Halo: The Flood Part 1

More Halo! We are reading The Flood by Willaim C. Dietz which is an adaptation of Halo: Combat Evolved. Take a listen while we talk about our favorite character of all time. Yayap.

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Oh you spill something there

Phil  0:03
nothing nothing nothing we're good we're good Oh her delicious beverages in place

Kevin Erhard  0:07
the beverage is safe yeah yeah you know what else is safe Hey there everybody welcome back to pixelate

Phil  0:16
Do you know what is really weird? I actually expected the theme song to just kick in like where's the theme song? It's very quiet

Kevin Erhard  0:29
it's What are you talking about? It's playing right now.

Phil  0:32
It's playing all there it is listening some of these this damn cheap set of headphones

Kevin Erhard  0:42
so Hey there everybody my name is Kevin alongside Phil as always. And today we are diving into a brand new Halo book by William CD it's called the flood live flow look at I don't know if that's gonna record backwards get

Phil  0:59
the you get like the trade. I get. I get like the the shitty beat up. Yeah. Nice.

Kevin Erhard  1:04
I like a like a good looking book. I like Yeah, I like to. I like to keep it net. It's like, Ooh, this is sexy. It looks good. It looks good. Look shit as as masterchief is, is being consumed by tentacles

Phil  1:19
like tentacles. This is our first book that this is our first in a series on how to how to even put this. This is our first book that we've read the second Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  1:30
it's our it's hard. Yeah, it's our first double dip in a franchise.

Phil  1:33
Yeah. But it makes sense because you people loved people.

Kevin Erhard  1:39
Let's let's be honest. People love the extended we're world of Halo, I think. Or they love to hate it. I don't know. I mean, we haven't really heard one way or the other. I think people I think people like it

Phil  1:55
seem to like it. Yeah, it was it was our most popular

Kevin Erhard  2:00
episode. Yeah, the the first episode of our Halo series is our most popular

Phil  2:06
last year. So and now and and Happy New Year, everybody. Oh, Happy

Kevin Erhard  2:10
New Year. Officially 2022. Yes, yes, actually. Yes. So it is officially 2022 It will have been 2022 for a couple of weeks. I believe when this episode goes out. Oh yeah, good point because we just we just came off of world of power Megaman two with Scott. Nice Roger. I hope I hope you all enjoy that at special treats.

Phil  2:33
It's a it's a guest we've wanted. We wanted to hang out. We've been wanting

Kevin Erhard  2:37
wanting Scott on the show for a while and I think we found a nice way to have him on. But salutely Mega Man is Mega Man's basically a Spartan right.

Phil  2:48
I mean, yeah, I mean, that's that's he's just more modular, you know? Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  2:52
you can take them apart. You can put them in you can put them in a box. He doesn't need cryo storage.

Phil  2:57
No, exactly. He's just he just I mean he blinks into a little ball or beam of light when he enters and leaves Yeah, theoretically he just you can he could probably you can probably fit into any little storage space you need Yeah, that's what those little he canisters are. Yeah, it's that's failed Mega Man.

Kevin Erhard  3:18
That's his energy is your drains their lifeforce drinking the essence of his failed brother,

Phil  3:25
his failed brother. Oh, oh, where's that fan fiction holy sheis

Kevin Erhard  3:30
he approaches the container you can hear it whispering killin me.

Phil  3:38
Mega Man stared at the blinking off and on off and on. I will he said crack like just like got like a like a like a can of Coke

Kevin Erhard  3:52
seven I had an unopened can of water but I don't

Phil  3:55
not this time not this time. What you want to what your tasty beverage today?

Kevin Erhard  4:00
It is a good and gather which is the target brand I believe. bubbly water. And it's cranberry citrus. Green. That sounds good. Yeah, it doesn't taste like cranberry or citrus. It just tastes like bubbly water. But you know it well there's at least it's fun to imagine that it's this is like the the flavor on a lot of these flavored bubbly waters is is it's just it's like a it's like a it's like a writing prompt.

Phil  4:31
Right? Yeah. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  4:34
Yeah, it's like when you're just trying to imagine what it should taste like. Like well as a suggestion we say cranberry citrus. Yeah,

Phil  4:45
and if you don't like that try tobacco plum. Get in there get get your creative juices flowing. Why not?

Kevin Erhard  4:56
Why not? So Halo Halo the flight of reach

Phil  5:04
the flood of rage on this and this is the first one that actually this is based on the first Halo

Kevin Erhard  5:12
based on the first Halo game and at a ball and with the exception of some scenes of dialogue with with the covenant which we'll get into it. It's pretty beat for beat the game because the prologue starts with a with an officer third class Sam Marcus, don't get attached to him.

Phil  5:36
Please don't. And I don't wait. I don't know Kevin based on how things went last time. We might need to make sure that he doesn't come back from the dead and is like a long standing. well respected and appreciated care.

Kevin Erhard  5:50
Yeah, yeah, I'm we, you know, you're our foot was in our mouths collective mouths last time, but fair to say. Well, let's just talk about it. Basically. Sam Marcus, we're getting all this backstory about Sam Marcus, who is he's a tech officer. He's he's got a wife, who he hasn't seen in years and he misses her board the

Phil  6:17
pillar bond

Kevin Erhard  6:18
he misses he's on the Pillar of Autumn. He misses her dearly. And

Phil  6:22
basically never a good sign. By the way, it's

Kevin Erhard  6:24
never a good sign and miss your family. Family Don't be that close to retirement either.

Phil  6:32
It's got it's not going to end well for

Kevin Erhard  6:35
you. No, it's not and he gets a call to go down to the cryo stations and and unthaw somebody and he's he's basically says is is it who I think it is? Now we we don't get confirmation on who he thinks it is quite yet. Because we have a jump in scenery over to a covenant character

Phil  7:04
Yeah, and this is the first time now now It bears pointing out that this book is not written by the same author as the fall of reach. This particular books written by William C Dietz who I I tried briefly to look up information on that author and I didn't I didn't find anything but that might partially be because the book is filled to the brim at the end with like where normally there would be an About the Author sector section it's just filled with Halo ads just like toys and the next book and the games and here's here's like collectible frameable arts and action figures and

Kevin Erhard  7:54
constructs Halo

Phil  7:56
Yeah, and it doesn't have there is no about the author I'm on my copy like I feel really bad for Mr. Dietz here like yeah, I'm

Kevin Erhard  8:09
I'm checking there's there's some appendices. Yeah there's nothing even on the back. It's just

Phil  8:19
all right. So Deetz pour will you CDs, we got it. So this is the first time this is our so this is our a new author on this franchise. So this is the first time because in the fall of reach, we never heard from the covenant directly. They were kind of this

Kevin Erhard  8:35
aha, you have I haven't about the author section. Okay. All right. Let me reread this to William CDS is a New York Times best selling author of more than 50 novels, both his gay rights, including Halo, the flood, Starcraft, heavens, devils, and legion of the damned series. He grew up in the Seattle era area served as medic with the Navy in the Marines and graduated from the University of Washington Dietz worked as a surgical technician, A News Writer, a college instructor, a television producer, and a Director of Public Relations for an International Telephone Company prior to embarking on a full time writing career.

