Bionic Commando with HotCyder - Part 1

Heyyoooo, new series! Come aboard for this two parter featuring special guest HotCyder of the Bullet Time podcast. Not only does he host the preeminent podcast on shooters that have missed their mark he is the thumbnail king of youtube, and a pretty spiffy YouTuber in his own right.

Bionic Commando is another Worlds of Power special, which were produced by friend of the pod Seth Godin back in the late 80s and early 90s. This one follows the adventures of the titular Bionic Commando as he advances into Badd territory to save his friend, Super Joe. It's uh, great. Part 2 of this special will be up next week.

Also as an aside, there has been some crunchiness going on with the audio lately and I believe it might have to do with our recording platform. Just FYI, I am investigating how to solve it and if we have to move our recordings elsewhere.