Alien Isolation: Part 1

Happy New Year! We are back kicking off 2023 with a three part series on Alien Isolation by Keith R.A. DeCandido. The game that it is based on, also called Alien Isolation is by far one our favorite games of all time. It's set a decade or so after the disappearance of The Nostromo, the ship featured in the original Alien film. The main character is the 20-something daughter of Ellen Ripley, named Amanda, who is on her way to Sevastopol Station which claims they have received the Nostromo flight recorder, and possibly information on her mother's whereabouts. And that's when things go horribly wrong.

So listen in as we read, recap, and review Alien Isolation to kick off 2023! It's going to be a great year, and we thank you for joining us.

Show Notes

5:30 - Author Bio and Information

13:17 - We start talking about the book

53:06 - Whaddya Playin?