Phil  9:13
Good Lord, or well there's there's your here's your fucking theme, ladies and gentlemen, the moral of the story is never

Kevin Erhard  9:20
give up. Never give up there. It's never too late.

Phil  9:24
There's always time to be a New York Times bestselling William C.

Kevin Erhard  9:28
Dietz is like 10 careers deep in his life at this point.

Phil  9:33
He's like the Homer Simpson of the real world.

Kevin Erhard  9:37
That's crazy. And he's he was a he was a former military man.

Phil  9:43
That's an interesting detail just based on you know, based on what we're looking at. Yeah, Halo. Very military, very military.

Yeah. Okay. Okay. So that's good. That's good to know.

Kevin Erhard  9:56
Good to know. Good to know. And he wrote a Starcraft book which is We might have to circle back around like Sam again. Yeah my Sam again. But enough about with MC DT so we're gonna be talking about him plenty as we discussed his writing

Phil  10:11
Drew. Let's let's talk about Orna full some a

Kevin Erhard  10:16
full semi full soul semi by, I'm not entirely sure how to pronounce the Covenant Names. I'm just going to assume that they are pronounced the way they are spelled. Because we're going full phonetics, we're going full phonetics people and if you have an issue with that, you can email us at that's not how it's pronounced@proton.gmail.com. Yeah, that's that's the only place bringing out bringing out the old fake email bit.

Phil  10:46
Yeah. Did you? It's a new year. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  10:53
So false to me is the Is God a ship master? That's basically the captain of the of the ship that is pursuing the Pillar of Autumn. And this is this the it doesn't say that this is the truth in consequence? I assume it is. But

Phil  11:14
I think so. I mean, that's it. So far, as far as I've read, they haven't. They haven't used that term. But yeah,

Kevin Erhard  11:21
yeah, that's, that's the ship that that keys ends up on. But I'm not sure if this specific one is, is three months. Right. But we get it basically, we get a little look into how the covenant hierarchy works. Yeah, because he's the ship captain. But he is outranked by a prophet who is on deck. Yeah. And is getting clergy class. Yeah, basically, this these religious types, and he gets an order countermanded. Basically, he's just like, yeah, just kill the Pillar of Autumn. Just blow it up.

Phil  11:56
Yeah. And the and the Prophet says no, because they're within reach of Halo. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  12:03
When their missiles misses the Pillar of Autumn, then they can destroy Halo. And right like, and,

Phil  12:09
and he sees it actually, it's interesting, because the Prophet isn't really all that concerned. He actually even sees the ship's arrival is like an accident. That's he doesn't see anything sinister about it. And for those of you first off, if if you guys, if you haven't listened to Halo full of reach, you might, you might, it might be easier to understand where we're going to go with this book, if you listen to that first, right. But all the same, yeah, this is they just come out of it's not what is it

Kevin Erhard  12:44
said? That Slipspace I think Slipspace something like every space slippery space.

Phil  12:49
Yeah. And so yeah, he gets he gets counter manded by, you know, essentially a bishop. Archbishop, it would be frustrating if you were like, if you were like an admiral, and you know, an archbishop was able to just like Belay that order. It's like no, no, my boat, you can't think about what I'm doing. I know

Kevin Erhard  13:12
what I'm doing with my guy. So he can't he can't fire on the Pillar of Autumn, which is a guy that is man, the covenant would have just, they would have had an easy victory head would

Phil  13:27
have just yeah, this would have been a pamphlet. It's interesting. And it's interesting, because we the covenant, I think the covenant point of view that we're getting here, it it's worth focusing on a little because everything we know about the covenant from the first book is based on the assumptions and the research of humanity, right. And they're kind of assuming that the covenant is like this religious sect that is, has been collecting races as they go as they you know, based on their abilities and strengths. And, and I think the interesting thing is I didn't even know this. They point out the the Prophet points out that the, the halo itself wasn't made by the covenant. It was it's made by ancients. It's a race that they're not even aware of. Right? Fully. That's so it's been in, in that area of space for God only knows how long right so it's very mysterious. Yes, Ruby.

Kevin Erhard  14:32
Yeah. And, and also, I think one of the things that's interesting is that there is a perception when we see the covenant from the characters. The human side is that the covenant is like this monolithic entity that is just there they're coming to even though it's made but by made up of all these different races, they're like this The all these true rabid religious fanatics and even in this first scene you kind of get the sense of it like that's not really true. I mean like the ship Master is like yeah he's a he's a believer clearly in the stuff but he's still kind of annoyed. Like right it's not like it's gonna be you know like yeah the Prophets the Word of God or whatever he's

Phil  15:26
yeah he's annoyed yeah it's it's yeah there's there's more infighting and we'll see more of that as the book goes on. Then we've been like led to believe and I think that's kind of common when you have an enemy it's real easy for you to treat it like they're all united against us. It's like now they're they're fighting amongst themselves too. Yeah, yeah, they're just pretty good at this part. That's all right.

Kevin Erhard  15:53
So basically the they are going to board the ship that is that is their new goal is to board the Pillar of Autumn and that takes us to chapter one section one shot section one chapter one basically it starts right in the thick of it the Pillar of Autumn is under attack it's getting immediately immediately it's getting slapped upside the head with some missiles so that the covenant can begin to board and we have seen it starts right out with keys keys and his crew on the deck basically dealing with the the basically the fighters the right the the fighters swarming the ship and a little skirt.

Phil  16:47
That yet planes Yeah, and and keys sees Halo for the first time. It's glorious. Yeah, it immediately asks Cortana What the hell is that? Cortana has no idea which is an unusual situation Cortana

Kevin Erhard  17:03
rarely knows what things are. Really doesn't know what things are.

