard  29:00
Yeah, Mary Sue or Gary Sue. Or in this case, I'm Michael altman is a self insert character often found in fan fiction that is extraordinarily talented. For no real story reason. Like they are good at everything. Yeah. And it's it doesn't make sense.

Phil  29:24
It just it never it's, there's no one in there as good or as competent as lamberson. Yep. It's so strange. So that brings us to chapter 30 for our next chapter. And and that kind of goes immediately into what happens here because Hendrix, the his co pilot, basically the guy he works with normally taking, taking the What do they call the submarines basic app. The guy he works with is this guy Moresby, who his big thing is that he's supposed to be the son. Have some great submarine pilot I guess. And he's just a drunk he's just a drunk and he's unreliable and and and finally one one morning he he they get up they've got a mission that they've got to go down in the submarines and Moresby has just case so he got so absolutely blasted the night before that they cannot confidently have him helping him to pilot this thing so guess what? oltmans got a shot

Kevin Erhard  30:38
up mins got a shot now what exactly what exactly happens to Moresby that causes open step

Phil  30:50
Oh, are you talking about him dying?

Kevin Erhard  30:52
He fucking dies fucking dice Gods so drunk that he falls from one of the lifts and just picture wrap on Moresby

Phil  31:05
I guess and I can't help but feel that we're going to like that this is going to be like Oh, he wasn't actually drunk one of the big robots took over Berber Berber but for now it's it's barely mentioned character it's just like oh yeah, you got hammered and they're like oh, we didn't get hammered. He died. Oh, okay. Well, we better get down in the submarine. Just Just like that. It takes very little time for people to Yeah, just not they get over it pretty quick.

Kevin Erhard  31:39
They get over it. Like oh, that's a shame.

Phil  31:42
Oh my god anyway, and hold on. There's something else. That's right, because aultman goes to find more speed for some reason. Yeah, like Hendrix devils. Oh, yeah.

Kevin Erhard  31:57
Basically, he's like, so Hendrix didn't want more speed again, trouble so often, like, gets Moresby and he drags him down and then to meet with mark off or yeah mark off and then Moore's be wanders off. Right? And then takes a spill off the left and fucking dies.

Like, it's my fault. I should have watched him more carefully. It's like like, yeah, yeah, I

Phil  32:28
guess maybe I'll make man like Alright, let's get in the submarine dude so bad the sphere. And they hit on down and and we're getting, you know, we're getting some serious flashback vibes in today. And thank God because it's a flashback is similar to a recap, but not the same.

Kevin Erhard  32:54
Not the same.

Phil  32:56
That's good, at least. Now here's my question. Do they get in the bath is beer heading down to the crater again? chapter 35 opens with a week later they arrived.

Unknown Speaker  33:08
Week passes. A week passes? Yeah.

Phil  33:15
It feels like a pretty big jump.

Kevin Erhard  33:18
Yeah. Nothing happened.

Phil  33:20
Nothing happened for a whole week. Why? What decision went into that?

Kevin Erhard  33:29

Phil  33:31
an arbitrary week just passes.

Kevin Erhard  33:33
Yeah. And now they're there. I believe they after this week now they are floating, basically directly over top of the marker.

Phil  33:42
Yes. So they are they are getting there. They're, they're getting their assignments. And they are going to be setting themselves up and going down. And like I said, we've got we've got kind of a flashback and a flashback as well. It's a bit of an illusion to the last time that dude's hopped into a bathysphere and went deep down towards that greater. Yeah, yeah, that doesn't disappoint.

Kevin Erhard  34:09
No. So yeah, basically in this chapter, Stevens is kind of like, yeah, or not Stevens Hendrix is to help talking to Stevens. You know, like, Yeah, I don't know if I feel good, but I think I'm fine. And then Altman's, like, yaps Hendrix is fine. He is my friend and we should we should go down with him.

Phil  34:32
He's my friend and dammit, he's fine. Oh, I don't know man.

Kevin Erhard  34:37
And then chapter 36 starts with no reason to be nervous. Hendrick said it's just like any other day,

Phil  34:45
right? Which is exactly exactly what you hear right before everything goes swimmingly.