Phil  17:08
Let's say she's terrible and are just terrible at her

Kevin Erhard  17:10
job. She is the worst AI in the world.

Phil  17:14
But the AI that like wrote, you know it consumed 1000 romance novels and then it spat out another one that's that that that is more than as far superior she wishes she was writing romance novels.

Kevin Erhard  17:29
I'm sure she does.

Phil  17:32
Actually yeah moments like this

Kevin Erhard  17:36
so yeah, we get the measurements of the of Halo and it's gigantic. It is just a massive thing. They can see a hurricane on the like over one of the oceans on Halo. There's there's an actual hurricane which is it's it's just remarkable to consider the size of this structure.

Phil  17:59
It was a really good detail. Yeah a really neat detail. Yeah made me think of like the giant red spot on Jupiter

Kevin Erhard  18:05
so yeah they basically keys his decision is yeah we're we're going in we're gonna we're gonna try to we're gonna try to crash land on this bad boy

Phil  18:16
Absolutely yeah he's not he's not really count because pillar bottom is being held together by like silly string and a prayer

Kevin Erhard  18:24
that's point yeah, there's stuff yeah,

Phil  18:26
they are. They are just Isn't he so he's not he's like look probably not going to make it out with this ship and Jack so let's just pillar four

Kevin Erhard  18:36
Pillar of Autumn is like it wasn't even battle ready. The last battle it was the battle ready at reach.

Phil  18:47
And they got hit and hit again and yeah, they're just hanging on by a thread.

Kevin Erhard  18:52
Meanwhile, Mr. Marcus and Marcus are new favorite character who is going to be a main character, main character,

Phil  18:59
reoccurring character recurring character and forward to seeing what they do with him in Halo infinite.

Kevin Erhard  19:05
He, there's a lot of technobabble here, but basically, they're they're unsealing unsealing the hushed casket, which is the code for unsealing Master Chief's cryo stasis and we get some we get some, if you haven't read anything if you haven't played Halo or read the fall of reach. There's like a exposition dump here. Just like you get get you up to speed requisite get you up to speed on what a spark is exposition the Spartans

Phil  19:38
are what the world is why it's a big deal. He's the last Spartan and why not shocking and all that good stuff. This Yeah, this is this is just for those of you who haven't read the last book or played the game, here's the deal.

Kevin Erhard  19:52
Here's what a Spartan is. Yeah. And then we get a Spartan speaking of Spartans, Johnny Boy is having a dream.

Phil  20:02
Yeah. Not of war for once. Yeah. He can he can change. So yeah, he's, he's dreaming of a woman, a woman that we kind of assume is his mother. Yeah, first. And then she transforms into Dr. Halsey, who is the woman who is in charge of the Spartan Project, who made him who he is. And it's kind of more of a mother to him than his actual mom. For the for those of you playing the home game, they literally stole these children away from their family and replaced them with cloned versions of themselves. Yeah, the ultimate like, Irish legend Fe Changeling, bullshit.

Kevin Erhard  20:43
And the clone version of themselves was designed to die. It was Yeah.

Phil  20:49
So it's just yeah, it's it's to which point you're just gonna like least if the kid dies, they've got some level of closure.

Kevin Erhard  20:58
Yeah. Like my my boy stead of the

Phil  21:01
kid just disappearing and then never know what happens. So she's a real real peach of a woman as I guess what we're saying that Dr. Halsey and here's another there's another small exposition dump here. Yep. On what we just talked about the super soldier program. And Holsey then becomes Cortana standing and Nishi standing before what is basically described as like an enormous threat. There's this just this this cloud of evil coming his way. But he himself in his dream is a powerless child. Yeah. Who just can't do it. And Kevin, do you have these dreams? Do you have the dream where you're in a fight, but when you go to hit them, it's like you're punching through water and you can only like kind of gently tap them on the face.

Kevin Erhard  21:55
Now? Must my dreams involve my teeth falling out?

Phil  21:59
Oh, that's a good one. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I got that. Got those two. Yeah. And then my and then I don't take care of my teeth. And they actually start falling out. So well.

Kevin Erhard  22:07
Yeah. That's that's the the doubt the downside is the dream so slowly becomes real.

Phil  22:13
Yeah, exactly. It's a real bummer. So, but he, oh, and then and then he wakes up. And I liked this. Because when we were reading through fall of reach, I actually played through the first Halo game. And what happens is he wakes up, he gets thought out. And you essentially get a walkthrough in the book, the tutorial section

Kevin Erhard  22:39
of the game, I got a diagnostic Yes.

Phil  22:41
Yeah, yeah. Could you look left, please. Now could you look right, and like turn your thumb stick to the left, look left, you know, and just it's, it's, it's basically that whole thing. And then, and this is for those of us who are supplementing our reading with the audio book, and Kevin, I think you know exactly what I'm about to bring up here. My job here.

Kevin Erhard  23:05
So I had read, I had read like the first 60 or so pages just on myself by myself with it with the book and then I was doing some cleaning yesterday and I threw on the audiobook to catch up a little bit. And it just got up. It was like, and the Spartan was standing in his Majola near battle armor like oh, never change. Never change Halo audio. I

Phil  23:31
was wondering, for the first I was like, you know, it's a different author. I don't I didn't check to see who the narrator Narrator

Kevin Erhard  23:38
Now Oh, Kevin. There you go. It's the same guy. Yeah, I recognize. So right away.

Phil  23:43
You got Majola near armor, right. And then just like in the game, as soon as your tutorial is basically over, covenant incoming. The shit hits the fan.

Kevin Erhard  23:58
Fire and blasts everywhere. And then a poor Sam. Oh, poor

Phil  24:03
Sam. Yeah, so so we've got the final moment Sam's trying to protect masterchief because mass chief doesn't have any weapons, even though our weaponless Spartan has got to be worth like, 50 regular humans, so I don't know. But Sam is blasted by a covenant elite. And he's like, he loses this picture of his wife. And he's like reaching out trying in his final moments trying to get the picture of his wife. It's the most trophy. He's just trying

Kevin Erhard  24:41
to get the picture and die holding the picture of his wife, right? does not get that though.

Phil  24:48
No, no, he doesn't even get that before the elite like sees what he's doing and just blows them away. And it is extremely sad. I will say there. There are more than a few moments in this book and I don't know what it is. But there are more than a few moments that kind of a nameless grunt or a character who were only that we only know for like five pages dies. And the way Dietz writes is effective enough that I just kill Oh, oh, it's a real shame. It's just it's, it's written not graphically necessarily, but I don't know there's something about it that it's it does it does hit you in the fields just a little bit. It gets even though this moment you might it was he you could have you could have had him say I was only three days away from retirement, and it would be more subtle than this trophy.

Kevin Erhard  25:40
Then yeah, he grabs the photo. And he's leaves blowing up messenger.

Phil  25:46
Of course he is. This is why I put mine to the put it to the side. Popular people want to get in

Kevin Erhard  25:58
touch people want to get in touch with us all the time.

Phil  26:01
Because we can give them things exactly. Powerful people.

Kevin Erhard  26:04
Yes. Sam. Rip Sam. Last head via plasma rifle to the head. It's It's It's It's definitely gone. There. Just be like a neck there. And well yeah, there'll

Phil  26:20
be Yeah, just sizzling,

Kevin Erhard  26:21
sizzling and then sizzling. And then the photo still just out of reach. Like the elite would have put it back down just like he steps

Phil  26:29
on it and steps on photograph snip sticks to his foot, like toilet paper on the way out the bathroom is further marring it and Sam's wife that fucking the mailman.

Kevin Erhard  26:46
And Natalie, he has, he has the he the the photo remains on his boot. He goes down to he's on Halo now. And he's like just walking around. And it's just, it's just on his boot. And that whole time the whole time. The whole encounter down on Halo. He's, you know, he's in he's in battle. He's just he's living. He's fighting with Marines and the ODST and he's got this. And then somebody like a Grunt is like, Hey, what's that? Is that toilet paper on your on your boot? And he kills the grunt. And then he's brought up for court martial. All because he stepped down this guy's wife saw the photo. Yeah.

Phil  27:23
And then and then he finally you know finally actually sees the picture stuck to his foot after he's court martialed. And he goes, Oh, I guy Oh, that guy and apology too late now and freeze frame and the credits roll.

Kevin Erhard  27:37
And then credits roll and you're right.

Phil  27:43
Tune in tomorrow for the new episode of full covenant.

masterchief has got to get to the bridge. That is his only that's the really the only thing he can think of to do at this point. It's chaos. He can't just like charge jazz. He's

Kevin Erhard  28:00
got no gun valuable.

Phil  28:03
So we get lots of lots of explosions and shooting.

Kevin Erhard  28:06
He has he has running on the ceiling at this point. Yeah.

Phil  28:09
No. Yeah. So eventually, after several fights we get we're gonna do this a lot. And those of you who remember the first Halo book, this one's a little more actually. Yeah, so we're just gonna keep going. We're just gonna go play by play.

Kevin Erhard  28:26
Yeah, unless, unless some sort of emotional beat happens.

Phil  28:31
Somebody loses a photograph of their wife or mother

Kevin Erhard  28:36
wearing we spend 10 minutes speculating speculating on the future that photograph.

Phil  28:43
So but mass chief eventually finds keys and he gets he gets the dish. They're going to abandon the Pillar of Autumn while keys there everyone's just going to you know fuck off and getting the the escape pods and lifeboats and everything straight down and keys is going to attempt to land this monstrosity on a halo. Which is insane. It's a terrible idea. And I'm loving it. We missed your keys. We will miss you. You You lunatic. Yeah, you beautiful stupid son of a bitch. She doesn't smoke that pie. He

Kevin Erhard  29:22
doesn't end up. He actually doesn't do that do it? Somebody else does. But he evaluates because he's still important. He's an important

Phil  29:30
guy. So Master Chief's main goal this he's got to protect Cortana Cortana has got all the information. She's got the location of Earth. Yeah. That's very pointed. So he's got to protect her at all costs. Yep. And he gets

Kevin Erhard  29:46
he has to get out basically his orders get off the ship get down to the this ring world that they are exactly.

Phil  29:52
So he gets armed and kills his way towards the lifeboat.

Kevin Erhard  29:57
Yep. Meanwhile, Wow, we got a new we got a new character, a new covenant character. Yes. No. So Lee,

Phil  30:09
I'm sure we'll be here for a long, very long time time.

Kevin Erhard  30:14
They are. Okay. He he he's a He and He is invisible. Yes. And yes is an invisibility cloak on and he is just hanging out just watching the battle because the

Phil  30:28
goal for isn't is to despite not fight yes,

Kevin Erhard  30:33
they decided basically to the covenant has just had decided at some point to just insert these invisible soldiers into battle who are not engaging just to just to get data on what's going on. And is is that's the role is Osasuna. Oh sooner. And he's he doesn't like the job because he would rather be killing humans but he's doing his job anyway.

Phil  31:05
Yeah, the way he sees it is the sooner I get this shit done, let's sooner I'll be able to get back in the infantry and kill humans. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  31:14
masterchief continues killing his way through the boats. There's some cattiness between him and Cortana Love it. Love it sick classic. And yeah, basically it's let's say Cortana started reply. But as they get more marine actually get more marine action we see. We see foe hammer. Oh, yeah,

Phil  31:44
we beat our pilot foe hammer pilot foe hammer. Who just just a, just a badass chick named,

Kevin Erhard  31:51
she gets introduced. The first time you see here is her her waiting for a grunt to round the corner and shooting it in the back of the head.

Phil  32:02
Good introduction. It goes to show you like we're gonna where you're gonna get, you know, so much of the last book was about not just masterchief but the whole process of becoming a Spartan. And so anytime we saw a human's, and like mortal man, if you will, yeah, it was mostly just to kind of exhibit how weak they are compared to God, I'm just knocking everything over how weak they are compared to the Spartans, unless someone like keys or Halsey or something, right? That starts to kind of shift. In this book, we're gonna we're going to get a lot closer to the pilots to the OT, STS, all kinds of functions. So this is our this is one of our first month.

Kevin Erhard  32:45
Yeah, when you really need because at this point, mass chief is the only Spartan left, maybe. Yeah. So yeah, you need some other human character. Exactly at this point.

Phil  32:59

Kevin Erhard  33:03
We get a grunt. We get introduced to a new grunt character. But the name is Yeah, yep.

Phil  33:12
Will will die for Yeah, yep. Do not pass go do not collect 200.