Kevin Erhard  34:52
Yeah. Basically, they start going down and At 2700 millimetres almond, almond looks at Hendrix and Hendrix is pale and stiff face tears were dripping. This is like the third paragraph of the of the chapter Hendrix has already gone

Phil  35:17
through time it's kind of a joke Really? Yes Like the first sentence in the chapter is no reason to be nervous it's later he's crying. He's sobbing hysterically and telling Goldman I don't want to die What the fuck man like you were just with me?

Kevin Erhard  35:41
Just fine and then he's like you're not gonna die. Oh don't worry. And then this I highlighted this because I thought it was weird for for this guy Hendrix to be talking about it. Hennessy and dantec. What happened to them? We're not meant to be down here. Oh, man, I can feel it. And I guess maybe the The video was broadcast but like

Phil  36:00
apparently everyone on the fucking staff saw it. So apparently,

Kevin Erhard  36:04
it's just I just found it weird that Hendrix was super familiar with like, their names. You know what it

Phil  36:10
was? It was a little odd. Yeah, I agree. That's a kind of an odd decision.

Kevin Erhard  36:15
Yeah, I was like, I personally wouldn't be like what about those other two guys that died or whatever? Right. Right.

Phil  36:22
Having a panic attack base. Yeah, you're not gonna remember their names? Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  36:28
So yeah, they continue, like Kendrick says is like alright, I'm good. I can I can. I can do it. Yeah,

Phil  36:36
yeah. And they basically they kind of switch spots like like oldman basically is like, Look, you do the readings. And you do the readings. It felt to me like he was trying to give Hendrix like the easy job because he can see him kind of freaking out. Yeah, he's like take readings go over there and read the book

Kevin Erhard  36:58
and look and look at the numbers. The numbers move up and down. Aren't the numbers pretty Hendrick is a pretty

Phil  37:03
colors. Hendrix. I'll be over here fixing the car. Yeah, so they're making their way down. And it goes even further. Next page. It literally says altman says, Good Hendrix. These are excellent readings.

Kevin Erhard  37:23
You're doing very good. And

Phil  37:25

Kevin Erhard  37:27
him on the head.

Phil  37:29
So yeah, so they start taking these readings. And yeah, and Hendricks is just, he's, he's circling the drain. At this point. He is absolutely snapping.

Kevin Erhard  37:42
Yep. And he starts saying his head hurts. Norman's like, yeah, it's fine. It's the pressure. And then Hendrick says the thing that often didn't want to want to hear what Patrick says. I think my father's out

Phil  37:56
there. Right. Right. Which is, boy, here

Kevin Erhard  37:59
we go. Daddy says Hi, dad.

Phil  38:03
Right, right. And this kind of like this made me think so much of that other chapter with the two guys that will chapters I guess. Yeah, because it's trying to. It's trying to be horrific. But it comes off as really funny. That chapter was really funny, too. And then there's something about the way this author writes these guys seeing ghosts of their relatives hilarious. That's so funny. First, he waved Hi, dad, like, oh is not going to laugh at that. That's absolutely ridiculous. And elements reply is equally funny says no, I'm sorry, Jason. It doesn't seem awesome.

Kevin Erhard  38:49
It's like It's like the dialogue you would find in like, 1960s or 1970s. Like sci fi movie, that MST. 3k is lampooning and like the altman character would be played by, you know, some face actor who never quite made it in Hollywood. Yes. I'm sorry, Jason. It doesn't seem possible. Like he's very handsome, but also can't act for shit.

Phil  39:16
Like Yeah, yeah. It's like it's a good thing. You're pretty like that kind of person. And yeah, so Hendricks is just circling the drain. He claims that his dad's out there and elements like, you know, the pressure out there would kill him and he's out there and he says, No, no, it's fine. He's, he's already dead. So the bricklayer can't very well kill him twice. So he's fine. He's fine. So which which, you know, Altman's immediately looking for some kind of escape route here at this point, which Yeah, good for him. At some point, Hendrix just starts slamming like himself into the porthole and

Kevin Erhard  39:53
yeah, he's he's hitting his head against the glass. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, and Um, basically Hendricks is he's trying to open something in the in the ship and all mine is now desperately desperately looking for a weapon.