Kevin Erhard  33:18
Yeah. becomes my favorite character in the book mine,

Phil  33:21
too. He and I love

Kevin Erhard  33:25
every scene he's in. And, you know, spoiler, we'll get to it. But every scene he said going forward is basically just him being like, oh, do I have to

Phil  33:34
write? It's brilliant? Because, yeah, yep. For those of you who have played Halo yabsta grunt one of those little tiny things that they they'll throw grenade at you. But if you get too close, they just run away screaming. And so yeah, so this is our opportunity to get in the head of one of these things. Add God he does a great job with it. He does a really, really good job with it. It is so funny. So yeah, is I I don't want anything to happen. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  34:07
No, I don't. So basically, they realize basically somebody dies. And they're a little massacre. There's a massacre of grunts and Yap, and, and his his cohort are like, oh, wait a minute. We could just pretend we're taking the bodies off the ship. And that's and what we can leave.

Phil  34:32
Yeah, well, they find they find an elite like in the in this pile of dead grunts. Yeah. And and like we learned that the Grunts are no big surprise near the bottom of the caste system. Right. And yeah, yeah, exactly. They see the wounded elite guy and they're like, Hey,

Kevin Erhard  34:47
this is our job now let's let's take this wounded guy elite.

Phil  34:52
And then they then they won't they won't send us back to fight because we're like we're heroes. Now. You know what? Not a terrible idea out a terrible idea yeah

Kevin Erhard  35:01

Phil  35:02
idea is protecting an officer what you can't We can't

Kevin Erhard  35:05
find the entire goal is to just get out of fighting.

Phil  35:08
I respect it I understand it

Kevin Erhard  35:11
and then we get the ODS T's

Phil  35:13
yeah we get I wanted a closer look at these these wonderful people yeah

Kevin Erhard  35:18
because they are they are lunatics for the most

Phil  35:24
well yeah they're just they're their space marines their their their Space Marines from from the aliens universe for all intents of basically bravado they're basically insane yeah we get and so they're getting they're getting like the Grand like drill sergeant speech of like we're going to go down there and fuck some people up ya know and and we get there their their battle cry the the he says How will you leave and they say we go feet first S.T.A.R.S Which I love

Kevin Erhard  36:00
I love yeah so basically they they have these the reason why they become known as hell jumpers is because they have these they're called ATVs human entry vehicles it's basically a glorified it's like a missile, they they just Yeah, they just go into a missile and they just get dropped onto the surface of the planet. The problem with the AGV is that the skin of the AGV peels away as it's entering the atmosphere and apparently it can get so hot in the AGV like that's how they lose a lot of their ODS. TS is just from being cooked a lot right in these capsules, as they as they land us hell jump that sell jumpers and it's entirely volunteer like group of group of Marines like they won't you

Phil  36:55
would have to be and the fact that they keep so well stocked is both amazing and when you think about it all not all that amazing yeah, at the same time you're like I mean it's not I've known some

Kevin Erhard  37:07
groups not unlike the it makes me think of like the paratroopers from World War Two if you think you if you've ever seen like Band of Brothers, right? Basically their entire job was they, they they pair they parachuted into Normandy, right, when and that's how they got in initially, but their entire gig was they did it over and over again. They're constantly being dropped from planes into new areas to take them in like that. There were there's always a chance that we're going to lose a couple people adjust on the drop. Oh yeah, basically what God s T's are.

Phil  37:49
Yeah, my dad was a paratrooper. Oh, yeah, he didn't it Yeah, yeah. He would tell me stories about the especially World War Two, you would get hung up in a tree or something. If a unexpected breeze hit you're you're in the forest. And you had to cut your way out of there because it'd be really easy for a Nazi just come by and shoot your while you're hanging up in the in the tree. And a lot of I've started noticing it getting popular in certain communities. I found that there was a there's a song that they sing that paratrooper sing it's to the Battle Hymn of the Republic and to the tune of the Battle Hymn of Republic. And it's called blood upon the risers and it's about a guy who's a paratrooper who jumps out of the plane on a regular standard drop and his his chute will not open, the reserve will not open. And as the lyrics go, they poured him from his helmet and they poured him from his boots. And it's a really funny morbid song. And this is a song that paratrooper in the 82nd airborne sings this song just tells you the attitude that just the absolute gallows humor that goes with this kind of thing. I have to believe that that's a lot of what the ODS tees are based on. Yeah. It's amazing. It's it being an army brat Is it is it just it's fascinating. Yeah. So many different a

Kevin Erhard  39:17
lot of you meet a lot of interesting people.

Phil  39:20
Oh, yes, you do. You actually.

Kevin Erhard  39:23
So basically, we get another we get another segment with masterchief. And he's fighting. Yeah, he's on his way. continues to he continues to kill his way to the lifeboat. And he basically yeah, he gets he gets to the lifeboat and they're able to take off and and there's he like there's one Marine. He grabs the marine and frozen in the lifeboat just like right as the doors closing, and the section ends with one of the marine saying This duty station really sucks.

Phil  40:05
You know what I thought? Again, I bring it up again. I may maybe think of Hudson in Aliens like, yeah, how can I get out of this chicken shit outfit? Like just what a great like that dude's got to be seeing game over man game over any day now. And yeah, basically they're going down fo hammers flying down in a pelican and it cuts to keys who's taking a Pillar of Autumn into the atmosphere of Halo? Yeah, which is crazy. Again, that's just it's just

Kevin Erhard  40:41
It's bananas it's it's

Phil  40:44
just the sheer size

Kevin Erhard  40:46
it's like it's not it's not designed for this like it's it's no basically these ships are being constructed the ships are constructed out in space like they don't right build them for like this this atmospheric.

Phil  41:01
They don't go into the atmosphere of Earth unless shit has gone completely

Kevin Erhard  41:07
sideways. It has gone completely sideways. Yeah,

Phil  41:10
absolutely. And we find out that not only his keys aboard the Pillar of Autumn, but we'd get we get another look at our friend isn't a no solely in camo on board. And he and it's kind of funny. And this plays into things later, he says that he never calls him keys specifically. But he says this guy, just one of the soldiers. One of the or one of the one of the people on board just looked at him, and then looked away as if he wasn't there. And it's basically him saying, okay, good. The camouflage is right, right, right where I was and then he looked away so

Kevin Erhard  41:46
and probably fun. So no solely picks out he goes based on the manner in which the other humans interact with him necessarily felt certain that the man named key Z with a lot of Z's held a position held the position of shipmaster a valuable prize indeed.