Phil  40:12
And when I say fine What? ship the shoes were modified bloopers with pebbled Vibram sole but a hard healing back the so flexible and with a snap to it when sensible but stylish $50 at Payless. Like

Kevin Erhard  40:38
he took off his shoe. He took off his shoe and beat him on the face.

Phil  40:42
smacked him with it. You're the author. You can write anything. You could write anything there could be there could be a nearby wrench. You know if we you you weren't like you weren't tied to a shoe, but in a shoe. A shoe You didn't have to describe a modified blue a blue car Hold on I'm gonna look that up that's that's like a boot shoe isn't it?

Kevin Erhard  41:09
I don't know

Phil  41:11
if this is the shoe I think it is if this is some fucking yuppie Hold on. Absolutely is Oh my god. Yeah, okay. Yeah, it's like it's like a derby shoe. Yeah, it's like like a leather shoe. You know? Okay, never it's not as bad as I thought I have

Kevin Erhard  41:31
a shoe that you wouldn't wear going down on a submarine.

Phil  41:35
Right? Which is like a pair of wingtips like what the fuck is he doing with his wrist?

Kevin Erhard  41:46
I've been took off his his his tap shoes.

Phil  41:52
Like he hasn't done a lot of description work. And after when he does do description work, it's always bad and kind of rushed. Yeah. And so I haven't missed it all that much. But this is a situation that I really would like the full outfit if you don't mind author the full on some Tell me what he's wearing. Now that I know I wasn't curious until I found out what kind of shoe this was. And now I need to know what the rest of the outfit looks like. Because if I was picturing in my head, these two guys going down 2700 feet into the depths of the deep blue sea. I don't know I picture you know, a canvas jumpsuit. Something like that

Kevin Erhard  42:38
with some work boots or something

Phil  42:40
right? Or sneakers? I don't know some non slip sneakers. But he's getting fucking bloopers with a pebbled Vibram sole. But they're so flexible with the snap to it. It's snappy Kevin. It's snappy. very snappy.

Kevin Erhard  42:55
Yes, it was it was perfect for his cameo in American Psycho.

Phil  43:01
Except he does feel very American Psycho. So he's like, basically, kind of sneaking up on Hendrix. Like, slowly like

Kevin Erhard  43:11
Jesus Christ. tallman when you get so tasteful

Phil  43:19
up on him. And finally, and finally He's like, trying to keep him calm. So he's like, yeah, your dad's other will hell we ought to get him in here. And it says Henrik stumbled toward the hatch then stopped. Wait a minute, he said slowly. Why are you holding your shoe? Oh, shit thought Altman, but trying to stay calm. They're my favorite shoes. I thought I give them to your father. Smooth. Like holding them. I gotta tell you safe, smooth. Just Just imagine them going. nail that under control. Nailed it. And then finally, the moment you've all been waiting for happens. I mean, just beats the man with his shoes. Just like this is the prequel to that story, that the old roadie in Wayne's World to always still always ended with like, but we had to beat them to death with their own shoes. That was a reference nobody needed.

Kevin Erhard  44:29
Unless we got a bowl full of brown m&ms, obviously wouldn't go on stage that night.

Phil  44:34
God this is why we do a show together.

Kevin Erhard  44:42
We get to the store and there's a fucking Tiger

Phil  44:49
movie. So he takes out Hendrix and tears off his his shirt and like tears it in strips and twists them into ropes. Now here's uh, this is kind of like, I mean, I read a lot, and I couldn't help but think this is an action that you see in books all the time, but I don't think anyone would know shit about how to handle this. If it was done in real life, the idea of taking someone's shirt tearing it in the strips and using it as like improv ropes yeah basically bullshit I believe

Kevin Erhard  45:31
not one of you one no one would there's no one there is no one who would ever know to actually like tear it up like who the if we have no reason to believe that altman would know to tear this the shirt up. At most you do like the hockey thing where he like, foot pulls the shirt up over the guy's head so he doesn't know what to do?

Phil  45:53
Sure, I would buy that 100% more than this. It just it keeps coming up in different books and it's never done by somebody who like is a survivalist or anything like that. It's just some schmuck who's like Alright, well tear his shirt off we'll we'll turn it into a rope

Kevin Erhard  46:10
it's like no no one does that. No, no stop.

Phil  46:14
So he's he's back at the helm. He puts His shoes back on thank god yeah, oh yeah. nonslip just absolutely beautiful souls flexible snap to this job. It's gonna snap Jesus Christ. So he sees he's finds himself kind of like looking out into the abyss, and they've got all kinds of things and all kinds of fish out there, including this really strange one that he doesn't recognize. It's kind of puzzling looking. This is a weird description so I thought it was worth reading here it says a, rather than a long slender body like a viper fish or a thick bulbous one like a lantern fish. It looked like a long fish that had been folded in half and then glued together. Its head was surmounted by a wavy translucent curtain of flesh that resembled nothing so much as a tail in the place of fins it had what looked like little spurs of bone undulating from its sides. I i i've read that part several

Kevin Erhard  47:24
times and I can't picture what he's trying to describe here.

Phil  47:27
I can't I can't because it starts with the folding and app thing because I'm so in the semantics of it. I'm like only fold it in half long lines or width wise.

Kevin Erhard  47:39
Like how is which direction is that folded? Is that Yeah, is that uh Is it is it still a long fish that has just been folded in half length wise or in and then the glue really throws me for a loop because if it's folded in half I didn't need an additional layer of glue to describe right it's that it's that it's also stuck together

Phil  48:07
you can just say it's fold in half

Kevin Erhard  48:10
and a half but then also a little detail as to which half which which which which direction which orientation are we talking here

Phil  48:18
it's so weird it's so he it doesn't it doesn't fit Don't you know if you're reading this at home ladies and gentlemen please don't when you get to this part Please do your best not to give it all that much thought because outside of a moment later it's it is all it is forgotten just as quickly as it came so he keeps watching and then but then he sees something else that's even stranger he sees these excuse me patches of what looked like flat pale pink clouds so like some sort of blob ish

Kevin Erhard  48:55
jellyfish matter type thing again. Yeah,

Phil  48:58
it's it's really weird. And so he basically let's see, at first we thought it was a ray, but it wasn't differentiated in the way a ray was it was just a floating billowing sheet of something. Strange jellyfish may be a fungus of some kind. He nudged the bathysphere in for a closer look. When the craft touched it it draped over the hole and split apart slowly remitting after their passage. Some of it though, adhere to the observation porthole and remained there caught on the rivets. So he's he's got this weird ass jellyfish monster thing? Yeah, it's attached itself to the bathysphere. And, and just in time, he starts to hear Hendrix behind him groaning and waking up. So he's like, Okay, we got to get the fucking we got to keep moving. We got to go. And so they make their way back up. He starts making his way back now make

Kevin Erhard  49:58
haste. So enjoy. After 37 basically there's a couple there's there's like two things that happen in chapter 37. They get up to the surface and the docks and he basically probs he prods Hendrix to lose his mind again, so that it seems like Hendrix is like attacking him or whatever when they open the the sub, and they like, yeah, you keep hitting them. So they're like Hendrix. He's like, and while all the people are distracted, altman hops out of the sub, and he collects the sample. thing, the footage of the weird folded fish. He collects the footage of the weird old fish and the weird pink blobby thing. And, and just like, he's like, as he's running away, say, don't kill Hendrix. He doesn't know what he's do. And then he's like, he's backing away.

Phil  51:00
Go ahead by the way don't know he's he's probably fine. You could not kill him. That'd be cool. So yeah, he's just he Yeah, he

Kevin Erhard  51:11
he Three Stooges out there

Phil  51:13
himself bunch of times to keep them unconscious. Yeah. And then and then when Yeah, they just like, and the way he berates him into fighting him is basically telling him that his dad is dead at the bottom of the ocean. We abandoned your dead dad, and he's even dead or now

Kevin Erhard  51:30
my dad couldn't meet up your dad because your dad's dead. What the

Phil  51:34
fuck is Christ so that yeah, that's chapter 37.