Phil  42:04
Yeah, he's plotting on kidnapped so he's

Kevin Erhard  42:07
basically just gonna follow keys around see what happens. And then, basically, everybody starts leaving the bridge and no SULI starts following and keys like yeah, all right, everybody's left basically the command crew of the ship keys plus Hikawa. And some of our other favorites from from Fall of reach are still still along with him and they they they double time it onto the boat. So basically, they're on they're on the they're on the drop ship. They're on the the lifeboat and, and keys finally notices the shimmer of the the cloaking device. So he grabs the gun, a gun from a marine and shoots No, it's so late.

Phil  42:57
He's very casually like goes your gun and the guy's like yeah, sure he's loaded Yeah, it's loaded. Sure. Sure. Yeah. And he just blows this thing away. And just add that literally what does he say? He hands it back to the guy and goes it's a good gun. Meanwhile, the everybody on the light lifeboat is just presumably just silent with horror. They never did they say that he notices the shimmer because I didn't notice any reason for him to notice. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  43:31
so presumed that's

Phil  43:33
what it was.

Kevin Erhard  43:34
He frowned as if looking for something then waited for the boat to clear he leaned forward Yeah, it doesn't say specifically that he notices anything but basic. Yeah, and then then no Sully's the third slug from the top of the clip pass through the slit No. So he's helmet and blew his brains out the back of his skull and freed him from the tyranny of physical reality.

Phil  44:05
What a good one a good description. That was by the way. That's traumatic sollen deeds, like it is terrific. Now. I'll tell you what, it's a good thing, because Keyes was going to have to get him was going to get them one time or another and the it's basically because the first thing I thought of when no solely followed them, is everyone's strapping in there like strapping in because they're going to be going through an atmosphere in the lifeboat. So I was like, well, at some point, presumably this aliens gonna be like, the tooth that a rattle can just jump out of there, they're gonna figure it out. So he kind of he kind of did him a favor like it was either get shot in the head or get like, turned into mush by centrifugal forces like yeah, just Let's I don't know what his plan was. But he's not a very good spine. So they, I think covenant they got a little stronger that

Kevin Erhard  45:08
Yeah, yeah. Not not very, he didn't want to do the job. And then he did the job poorly.

Phil  45:15
Right, exactly. Which you know what? That's a great way to get out of doing the job, but maybe not in the way you'd like. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  45:22
So the ODS tees are dropping. And we get introduced to Wellesley who

Phil  45:30
Wellesley would have interesting character, this one, if you can even call Wellesley that believes he

Kevin Erhard  45:35
is actually the he believes he's the Duke of Wellington. Yeah, this is this is the AI, the AI really believes he's the Duke of Wellington.

Phil  45:45
So every now and then they'll like they'll be they'll be running into something, it'll go, oh, it makes me think of the time that I was fighting against Napoleon and blah, blah, blah, and the and the surgeon has to go, that didn't happen to you. Stop at that Stop, just

Kevin Erhard  46:01

Phil  46:03
It's it's pretty great. We do get treated in this scene to a moment of what happens when the shoot fails. Yes. So to speak, one of the one of the ODST troopers gets just melted, essentially and on the way down, they all get to listen to her scream.

Kevin Erhard  46:20
Yes, that is. It's a bummer.

Phil  46:23
It's another it's just what I'm talking about, like diesel like, right these moments with a character that you are not acquainted with in any way. And you'll go oh, that's just like

Kevin Erhard  46:34
the first shoot failed. And it may make a mess. He makes a mention that the backup shoot actually worked. But it was too late. Because the like I guess the acceleration was way too high. And yeah, they they use the phrase dug her own grave. Right. Just right in right in.

Phil  46:53
No bear no burial necessary.

Kevin Erhard  46:55
Yep. Just you already know already in the coffin. Right? Exactly.

Phil  46:59
It's it's, it's it's very convenient when you think Yeah. So masterchief is following close behind them when a real will come in for another bumpy landing.

Kevin Erhard  47:09
They have a bumpy landing, and whoops, everybody's dead. Everybody's like, oh, man, he doesn't think about it. But he's like, Well, maybe if I'd let that that marine get into a different lifeboat the one that he threw in

Phil  47:24
I really didn't need to grab that guy and force him to join me. I seem to be cursed from the get go.

Kevin Erhard  47:30
Ship lands and basically the way that you land in the game Halo. The opening moment you're like exiting the lifeboat and everybody else is dead in it? Yeah, yeah, they're, they're dead. Yeah. And this opening these opening moments is literally the first Halo bound mission when dropped down to Cortana being like, let's get head for the hills. There's a drop ship inbound, right yada yada.

Phil  48:03
i Yeah, it's an there is an interesting moment near that I will say it gets attacked by covenant basically immediately. Some elite in a crowded grunts takes them all out, but they they kind of get the drop on him. And he surprised and he realizes that the reason that they were able to flank him is because he's still thinking in terms of fighting as part of a team Yes. And and all it's a sad moment because he you know, he kind of is reminded that old his Spartan brethren are gone right? So he has to recalibrate his combat style base.

Kevin Erhard  48:35
So yeah, he is he is a army of one now instead of an army whatever the it was like a four man unit that Spartans used to work in right, but they're all dead maybe. Maybe, maybe, maybe maybe. Anyway, he kills a bunch of them and it is pages upon pages.

Phil  48:56
Yes, it is a lot of a lot

Kevin Erhard  48:58
of he shoots the shooting thing. It's good stuff it's good stuff.

Phil  49:04
And if you're missing that then I found my copy on eBay for four bucks gets you get yourself a copy. So far so good,

Kevin Erhard  49:11
though. No other than the the teammate thing there's no there's no real you're not missing anything.

Phil  49:20
Listen to this podcast while you're playing the game. Yeah, yeah, I'll metas

Kevin Erhard  49:25
Yeah, yeah, really good. Like the meta good. Not not Facebook man

Phil  49:29
doing now. Are you killing grunts right now? A shooting

Kevin Erhard  49:33
little tube that then it's going to send our gang

Phil  49:37
your uncle's are proud of you. We're super proud of you. We

Kevin Erhard  49:42
are proud. Super, super proud of you. grunt murder you crazy.