Kevin Erhard  51:42
Yeah, that's chapter one. gruesome. quaking, gruesome. And then 38 pops up and we got basically we got altman debriefing with with Markov. Yeah. And just like telling everything like what happened to Hendrix, where we got

Phil  52:04
a lot of apartment oltmans telling him He says, he thought he saw his father outside the bath escape. He wanted to let him in. He gave a wry smile. I quite understandably was opposed to this. Oh, altman you dashing rogue?

Kevin Erhard  52:19
Well, I was I was quite understandably opposed to this.

Phil  52:25
We were engaged in some witchy reference Hey, what the fuck?

Kevin Erhard  52:33
When your character has no character, then all these other characteristics can just start to sleep it seep in Yeah.

Phil  52:40
Like let's let's make him Errol Flynn for a page. I don't know.

Kevin Erhard  52:45
He has Zorro?

Phil  52:46
Yeah, I mean he just like well, understandably Oh boy. I saw that we would die if he would do that. And I quite understandably do not wish to die today. The game is afoot Markov. Yes, indeed. Indeed. mock off the fuck did this guy okay, he's lost. He's lost. He comes back up and he's just completely snapped in that way that would be way better.

Kevin Erhard  53:14
Yeah. Yeah, he is he's basically some at some point on the surfacing Alban became inspector Paul row

Phil  53:28
just a weird weird moment there Yeah, they're doing all of they he basically tells them about the the signal about the you know about Hendrix becoming more violent the deeper they got. Let's see.

Kevin Erhard  53:46
Yeah, Norman's like, basically Well, yeah, well, you're the one that's going to get it got to go down again. And they they talk about basically Hendrik Markov. Sorry, Markov is like you're gonna have to go down again. And Altman's like, and I'm gonna give you some stuff like a tranquilizers or whatever.

Phil  54:07
Yeah, he offers him a tranquilizer gun. I was like, Oh, well, you know what, that would have been way better than beating him with my wingtips

Kevin Erhard  54:14
with my with my fancy shoes. I'm my

Phil  54:17
friend. So there's yourself to God,

Kevin Erhard  54:21
at some point often takes his shoes out and puts them on the table and says, Look at these fine shoes.

Phil  54:27
Yeah, that's it. You go the other direction. Somebody takes up and shoes, puts them on the table goes, I don't need a fucking tranquilizer gun. I got these babies, don't I? They fit me safe enough. They'll keep me safe at the bottom of the ocean.

Kevin Erhard  54:42
There's a snap to them. There's

Phil  54:50
Oh, t shirt number six.

O and O And the other thing and I like this because this is completely impractical but I guess there but but mark off agrees to it without any question. He says I want a tranquilizer gun and I want anyone who goes down me goes down on me with me to be strapped to the chair like just I need this guy to be tied up and it's like I show no that's a great idea Marcos like dun dun like well that's like what else do you want? That's like a fire hazards like done

Kevin Erhard  55:27
let's let's matter people together Yes, that's what

Phil  55:31
it is. That's what it is. mark off saw him being a man nearly to death with shoes. And he's like I have a kindred spirit

Unknown Speaker  55:38
fan to us. No Finally,

Phil  55:41
I never thought of your shoes before this kid is working on a whole different level. That brings us to chapter 39

Kevin Erhard  55:50
murders boy Hendrix Jimi Hendrix he wakes up loses his mind and then just murders the shit out of a nurse

Phil  55:58
yeah yeah just completely which I couldn't help but think of opens rounds like Don't hurt him here

Kevin Erhard  56:06
he's probably fine is probably fine. And it

Phil  56:09
just cuts to him tearing nurses thrown out like it's pretty bad.

Kevin Erhard  56:13
Yeah, it is gross. It is a brutal scene. he rips her throat out with his teeth

Phil  56:21

Kevin Erhard  56:24
it g after his a few and I don't like the this the way this is written I don't like this The implication or anything about this sentence. A few seconds later after his body had done a few more things to her he was saying she's dead and I was like that needed that was not the right way to write that

Phil  56:45
no that that needed clarification my friend look we can deal with a lot of things but but that kind of vagueness here really that that's you're really reaching here.