Phil  49:47
We love you too. We love you. Yeah. So keys is his lifeboat goes down with a kind of no issues relatively speaking compared to everybody else that I'm sure the INS I'm sure it got awkward yeah

Kevin Erhard  50:02
now there's just like a dead body going right

Phil  50:05
yeah yeah hovering and like like probably like think about the last time you're on a Gravitron just burn up against the roof and then down on the floor

Kevin Erhard  50:15
just imagine it's like it just being liquefied and like just everywhere

Phil  50:21
just everyone's got the the lifeboat opens up everyone walks out they are covered in like blue alien blood just no one's speaking they're all staring into the middle this guy he's wants to know who's hungry

Kevin Erhard  50:36
so it's it's Ensign level who piloted it down and level was the guy from the fall of reach who he was on that space station and he's like, I'm I'm fine doing it just hanging out here. And then he's like, I want you

Phil  50:54
right he kind of he was just bored in his in his section he accidentally found basically the the evidence of the Covenant coming for them. And keys when I want that lay about on my team. And he got and he's he's doing good. He's doing good. We're proud of proud of him. So and that cuts back to the hell jumpers. Most of them make it out alive. They're all relatively close to the homing beacon, which is about all you can expect all you can hope for. Were given a an introduction to a few of the elites, elites. That's the wrong word for it. But a few characters with me. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  51:33
Melissa McKay, who is the lieutenant? Basically Silva's right hand woman, right? And Silva, who major Silva who is the commander of the he's, well, he's the commander of the hell jumpers, but I get the feeling he's kind of like, over all of the, the the Marine, he would he would oversee all of the Marines

Phil  52:00
is upper level brass on some level.

Kevin Erhard  52:02
Yeah, but he is also an ODST.

Phil  52:05
Yeah. And, and they, they've determined that basically, what they got to do is there's a base nearby on a beaut, you gotta take that hill, they got to take the hill. And if they can take the hill, then they can, they can set up a base, and they can hold off incoming covenant forces, but for the time, they're kind of sitting ducks,

Kevin Erhard  52:24
you know, what I think of like, I'm reading this and I think of like the Battle of Gettysburg, you know, which was, which was centered around basically the Confederacy trying desperately at one point to take a hill. Yeah, Little Round Top. Like they they needed to get that hill and they never could know. But yeah,

Phil  52:50
that's that's the kind of stuff that like war legends are based around the fact that deef it's always better to be on the defense. Yeah, it's just always better. And if you're on a hill, even better

Kevin Erhard  53:04
if you're able to, you know, have a good defensible position, you're in good shape.

Phil  53:09
Yeah. Well, it's like where the story of like the story here from the Pacific Theater, World War Two, all the time is how the Japanese were these amazing jungle fighters. You know, they just knew the jungle of these islands, all these tiny little islands. Right. And, and they just knew them backwards. Of course, that wasn't true. It's just they were on the defense. Right. And because most of the most of the conscripted Japanese soldiers were from, like, urban area, right, you know, so they just but the Americans, you know, were on the offensive and they were just kind of marveling at how well the Japanese is like,

Kevin Erhard  53:44
it's mostly what it was basically what it was. Yeah, yeah. So

Phil  53:49
we're, we're back with my favorite character, Kevin.

Kevin Erhard  53:51
We are back with your favorite character. Is it yah yah.

Phil  53:55
Yah. Yah. Yah. Yah, yah.

Kevin Erhard  53:59
Yah yah blue lives. Boomer lives.

Phil  54:04
Yeah. We gotta make Yeah, yep, lives T shirts.

Kevin Erhard  54:11
He is now being pulled in to be he this elites assistant.

Phil  54:16
That Yeah. Oh, it's amazing. It's

Kevin Erhard  54:18
like a comedy of errors for ya. Yeah. He's like, they couldn't have

Phil  54:22
set him up to be disappointed better because like they they reward him like they they succeed. They get the Ilia in there. He's he's doing okay. And they reward Yeah, yep. And his friend with like this comfy. Sleeping quarter. Yes. You know, so he's just curled up into a little ball. Just comfy, cozy. It just just just doing real good. And all of a sudden his buddy like wakes him up. And the elite that they saved your stainless. All right, tell me if I got this right. Zuka Zama me? Sure. Check, check the covenant dictionary. He's woken up here I actually saved this book because it made me happy and he wants to show ya his appreciation with a couple of gigantic quotation marks around that to show my appreciation I've had you transferred yeah you have liked the nominally sleepy unit to which he was attached and had no desire to leave it transferred commander to what unit why to my unit the elite replied as if nothing could be more natural. My assistant was killed as we boarded the human ship you will take his place so yeah basically fucks himself over because nobody likes a clever bastard and and what does what does the elite inform him? Oh, their mission? They got to take out the Master Chief. So yeah, not only is it would be bad enough if he was just hanging out with this combat ready elite, but he's also going after the most dangerous person in the human says

Kevin Erhard  56:03
basically. Yeah, yep. is trying to fail. Yeah, downward, and he somehow failed upward.

Phil  56:11
He is a dig up stupid like it is just he is succeeding at digging up somehow. It's amazing. I love ya. He's just his plotline. I tell you what, I would write a like this is really inspirational. This is the kind of thing you want to read in like an anthology of a franchise or something. Like if you're reading like d&d anthology, and you get a story of like, just some lowly goblin or something like that. Was trying to avoid the adventures, the main party at all costs, because he knows he's only worth a quarter of a challenge radio. And he's fun. And somehow he keeps running into them like this. His eyes is basically that love Yeah, it's so good.

Kevin Erhard  57:00
So we we jump over to McKay and, and her group. And they're, they're basically still just kind of figuring out how they're going to take

Phil  57:12
the beaut. Yeah, yeah, they're they're coming up with plan and

Kevin Erhard  57:16
coming up with plans and backup plans. And

Phil  57:18
yeah, and we forgot to mention before when they landed, they actually got spotted by a couple of elites on are they called ghosts? The little

Kevin Erhard  57:28
village ship ease the bike? Yeah, yeah. So they're ghosts,

Phil  57:32
but they they spot them and they run off and basically we're finding out what they ran off for. They're about to get charged, essentially by covenant cavalry. Yeah.

Kevin Erhard  57:42
And it gets really into the the, the war games here we were told we're talking like company companies B and C are gonna have to hold here and AMD and and Wellesley and

Phil  57:57
we get some ancient Roman a battle tactics here we get the Spartan kind of like, his legionary infantry square. Yeah. Because they're getting charged so they build up this they form this square that's historically really effective against horses and cavalry.