Kevin Erhard  56:57
Yeah, buddy. BK Let me tell you. Yeah, not a good sentence.

Phil  57:04
Yeah, yeah. You know, it's like you You want you never want to be vague where where necrophilia or rape are on the table, my friend, you want to be very specific and let us know what you did and didn't mean?

Kevin Erhard  57:17
Yeah. Anyway, he so he talks to his, he talks to his pops a little bit more.

Phil  57:24
Yeah. And it's another situation where the ghosts seem to be trying to scare them away from the marker. Yeah. It's weird. I don't quite fully get it because this happened to what's his name? The guy who lost his mind and the Baptist for the first time.

Kevin Erhard  57:41
Yeah, yeah. As I don't touch the marker, just leave it. Right.

Phil  57:45
And so like there, it's kind of it's actually kind of clever. I don't know if it's meant to be or not. But it's kind of a clever reversal of things. Because normally, right, you know, the ghost is like, in your way more violently, or trying to get you to touch the things so that you will release all kinds of grib leads

Kevin Erhard  58:04
such the thing and become one with the ghosts. And the ghosts. Both of these ghosts are like don't touch the thing. And don't become one with us.

Phil  58:13
We leave well enough alone, you're probably fine. Leave it alone. And you know, that's not normally the case with these kind of storylines. So yeah, I found that to be very interesting. It is very interesting. It definitely wasn't the case with the first deadspace game.

Kevin Erhard  58:30
No, the ghosts were like, oh, come join a

Phil  58:33
right you know, that was the whole point. So it's a it's an interesting kind of backwards phenomenon here.

Kevin Erhard  58:39
Reverse psychology.

Phil  58:40
Hmm. You know what, maybe that's what it's like apparition ghosts, reverse psychology. That would be fascinating reverse

Kevin Erhard  58:50

Phil  58:54
Goodnight, everyone. I think that was a but I think that's kind of a significant thing. Because it's actually the first thing in the book that like, I'm actually really curious as to seeing how it plays out. Yeah, the fact that the ghosts are kind of like trying to keep them away from the marker. Whereas you would think it'd be the opposite like that. I'm interested in seeing how that plays out. And how that how that works. Right? And if it doesn't, I'm going to be frustrated.

Kevin Erhard  59:25
Well, you're already there.

Phil  59:27
Well, that's a good point. That's a good point. I can't very well go further down and I so yeah, so he's, he's talking to his dad. His dad says don't don't do this. And eventually his dad just kind of disappears. Yeah. And oh, Chapter

Kevin Erhard  59:44
end of that chapter. And then we have a really just a weird scene. Come on Kindle. What are you doing to me? What are you doing to me, Kindle?

Phil  59:55
Oh, no, no, no, no. Are you Kindle? Thank you.

Kevin Erhard  59:59
It just like sometimes randomly, like quits back to the library and have to reopen the book. Here we go. So chapter 40. It's the last chapter in this in this part. And we have like this, this mini scene.

Phil  1:00:16
Yeah, for sure it's, it's what I referenced earlier,

Kevin Erhard  1:00:20
it just happens where Altman's like showing an IQ theologists the video of the fish me like you ever seen some crazy shit like this and the IQ Diaz it's like, Man, it's fucking crazy. That's it. That's the scene.

Phil  1:00:35
Yeah, that's fucking weird. Right? Right. Right. And, and. And the ACL just says we like, you know, like, Can I get a copy of that? It's kind of funny because it's like, played up a little more than you would think it would be because people who are into the science of fish, and insects in particular, those kind of, you know, creatures that are either small or really good at hiding from us. They find new species of these things pretty frequently. Yeah. And, and so i think i think i can't maybe I'm wrong if you're an IQ theologist or no one, you know, it's like, maybe I'm wrong, but I can't help thinking technology. It's like, huh, yeah, that's probably a new species. Cool. Okay, can I have that cool?

Kevin Erhard  1:01:24
I'm gonna take credit for this.