Kevin Erhard  58:16
They use alternating fire basically two because the Sunday like they're the rockets that they're using only have two shots. So it's so it's like a very, they're alternating the fire of the rocket launchers. So it's a continuous stream of rockets. Yeah, it's it's, it's a nice little battle. And the the, the Marines, the hell jumpers are ultimately victorious. The there is a I think, is there I think there's a brief moment from the point of view of, of one of the elites or that might be in the next chapter. Might be I think that might be in the next chapter. Yeah. So

Phil  58:58
they they they take some casualties, they take some hits, but they are successful in holding them off. And they're they're trying to sell this trying to has appeared to have come up with a plan Yeah. For taking the Butte. And as the chapter ends is speculating mentally on whether or not this plan is going to work.

Kevin Erhard  59:24
Yeah, okay. So I'm, I'm, I'm, I was trying to confirm what a beaut is. And it is it's okay

Phil  59:36
it's the it's below your lower back.

Kevin Erhard  59:38
Yeah, yeah. That there it is.

Phil  59:41
From it silly

Kevin Erhard  59:43
it's it's for the Bhupen it's for the know the mutes are these. They're, they're it's less of a hill. I mean, it is on a hill a lot of times but it's also then like has a sheer rock face. Ah, Okay, and then, like a flat top.

Phil  1:00:04
Okay, it does have okay, I had it Yeah. Cuz I had like a plateau in my head.

Kevin Erhard  1:00:07
Yeah. I mean it has a plateau on top of it.

Phil  1:00:12
Right? Right. It's it is it is. Yeah. Okay, that's that's basically what what

Kevin Erhard  1:00:19
is the difference between a plateau a Mesa and a Butte? Sorry, I'm getting into. Are you getting? Are you getting education getting educational right now? I'm not, I'm not gonna talk. I'm not gonna get into it. It seems like mesas are bigger. That's, that's basically the only difference. That's the main whether they just call it a big beaut. Like big buttes and I cannot lie.

Phil  1:00:43
Wow, kind of opened myself up. I don't really see how that could have gone any differently.

Kevin Erhard  1:00:58
All right, when masterchief walks in, I get sprung.

Phil  1:01:05
We've just been just slamming out the fucking t shirt ideas. Ladies, gentlemen, you've been listening tell us what T shirts you desire.

Kevin Erhard  1:01:14
What T shirts Do you desire? So what do you think so far of this book?

Phil  1:01:18
I I'm, I'm enjoying it. It is it is a pretty. It's a quick ride. Yeah. And it's fun. It's got a lot of good action and that kind of thing. It's not as well written, I think as the fall of reach so far, but the fall of reach had a lot more. Whereas a fall reach had a lot more intellectual stuff to go through and kind of heavier sciency stuff to go through. Whereas this seems to be just straight up. fight and kill. Yeah,

Kevin Erhard  1:01:49
there's a lot. There's a lot of fighting and killing. It's it's your basic, you know, war book war novel. Yeah. You know, this could have been written by this. This could have been written by Tom Clancy. And Right, right.

Phil  1:02:05
Yeah, we had the fall of reach. It was like Heinlein. Yeah. This is this is more kind of Yeah. Clancy, you know, yeah, modern, you know, airport kind of your, again, I don't I don't want to, I want to poopoo it, it's

Kevin Erhard  1:02:21
great. But it so far through the first the prologue and the first couple chapters here. It doesn't. It doesn't have a lot of those moments of emotional depth that I would say that you get in fall of reach. But as an action straight up action novel, it's, it's a lot of fun.

Phil  1:02:49
It is it is I think the thing for me, that is surprising. Is that where is, and I think it's good. I think it's good that we're expanding the POV a little bit in this book. But we spent so much time with the last book, seeing the world from John's point of view, right. And he's not really in it all that much. There's not a lot of depth for what he's just killing. He's just killing.

Kevin Erhard  1:03:21
He just shows up in random places. He's just kind of fighting his way through at this point in the book, all he's doing is trying to get back to like some other to some other unit. You know, he's he's on his own at the moment. Right?

Phil  1:03:41
It's interesting. It's, it's, and that might change as we go. But I think part of that comes from the fact that this already has, this has source material, right? This has a this has a video game to follow. So you're just kind of and if you only told it from the point of view of the main character, you know, from the from Master Chief's point of view, like the video game, it would be like 100 pages long tops. Yeah. So you have to flesh it out. And I really appreciate it I

Kevin Erhard  1:04:13
appreciate the flushing the flushing out.

Phil  1:04:16
I would like I do hope though that in future chapters and as we go that we're going to get a little more introspective stuff from masterchief because I found that really, really interesting here. And I'd like to see more

Kevin Erhard  1:04:29
Yeah, that was that was That was some good stuff in in Fall breach when we started getting some cracks in the All American boy. Right?

Phil  1:04:38
Right. Captain Captain America you know, underneath behind the shield

Kevin Erhard  1:04:42
behind the shield. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, I

Phil  1:04:45
totally agree. I fingers crossed fingers. But honestly, still a solid book just just fun. You know, this is this is this is a you know, this is beach reading. This is toilet reading This is you know, let's good time.

Kevin Erhard  1:05:02
Yeah. All right, well that will do it for today's episode. Join us next week in which we dive further and into the flood we get we get lost in the flood. Oh,

Phil  1:05:16
oh, the flood

Kevin Erhard  1:05:19
if you can please share us on your social media please please really helps rate us five stars on Apple subscribe to us if you if you aren't for some reason I don't know why you wouldn't be if you're listening to this that would be weird. Yeah, yeah, yes. I mean this could be a first episode I don't know.

Phil  1:05:39
Oh, let's let's listen to sampling give us a follow

Kevin Erhard  1:05:44
and tell your friends about us because it really does help we get that we get that extra growth when we when when you tell her to tell your friends about us. So

Phil  1:05:55
yeah, the more people we have following us and rating us and listening in general, the faster you're going to get a you know the merchandise that we have promised several times the sooner you we have that level of following the sooner you'll get a Yep, lives t shirt. And I know that's what you

Kevin Erhard  1:06:15
really want to try what

Phil  1:06:18
I need. I need that bumper sticker on my car.

Kevin Erhard  1:06:22
Alright, yeah, that'll about do it. Good night, everybody. Good night. Yeah, blurbs.

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