Phil  1:01:26
I'm gonna I'm gonna get some. I'm gonna go and get another grant Part Six.

Kevin Erhard  1:01:32
The egg theologist is grant grants. Defense.

Phil  1:01:36
No, Kevin it's 125 pages. What are we doing?

Kevin Erhard  1:01:44
And then Graham

Phil  1:01:47
let's move on to the epilogue. And then it just cut straight back to this moment in the book. You're like, Oh, fuck, and rice isn't this purple? This is ridiculous. So in Finally, we get we get a lot more interaction with with a guy that I've been curious about simply based on his name.

Kevin Erhard  1:02:09
scurred. The disposable assassin. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, we

Phil  1:02:13
get a little more time with him. And he's, he's showing him the pink. The pink tissue video. Yeah, that he basically got Hendricks killed to not killed but you know, imprisoned. Yeah. To to collect the sample for and it's just the mentioned later that this guy is German or Austrian or something. But it's still a weird bit of dialogue. He right he says he says a script says I don't think this is so I think it was alive. Not so long ago. It was alive when you found it. Maybe even alive until you bottled it. That can't be said ultimate. When I found it. It was just like this, but in big sheets. It couldn't have been alive. Yes, it's good. It is a very simple organism. I do not know what it is. It has no brain and no limbs and was made of almost nothing at all, but it was technically alive. altman shook his head. You are a doubter. I see sets cut and it's just the man has no contractions Why does he talk like

Kevin Erhard  1:03:24
I can prove with simple experiment you like

Phil  1:03:27
yes it's not an important detail why do we have to work it into his fucking

Kevin Erhard  1:03:33
guys playing is played by Peter McNichol during the accent from Ghostbusters to the child being with

Phil  1:03:56
but it's Halloween that makes perfect sense. It's just and they don't bring up his accent or anything like that in the moment. So it just reads is really stilted and kind of strange. But basically long story short he proves to him that the the pink flesh sheet is indeed alive.

Kevin Erhard  1:04:16
Yeah, it is living it is a living tissue. Which eating tissue It feels like oh man is like bread. That's impossible. I mean, like, I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of weird fucking shit in the sea. theologist just told you that. Why are you so weird about this?

Phil  1:04:34
You're really gonna die on money. like everything's weird, man.

Kevin Erhard  1:04:39
Everything's weird. just just just take Scott at his word and let them just do his weird shit with you.

Phil  1:04:46
Right? He's so he's got he goes to his girlfriend. And he's just telling her you know, the stories and everything like that and they talk the two of them talk probably for the equivalent of like three or four. Five minutes right? And they're talking and then finally she mentions that they start talking about all these people who are dying. Yeah. On the ship. I heard that wenbo went crazy tried to strangle with Marcos men I heard the same things and similar thing happened with Claire mountain Dawson whoever they are and lonely stabbed Ewing and then painted a sort of weird symbols on the walls and little tot he shot his mom like it's just like all these random people that we've never heard of before. killings yeah we just now hearing about this Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  1:05:36
it's it's really weird like sudden. Oh, yeah, I mean, Frank press. He had to Frank press this character we've never met before he

Phil  1:05:46
attempted suicide.

Oh, wow. That's crazy. Wow, wild and southern fried crystal, not only attempted, he succeeded CD, there must have been three or four more on the list. And, and he says and he says, I mean there are there are only two or 300 on board that put the suicide rate up over 2% that can't be normal candidate Ada shook her hand. It's not scientifics and altman waving his fingers around. I don't know what that means. But I still don't like what it's telling me. Now, here's the thing. And again, if you're a scientist and you're listening, tell me if I'm wrong. I think that is scientific. Right? that these are patterns they're patterns, you can study patterns. Yeah, like you can gather data based on patterns that are happening in your environment. Isn't that science

Kevin Erhard  1:06:37
data set of people in a very specific environment so I can kind of like start to understand like, the like, all these scientists just suddenly killing themselves trying to kill each other and writing shit. Using shit to write on the walls.

Phil  1:06:55
altman universe scientist, science some

Kevin Erhard  1:07:00
science just a little bit off man. Like god dammit. I'm a scientist, not a scientist. Scientists I'm

Phil  1:07:08
not so so yeah, that's not a huge thing when it's like, I'm already I'm already kind of really in the weeds as to who the fuck altman is even after all this time. And then for him to like, point out something like this. It's like it's not science, it's science. But I can still probably learn something from like once. I think it wouldn't bother me so much if there weren't so many other little details stacking up. Yeah. So finally, we get the beginning of his next expedition down, right and, and we get another moment. I'm just gonna read it. I'm just gonna read

Kevin Erhard  1:07:53
out for you here, go for it.

Phil  1:07:58
mark off, approaches him with a tranquilizer gun has ever worked one of these olman sugars and he opened the cartridge darts go here he said, cartridge snaps in and out there co2 cartridges in the grip, but you don't need to worry about changing nose will handle it. You pull this bolt back, he said, drawing back a lever on the gun side and set the safety like this. It's easy to thumb off. As long as the bolts back, it'll shoot aim for flesh. Now, I admit, I have never had any of my books published. I am not nearly as successful of a writer as a current author. Yep. Humbly. I suggest that maybe taking that paragraph and replacing it with he showed him how to work the gun. I'm just saying. Maybe we don't need his exact dimensions and weight. Maybe that's not important. Maybe not. I there's so much padding in this book.

Kevin Erhard  1:09:06
Just just trim it just a little bit. Just a little bit.

Phil  1:09:10
Just a little bit. A little bit. A little

Kevin Erhard  1:09:12
is like a little too much. What is it spoils the broth? Salt, salt. Yeah, this is salt.

Phil  1:09:23
Yeah, this is salt. Gotcha. For God's sakes, man. I am

Kevin Erhard  1:09:28
dehydrated from all the salt here.

Phil  1:09:30
Salt. All the padding salt. I know it's cheap, but my god man at what cost at what cost in the grand scheme of things. Yeah. So eight it comes down to he's leaving in 15 minutes as it comes down. She doesn't want him to go down but he's never listened to her. She wants. She exists for no other reason than to be like his girlfriend who like doesn't want him to do things. Yeah, like that's all she she doesn't offer anything and when she does offer things It doesn't make sense like the whole mythologies change. Right, you. Nonsense. And then and then and then the bitterest pill to swallow. Is she has she realized that he hasn't heard that Hendrix is dead. She says you haven't heard haven't heard what Hendrix is dead he killed a nurse tore her apart. They had to shoot him. So that's the note that Altman's about to go deep, deep down into the depths of the ocean with

Kevin Erhard  1:10:37
Yeah, I love I love it. It's like she says, she says, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don't go. And altman is I have to go. I have no choice. turns away from her.

Phil  1:10:50
Jen walks away linkin park starts playing in the background. He's just so he's just so strong. It's just this is just the you know, that's what that space is. It's the celebration of Altman's strength. Yeah. Oh my god, man. He's so powerful so charming,

Kevin Erhard  1:11:09
so charming and in the end

Phil  1:11:15
it doesn't even matter

Kevin Erhard  1:11:16
It doesn't even matter.

Phil  1:11:19
For the GUI for the wrench that song we're not there yet.

Kevin Erhard  1:11:27
Just just tag it with tagging with linkin park and

Phil  1:11:38
and that's part four

Kevin Erhard  1:11:41
we only got three more parts to go but I got three more to go baby we're probably gonna fly through a few of these just about yeah only three more parts to go smarter

Phil  1:11:53
oh my god i hope you guys are enjoying it as much you know that's the thing reading it is difficult but at least I get to sit around and bitch about it with you. So this this works out in the end on that on that side.

Kevin Erhard  1:12:05
Yeah, yeah. Oh my god. Well that'll do it for today's episode. If you can follow us on Twitter at pixel at pod and give us a five star review on Apple iTunes. It really does help us out. It pushes us up to the Apple search algorithm thingy and share share us with your friends your family, your enemies. Up butterfly if a butterfly flaps by just play the podcast at the butterfly eye they appreciate that and until next time, have a good night everybody

Phil  1:12:49
got a snack?

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